Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 169 - Marrying A Rich Lady (2)

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Chapter 169: Marrying A Rich Lady (2)

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Ming Shu destroyed the lock before she left. It would be up to the fake protagonist’s luck to see when she would leave the room.

Ming Shu skipped down the stairs and the lights turned back on. The lobby lit up and calm music flowed through the room, dissipating the uneasiness caused by the darkness.

Ming Shu walked to the buffet table. Jiang Duo was still standing there and seemed a bit agitated.

She saw Ming Shu walking over and immediately ran toward her, saying hurriedly, “Xiao Li, Boss Shen is looking for me. I have to go.”

Ming Shu smiled and waved her hands. “Bye.”

Jiang Duo felt a bit odd, but couldn’t put her finger on it. She nodded and said with concern, “Be careful when you go back.”

Jiang Duo then rushed out, b.u.mping into many people along the way and apologizing to them profusely.

The fake protagonist only invited friends and colleagues to her birthday party and there weren’t any adults present. Everyone was a bit high.

Ming Shu left the party at around 11 pm. It was the hottest period of summer and it was really stuffy and hot.

She had only been outside for a while and was already sweating.

Ming Shu looked at the dress she was wearing. It was so stuffy inside the dress.

She walked to an empty area and tore off the hemline. Her legs finally got some fresh air. So much cooler.

Ming Shu followed the Host’s memory and went back home.

Hao Yun Villa.

Ming Shu glanced at the luxurious name and gate. The Host seems rich…

OMG, I’m not going to the male protagonist’s office to be a spy, right?

Ming Shu entered the gate and tidied the host’s clothes.


Ming Shu had just placed her hand on the doork.n.o.b when it was opened by someone inside. A tall figure stood under the light. The man glanced at Ming Shu and exited the room. A car stopped in front of him.

The man opened the car door and got inside. The car instantly drove off.

This whole process took no longer than 30 seconds.

Ming Shu: “…”

What the h.e.l.l. All bosses are really the same.

The quality of this production is not good.

Not good.

The Host was not a native. She was from the neighboring province and the daughter of the rich Ruan family.

The Ruan family had a tradition: Their children werenot allowed to intern in their own company.

Because Ruan Li’s mother moved here, she was convinced by her mother to come here as well and finish her internship.

She rejected her mother’s offer to go through the backdoor and send her resume to many companies. Just so, Shen Yuanzhao’s company accepted her and she went there for her internship.

The person just now was Qin Che, her non-blood-related brother.

Which was her mother’s current husband’s son.

At first, Ruan Li didn’t stay at the Qin family’s house. Because of this, her mother whined and Ruan Li couldn’t take it. She really couldn’t do anything about her mother and moved in the end.

Qin Che didn’t come home often and even if he did, he would only stay for a while. As for Ruan Li, she was either at work or just stayed in her room. She could count the number of times she encountered Qin Che at home using one hand. The number of sentences they spoke to each other was no more than three.

The host didn’t really like this sudden brother of hers, but she didn’t hate him, either. He was just like a stranger that had a special relationship with her.

“Miss is back.” The maids of the Qin family were still at work.

“Yes, Aunt He. Can you make some food for me?” Ming Shu took off her shoes and said.

“Sure, what do you want to eat?” Aunt He immediately went into the kitchen and asked along the way, “Mister ate some porridge just now and there is still some leftover, do you want to have some?”

“Anything edible is good,” Ming Shu replied casually.

Aunt He couldn’t help but smile, “Miss must be really hungry. Was it very busy at work today?”

“Still okay.” Ming Shu washed her hands and sat at the dining table while Aunt He brought the porridge out. “Isn’t work just like that?”

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” Sigh . If you listened to madam and went to intern at Mister’s company, you would not need to work so hard.” Aunt He had served the Qin family for a very long time. However, she treated the Host and her mother quite well and didn’t bully them just because of her experience.

The minute Jiang Duo left, the entire office got noisy.

” Sigh , say, do you all think that Boss Shen like her?”

The whole office became quiet after the person said that sentence. Nan Youyou carried her bag and walked into the office in her heels as though she was walking the red carpet.

Everyone knew that Nan Youyou downgraded herself and worked here for the sake of Shen Yuanzhao. In the past, she would be angry when Shen Yuanzhao and Jiang Duo were together. However, recently she started to not care about them as much.

Everyone glanced at each other, returned to their seats, and started working.

“Eating is not allowed in the office,” Nan Youyou suddenly said to Ming Shu when she walked past.

“Is it written on the employee’s book of conduct?” Ming Shu pushed a custard bun into her mouth and questioned with a smile.

Nan Youyou didn’t know what to reply. This rule was indeed not written in the employee’s book of conduct. “… Everyone knows about this unwritten rule.”

“Can’t I lose my memory?”

Nan Youyou: “…” How did her skin become so thick in one night?

“If you want to eat, go out and eat. Don’t be a nuisance to people who are working.”

“Are you working?” Ming Shu continued chomping down on the custard buns and pointed at the clock on the wall with her chin. “There are still ten minutes left before work starts. What I do now is none of your business.”

Nan Youyou: “…”

Everyone’s gaze started to fall on her.

Nan Youyou didn’t expect Ming Shu to speak so well suddenly and felt a bit irritated. She glared at Ming Shu with her beautiful eyes.

Even though she was reborn, she still had her temper. How could it be so easily changed?

“Don’t stare at me. So scary.” Ming Shu casually proclaimed that she was scared and continued eating her custard buns.

Nan Youyou: “…”

“Ruan Li, we are not allowed to eat in the office. Youyou just reminded you out of goodwill. How can you be so rude?”

“You’ve never eaten before?” Ming Shu glanced at the lady who just spoke. “Didn’t you eat your cake in the office yesterday?”

The lady: “…”

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