Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 171 - Marrying A Rich Lady (4)

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Chapter 171: Marrying A Rich Lady (4)

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Ming Shu and Shen Yuanzhao came out of the elevator at the same time.

Nan Youyou was very surprised to run into this scene. She gave several glances to Ming Shu, then said to She Yuanzhao, “Boss Shen, these doc.u.ments need your signature.”

“Go to Secretary Zhou.” Shen Yuanzhao seemed a bit unhappy and his tone was cold.

Then he strode into the office.

Nan Youyou looked at Ming Shu and asked suspiciously, “Why are you taking the elevator with him?”

Ming Shu smiled. “Why don’t you go ask him?”

Nan Youyou warned Ming Shu, “I advise you not to have other thoughts.”

Shen Yuanzhao could only be hers.

“What if I do, are you gonna cut open my brain and check? Killing people is illegal.”

Nan Youyou got quite annoyed, but then she sneered, “I thought there’s a real sistership between you and Jiang Duo, but it turned out to be false. You only wanted to use her to get close to Boss Shen.”

“Boss Shen? What’s the use of him? How many snacks can he get me?” I’m not very interested in creatures that are talkative but not edible.

Well, of course, if the creature could offer her snacks, she would care a bit.

Nan Youyou: “…”

Jiang Duo behind her: “…”

“Ruan Li, behave yourself.” Nan Youyou left angrily, twisting her slim waist.

Jiang Duo popped out from behind her and didn’t seem to care about what Nan Youyou had said. “Xiao Li, what’s going on between you and Nan Youyou?”

Ming Shu was also unsurprised by the sudden appearance of Jiang Duo. She pushed her bangs aside. “Nothing, just some provocative small talk.”

“Why?” Jiang Duo questioned. “I heard that her family is very rich, and she and Boss Shen are childhood sweethearts.”

You dare to provoke her…

Ming Shu smiled. Of course, it’s for my Hatred Points.

“Have you ever seen Boss Shen care about her, then?”

Jiang Duo pondered for a while. “I saw them in the same car, and they had dinner together.”

Ming Shu: “…” Has it progressed so much in the female protagonist’s perspective?

No wonder Jiang Duo was not interested in Shen Yuanzhao.

Before getting off work, Ming Shu leaned on her desk and thought about what to have for dinner.

A sudden roar came from next to her and interrupted her thinking.

“Jiang Duo, I told you to send the doc.u.ments, why haven’t you sent them?”

The woman who’d handed the doc.u.ments to Jiang Duo earlier came over furiously. She just got a phone asking for the undelivered doc.u.ments.

Jiang Duo gave a vacant look to Ming Shu. Shouldn’t the doc.u.ments have been sent already?

“Jiang Duo, if business gets delayed, can you afford to take responsibility?” The woman was still yelling.


“You what? Where are the doc.u.ments? Send them right now! Are you waiting for me to lead the way?”

“So noisy.” Ming Shu looked up.

The woman immediately shouted at Ming Shu, “I’m talking to Jiang Duo, is it your turn to talk?!”

Ming Shu yawned, and her eyebrows curved into good-looking arcs. “I want to tell you that, your doc.u.ments… I accidentally threw them into the trash can. If you go check right now, maybe you can find them.”

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“What?” The woman’s voice raised in pitch. “Do you know those doc.u.ments are very important?”

Especially that last sentence. It was even more frightening.

The woman was a bit dumb. When did Boss Shen make this rule?

But suddenly she seemed to have thought of something, and gave a hateful glare at Jiang Duo. It must be because of this b.i.t.c.h.

She wanted to frame Jiang Duo. Who knew that she would not only fail, but get herself trapped instead.

“What are you still standing there for? Go back to your own work.”

n.o.body dared to say anything. The woman glared at Jiang Duo and Ming Shu before returning to her own seat and starting to redo the doc.u.ments.

Secretary Zhou rubbed his eyes and then turned around and went into Shen Yuanzhao’s office.

“Boss Shen, it’s settled.”

“That Ruan Li, how was her performance before?” Shen Yuanzhao suddenly asked.

Today in the elevator, she spoke directly to him about the problem doc.u.ments.

That plus what she did last night, and Shen Yuanzhao began to form an impression of her.

“Well, she was quite good, probably the best among the interns. I checked her information. She is not from this city. She graduated from Hengxing University with excellent grades and was a representative student of that year.”

“Hengxing University?” Shen Yuanzhao looked up slightly.

“Right, it’s that aristocratic university that’s even famous abroad. Ordinary families can’t afford it. For specific information, I have to go to her registered residence to check.”

Shen Yuanzhao pondered for a moment. “Do some investigation.”

An excellent person quietly appeared in his company. This was not a good thing.

“Boss Shen, she didn’t hide anything, though. If there were any plans, she would have used a false ident.i.ty. But at the interview, she did answer that she came to work in this city because of her relatives here.”

“Just to confirm.” Shen Yuanzhao insisted.

In the industry, caution was the parent of safety.

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