Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 17 - Gossip Queen (17)

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Chapter 17: Gossip Queen (17)

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Ning Keqing found that Li Shaonan began to act strangely since that day. He was still kind to her, but she could tell that he was absent-minded.

Ning Keqing tried to find out the reason, but she observed him for several days and couldn’t come to a conclusion.

At night, after s.e.x, Li Shaonan went to take a shower while Ning Keqing lay in bed. She saw that Li Shaonan’s phone was on the bed. She picked it up.

This phone was locked. It was Li Shaonan’s work phone.

She remembered that his private phone was unlocked.

Ning Keqing was about to put it down, but she suddenly felt strange. It was his private phone.

He always gave his work phone to his a.s.sistant when he went home, so this one must be his private phone.

Ning Keqing picked it up again and tried to unlock it, but it needed a fingerprint or a pa.s.sword.

She tried several pa.s.swords that Li Shaonan always used, but all were wrong. Ning Keqing didn’t dare to try again and replaced it.

She lay in bed, restless, mind occupied with wild fantasies Was Li Shaonan interested in other people?

He was so excellent, it was not strange that somebody liked him.

She still didn’t know why Li Shaonan chose her even now.

Was she going to lose him?

At first she only regarded Li Shaonan as a Money Boss who could help her succeed. But Li Shaonan was kind to her, and she had already fallen in love with him.

So when Li Shaonan finished shower and came into the room again, she didn’t care about her pride and moved toward him. But Li Shaonan was tired and didn’t respond to her. He hugged her and said, “Okay, go to sleep. I’ll take you to an audition tomorrow.”

Ning Keqing heard “audition” and thought about it. She did as Li Shaonan wished and stopped teasing.

What Ning Keqing was going to audition for was the same Ethereal Heights that Tian Yuan had mentioned when Ming Shu just came to this world. The auditions were over, but the actress who was going to take the leading female role got into trouble, so the film crew had to choose another actress.

Ethereal Heights was a film; its director had been awarded many times. This film aimed at awards too, so the leading female role attracted many people.

Ning Keqing remembered that in her past life, the leading role was taken by Jiang Nian, and Jiang Nian became more successful because of this film.

She was determined to audition, but many things happened to her so she missed the chance. She regretted that, but now the leading role was to be chosen again.

Li Shaonan brought her to the film crew in person, so the film crew gave them face. Ning Keqing auditioned first.

The director seemed to be satisfied with her acting skills and image but he wasn’t decided yet. The leading female role was important so he wanted to choose the most suitable person.

“Miss Ning, please go back and wait for news.” The staff sent Ning Keqing out.

“Thank you.” Ning Keqing thought that she must be chosen and felt happy in her heart.

However, when she got out, a smile still on her face, she saw Ming Shu walking toward her with Aileen and Tian Yuan.

Ming Shu ate out of a bag of puffs as she walked. Tian Yuan’s and Aileen’s faces clearly said they couldn’t bear with her and didn’t want to be anywhere near her.

Enemies met with exceptional jealousy. Ning Keqing was ready to fight against Ming Shu and looked at her with alarm.

In her last life, the leading female role was acted by Ming Shu. Even though something went wrong, did everything still revert to its original track?


She must prevent Jiang Nian from acting in this film.

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“Sister Jiang Nian, I remember that you had quit acting,” Ning Shu said when Ming Shu pa.s.sed by her. “Do you want to come back?”

“Ah!” Ning Keqing cried out in pain. Her internal organs seemed to have changed position because of the overarm throw. Her hand was still in Ming Shu’s clutches, so she could only shout angrily, “Jiang Nian, what are you doing?!”

She’d kill Ming Shu!

“Wasting food is the same as wasting life, do you know that?” Ming Shu still spoke in a gentle tone. If she were not pressed by Ming Shu, Ning Keqing would think that Ming Shu was just talking to her politely.

“Do you have the right to waste my life?”

More and more sweat covered Ning Keqing. She said, “What do you want?”

Ming Shu looked at her, smiling.

Ning Keqing was even more frightened.

Ten minutes later…

Ning Keqing, with an unhappy expression, stood at the door of a shop, her hands holding her waist. She looked at Ming Shu who was holding her puffs and walking away. She felt confused.

Was she crazy?

She hit her and then asked her to compensate for her wasted puffs?

Pain struck Ning Keqing and dispelled her strange thoughts. Her resentment stirred again.

Ning Keqing decided to forgive Ming Shu’s beating, but the result of the audition surprised her. In the end, she was not chosen and neither was Ming Shu. A newcomer Ming Shu had brought was selected for the role.

This director was quite different from others. Even though Li Shaonan was powerful and rich, he still couldn’t change the director’s decision. What the director needed was a suitable actress.

Ning Keqing failed and the actress from Ming Shu’s company was chosen. Ning Keqing owed this to Ming Shu. She even wanted to make a doll of Ming Shu and stab it to curse her.

And Li Shaonan was quite different recently. Every time she wanted to see him, he either said he was busy or asked an a.s.sistant to help her. Now she couldn’t see him for a whole week.

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