Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 167 - Zombie Note (Complete)

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Chapter 167: Zombie Note (Complete)

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Ming Shu hugged her biscuits and leaned against the steering wheel, watching the guys in front of her fighting over a girl. Xu Shuo suddenly said this to her and she replied, “I am not a man.”

“Don’t pretend that you don’t understand.” Xu Shuo glared at her. “We should have been married six years ago. If you hadn’t ran away, our children would be running around now.”

I can still try my luck. Who knows, she might suddenly be blind?

Apparently, Ming Shu was not blind. “Too bad I ran away.”

Xu Shuo: “…” You are quite proud of what you did.

What is there to be proud of.

Xu Shuo started talking about major principles. “As survivors of the human race and with the presence of resources, don’t you think that we should make some contributions to humanity?”

“I don’t.” I am very busy.

Who wants to have children with you.

“Don’t you think our children would be very smart? They might become leaders in the new era.”

“They might be as stupid as you.”

“…” How am I stupid?

I’ve sacrificed so much and you’re still looking down on me?

I think it’s better if I just get a knife and kill her.

No matter what Xu Shuo said, Ming Shu firmly rejected him

Ming Shu didn’t stop moving. She continued to drive her car and roamed around, going places which had food.

Although the world was still in tatters, it was full of hope.

Ming Shu went back and looked for Ye Ji’an. However, Ye Ji’an was very busy and after confirming that Ming Shu was okay, he asked her to play by herself.

Ming Shu continued roaming in her car.

One day, Xu Shuo was sitting in the car and asked curiously, “You brought so many zombies with you when you drove around. However, I know that you avoided some cities and left more areas for survivors to live. Ye Miao, I really don’t understand you.”

He had been thinking about this for a long time.

And never found an answer.

Ming Shu was stunned for a while. She lowered her head and smiled. “You don’t need to understand me.”

I don’t need anyone to understand me.

She raised her head and looked far away, saying arrogantly, “A king is meant to be lonely.”

Xu Shuo: “…” Where’s my knife!

Xu Shuo didn’t have the time to find his knife. There was an earthquake.

A sudden earthquake.

The whole world seemed to be shaking fervently. The ground split, forming many crevices.

The car fell into one and could no longer move anymore.

Xu Shuo watched as Ming Shu got out of the car. He saw the smile from her profile. Her smile seemed to have frozen at that moment.

It was beautiful and gorgeous.

The car door closed and her face slowly disappeared.

That moment, Xu Shuo felt something inexplicable.

He quickly opened the shaking door and stepped onto the road. The shaking stopped immediately.


Time seemed to have stopped.

It was ten days after the earthquake.

Xu Shuo drove the car and traveled along the cracked roads.

Beside him, on the pa.s.senger’s seat, there sat a box with white flowers and some old snacks inside.

Xu Shuo glanced sideways and stared quietly at the box.

Sometimes he wondered, if he got off the car first, would she still be alive?

He should hate her.

But why did he feel so sad when he saw her body covered in blood?

The girl who always carried a slight smile was gone.

The girl who always bickered with him was gone.

What was their last conversation about?


“A king is always lonely.”

However, she was not a king yet.

Xu Shuo recounted the memories he made with her for the past five years. It seemed like just yesterday that her gentle voice sounded through the air, accompanied by her smile.

Xu Shuo blinked and winded down the car window, letting the wind flow through his fingers.

Very cold.

So cold it reached his bones.

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He couldn’t tell if it was the wind that was cold or if it was something else.

When Ming Shu returned to the Cloud Room, her vision was still black, the same as during the earthquake.

She shivered slightly. “Can you inform me before I die? That was so scary.”

[This is more surprising.] The Harmony System’s voice was calm as usual.

Surprise your head.

The screen appeared in front of Ming Shu.

The information got listed out.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 26000

Additional Task: Incompleted

“So little?”

[Because the additional task was not completed.] the Harmony System explained kindly.

Ming Shu touched her chin. “Harmony System, do you find Xu Shuo weird?”

[What is weird about him?]

“I p.i.s.sed him off so much, but he didn’t hate me. Isn’t this weird?”

[There are many different kinds of people in the world. You will meet people with different personalities along the way. Why would that be weird? There is no need to be worried about this. He is just a pa.s.sing stranger.]



The Harmony System paused. [If you feel that these memories are bothering you, I can help you wipe them away.]

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. “You have this ability?”

[Please don’t underestimate me.] I have a lot of abilities.

“I don’t have a habit of letting people wipe away my memories. Forget about it.”

The Harmony System didn’t force Ming Shu.

Ming Shu put her hands behind her back and loitered around for a while, thinking about something.

“Can I pick the next world?” She never wanted to go anywhere similar to Doomsday ever again.

[Sorry, you can’t pick for now.]

“Which means I can in the future?”

[Yes. If your Hatred Points reached one million, you can activate the system store and pick the world you want to go to.]

Ming Shu silently stared at her 26000 Hatred Points.

She wanted to laugh in the Harmony System’s face.

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