Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 166 - Zombie Note (35)

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Chapter 166: Zombie Note (35)

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The people in the base didn’t know that they just dodged a huge crisis and were still gossiping about how Ming Shu fled from her wedding.

No news of Xu Shuo’s anger reached Ming Shu’s ears. All she got was the nightmare reality that Xu Shuo pushed back their wedding.

Isn’t this a nightmare?

How can he still not be angry? Is he a demon?

Demons were not allowed after the nation was formed!

It’s better if I run away.


Haha, it’s an impossible mission.

I’m not doing it anymore.

Ming Shu took the opportunity when no one was watching and drove her car, which only played the national anthem, out of the base, bringing Little Beastie along with her.

One year later…

Xu Shuo invented the first-edition antidote. The key to the antidote was Bai Xuewei’s blood. That was the real usage of the female protagonist.

However, convincing Bai Xuewei to devote herself to the entire world was none of his business.

Xu Shuo left the sample behind. As long as they could convince Bai Xuewei, they could start making the actual antidote by following the instructions he left behind.

Xu Shuo wanted to look for Ming Shu.

Zombies were everywhere now. Supplies were getting harder to find. Xu Shuo felt that Ming Shu most probably went to a place where there was an abundance of supplies.

She would do anything for food.

Xu Shuo gathered information from everywhere and finally managed to get some hints. He followed Ming Shu’s path and, bit by bit, shortened the distance between them.

In a random village…

Ming Shu sat on a haystack and glanced at the zombies below her. She threw some stones at them out of boredom and the zombies roared even louder.

The roars sounded one after another and echoed in the distance.

[Guest, shouldn’t you do something impactful?] The Harmony System couldn’t watch Ming Shu continuing to eat and wait for death.

Ming Shu retaliated, “Should I kill people or set fires?”

[The Host became a very powerful person in the future. You can’t be worse than her, right?]

Ming Shu stood up and suddenly shouted, “h.e.l.lo to the zombies below!”


Lots of zombies started roaring. Ming Shu was at the center of a pack of zombies, gathered around her in a circle spanning 100 meters in diameter.

Ming Shu waved her hand like an emperor. “Look, I have so many fans.”

[…] What fans? Do you think you’re having a concert?

Can you do anything other than provoking zombies?

Let’s not talk about saving the world. You could at least take over a part of the world.

“My ambition is not so narrow.” Ming Shu jeered.

[…] Hahaha, your ambition is eating. Totally not narrow.

“A foodie saved the world, have you heard such a thing before?”


“How short-sighted.”


Ming Shu stretched and jumped onto the roof of the car. The zombies scurried away as though she was a virus.

They made so much noise, but didn’t dare to attack her.

Ming Shu opened the door and got into her car. A loud army song started playing.

The engine started and the zombies magically opened a path for Ming Shu. Once she left, they started to howl and chase after her again.

Ming Shu brought an army of zombies and arrived at the next city.

The native zombies got scared by this other army of zombies and retreated to a corner, not daring to move at all.

This gave Ming Shu an easier time when searching for supplies.

Of course, not all zombies were afraid of her.

Occasionally, there would be some zombies who got arrogant after eating a human and wanted to fight with Ming Shu. Ming Shu attacked them with her fire-type supernatural power and the zombies jumped around howling. None of them came to find her again.

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The news of someone bringing a bunch of zombies while roaming around the world started to spread among the survivors.

Xu Shuo looked at Ming Shu. She didn’t change much within the year that they hadn’t met. 70% idleness with 30% smiles.

“What are you thinking, exactly?” Xu Shuo couldn’t help but ask.

He never understood her thoughts.

“I’m thinking about what to eat later.” Eating occupies me a lot.

Xu Shuo smiled slightly. “There are so many zombies around. Enough for you to eat.”

Sorry, I really can’t help it.

Since I can’t finish the mission, I might as well do what I like.

The two people who gave up their missions stared at each other.

Xu Shuo went with Ming Shu to a lot of places. During this time, the base had successfully invented the antidote, but that brought out a lot of fights. When the real antidote was spread to the world, it was already five years later.

The zombies died in batches. There were only a few zombies that still followed Ming Shu.

Even the antidote was unable to convert the zombies back to humans. It could only kill them.

Xu Shuo sighed. “I will miss them.”

It was interesting to see a bunch of zombies chasing them, yet couldn’t do anything to them.

Ming Shu smiled. “Why not let them bite you? You might still be able to be a zombie for a while.”

“No need.” Xu Shuo controlled his smile.

The zombies were wiped out. The survivors in hiding could finally let down their guard and breathe in the fresh air outside.

However, the restructuring of facilities was a problem.

Could the survivors restore civilization to what it was before Doomsday?

For the sake of their future, the human race started a campaign to produce more offspring.

Not many females survived Doomsday. Those that survived were either powerful X-men or were protected by a guy.

Hence, it was common to see people fighting over a girl.

The good thing was, girls were a rare breed now. If anyone bullied a girl, they would be attacked by the, too.

Those girls that were single or pregnant had the best life in the present day.

“Miss Ye, why don’t we try it, too?”

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