Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 168 - Marrying A Rich Lady (1)

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Chapter 168: Marrying A Rich Lady (1)

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#Rich Families Headline: Ruan Li starts spending whenever she wants to#

“Let’s welcome our star of the day—Miss Nan Youyou.”

The noise around Ming Shu stopped and she slowly opened her eyes. There were people all around her. The lighting was a bit dark and the spotlight shone on the stage before her.

A girl in a pretty dress slowly walked onto the stage. When the girl appeared, everyone let out gasps of shock.

They were stunned.

The girl was really beautiful, like a princess who just came out of a palace, a crown on her head and standing under the spotlight. She was the spotlight.

“Thanks, everyone, for attending my birthday party.” Her lips moved and a pleasant voice rang out. “I am very happy today…”

Ming Shu blinked. She was standing among the crowd. This meant that she wasn’t someone important. She squeezed out through the side and asked for a quiet room from the servant to receive the storyline.

This was a story about a tyrant boss falling in love with a woman.

The fake protagonist was called Nan Youyou. She was reborn.

Nan Youyou and the male protagonist knew each other since they were young. They had similar statuses and families and everyone thought that they would end up together.

However. the female protagonist appeared and this beautiful girl with a powerful background became a supporting role.

The male protagonist fell in love with the female protagonist. Out of jealousy, Nan Youyou made things difficult for the female protagonist multiple times.

What’s even more cliche was, the female protagonist was the original daughter of the Nan family. Due to certain reasons, the two of them were switched at birth.

The female protagonist went back to the Nan family and Nan Youyou was left in an awkward position. If she stayed in her place and didn’t go overboard, she could continue to be a daughter of the Nan family. However, she sought her own death.

In the end, Nan Youyou was thrown out of the Nan family and she fell low. She died from drug overdose.

When she died, she went back to a time when nothing had happened yet.

Nan Youyou swore that she would get the male protagonist this time.

She used her knowledge about the future and prevented the female protagonist from being recognized by the Nan family. She earned the love of the male protagonist and made him hate the female protagonist. Her ending was exchanged for the female protagonist’s ending.

The Host was called Ruan Li.

She came to this city after she graduated and went to work in the male protagonist’s company. When Nan Youyou framed the female protagonist, Ruan Li was affected.

She was framed and thus, was determined to find evidence to prove her innocence. Although they didn’t find out Nan Youyou in the end, Nan Youyou blamed Ruan Li and hated her.

Ruan Li leveled up from an unimportant character to a supporting villain role and helped the female protagonist to suppress Nan Youyou many times. However, Nan Youyou knew what would happen and their plans always backfired.

It wasn’t long before Ruan Li was fired from the company. However, Nan Youyou didn’t let her off easily and ordered all the companies to reject her application. Ruan Li was so furious she went back to her own family and used her powerful background to go against Nan Youyou in every way possible, fighting her way through and finally becoming the final boss of the story.

Of course, she was still defeated by the fake protagonist and lost her family as well.

The current point in the story was: Nan Youyou had framed the female protagonist once already and Ruan Li helped the female protagonist to prove her innocence, proving her own innocence in the process.

This scene now was Nan Youyou’s birthday party. In the original storyline, there would suddenly be a blackout and the male and female protagonists would be locked in a room. Coincidently, the male protagonist was drugged.

When two people of the opposite s.e.x got locked in a room, even if nothing really happened, there would be some slight changes.

The one who drugged the male protagonist orginally was none other than Nan Youyou.

However, Nan Youyou was reborn so she didn’t do it this time. But the blackout could still be useful.

When Ming Shu finished downloading the storyline, the lights in the room had gone out. The blackout had come.

I’m too hungry!

Ming Shu rubbed her stomach and pondered if she should find food or collect Hatred Points first.

Following the storyline, the blackout would last for quite a while, so Ming Shu decided to find food first.

It’s important to replenish our strength.

The corridor was very quiet. She retraced her steps. The main area was a bit agitated,, but everything was still in order. Everyone stood in the middle and waited.

Ming Shu felt her way to the food, but realized that there was already someone there.

“Er…” The person saw a familiar face approaching and felt embarra.s.sed. “Xiao Li, you’re hungry too?”


A love rival.

Should I kill or strangle her?

Ming Shu glanced at the female protagonist’s chubby face. This face really couldn’t be compared with Nan Youyou’s face.

However, the tyrant boss had seen too many pretty girls and might just like this kind of cute one.

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This chubby face, I feel like biting into it…

Ming Shu walked to the one on the left, placed her hand on the handle, and pressed down.

The door clicked’ open. Light entered the room through the crack and she saw a cold face.


Do bosses always look like that?

“Here you are, Boss Shen,” Ming Shu called out naturally. “I’m here to save you.”

Shen Yuanzhao stared at her indifferently. There was no warmth in his eyes, as though he didn’t recognize her.

Ming Shu didn’t bother with him and moved her phone’s light in the other direction. She saw Nan Youyou staring angrily at her.

She finally got to have some personal time with the male protagonist, but was interrupted before she could even say more than two sentences to him. How could she not be angry?

Shen Yuanzhao didn’t say anything and walked out the door.

Shen Yuanzhao gave off an oppressive aura. Ming Shu wasn’t sure what they talked about in the room, but from Shen Yuanzhao’s expression, she guessed that Nan Youyou never finished what she wanted to say.

Nan Youyou stood rooted to the floor and didn’t chase after him. She knew that the more she chased him, the more he hated her.

Ruan Li…

Very well.

Last time she helped that white lotus and today, she ruined my plans.

Ming Shu watched Shen Yuanzhao walk away and purposely provoked her: “I did it on purpose. Are you angry?”

“You…” Nan Youyou glared at Ming Shu.

“That’s right, be angry,” Ming Shu slowly said. “You’ll become prettier.”

“…” Crazy b.i.t.c.h.

Ming Shu waved at Nan Youyou and closed the door.

Nan Youyou was stunned and rushed forward. However, she couldn’t open the door no matter how hard she tried.

She pounded the door.

“Ruan Li, you just wait!”

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