Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 165 - Zombie Note (34)

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Chapter 165: Zombie Note (34)

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Right then, Ming Shu was squatting on the wall of the base. She thought that if she still couldn’t p.i.s.s off Xu Shuo and gain lots of Hatred Points for this, there would be no need to continue this task.

No Hatred Points even like this, then… Xu Shuo must be a bug.

Beatings couldn’t fix him, either.

Ming Shu looked into the distance, full of sorrow. All she asked for was Hatred Points, it was a hard life!

Where’re my snacks!

Some black spots appeared on the horizon in the distance, growing more and more numerous.

Ming Shu blinked, wondering what was wrong with her eyes.

But the black spots became larger as Ming Shu took a closer look at them. And they were approaching.


Holy s.h.i.t, Ning Le chose to collude with the zombies to attack the base today.

With this many zombies… it looks like I have to commit suicide today.

I didn’t expect to pick up my old business here.

But it seems quite exciting to think about this.

Ming Shu shoved two more snacks into her mouth, took out a knife from her pocket, and stabbed herself in the chest.

Without any hesitation. As if she was a cabbage, not a flesh-and-blood human.

Her body fell from the base wall and she was about to smash onto the ground.

But somehow a strange wind rose from the ground and gently supported her body.

Ming Shu suddenly opened her closed eyes. Her expression was clear and clean, yet her typical smile was gone.

Ming Shu then jumped to the ground from above, dust flying. She shook her head back and forth as well as left and right, and gradually, a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth again.

The zombies in the distance seemed to be aware of something. They stopped one by one and were reluctant to go further.

Ming Shu reached out to pull a bamboo pole inserted into the ground, carrying it on her shoulder. She sped up in a flash and disappeared immediately.

When she appeared again, she had arrived at the opposite end of the zombie army.

And this army was startled a bit. They stepped back uniformly at the same time.

The bamboo pole was infused with supreme power, which swept across the army. Some zombies in the front row were swept away and smashed into the zombies behind them.

The formation was destroyed and the zombie army suddenly became a mess.

Ming Shu wielded the bamboo pole, waving it and rushing at the zombie army. In the dust clouds, zombies fell to the ground like fallen wheat.

The zombies had never encountered such a powerful enemy. They began to retreat in howling terror.

“What happened?” Ning Le was paying attention to the progress of the zombies. These zombies suddenly stopped marching, and some began to retreat. She became alert in an instant.

Ning Le walked from one side to the front. She saw the person who was waving a bamboo pole at the zombies at a glance.

Ye Miao…

Wasn’t she supposed to be at the wedding in the base? Why is she here?

Ning Le had deliberately chosen today to start the attack. Because of the wedding ceremony, those people would definitely relax their guard. Thus she could catch them unprepared.

But Ye Miao, who was supposed to be the bride, was now here alone—killing the zombies.

Was the wedding canceled?

Ning Le had no idea why this was happening.

Mraaao… scary, quit this, quit this.

Mraaao, this human is so ferocious.

Mraaao, run.

The zombies collectively ran away. The high-level zombies which were waiting to emerge at the end of the battle were a bit dumbfounded. Why did they run? The fight was over already?

But all the others were running, so they should run, too.

Then all the zombies turned around and ran. This was quite a spectacle.

Ming Shu held the bamboo pole and watched the zombies flee. She calmly stuffed snacks into her mouth.

So hungry.

The life bar which she had nurtured for a long time was cleared immediately.

It was not easy to play a hero!

“Ye Miao, go to h.e.l.l!”

Ning Le’s voice, filled with hatred, rang from behind her, followed by two gunshots.

One was shot by Ning Le, the other came from another direction.

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Ning Le was shot in the wrist first, so the bullet she fired hit the dirt.

I worked hard to catch you. How can I let go of you so easily?


“No, I will not.” Bite me!

Ning Le was so angry that her entire face turned red. She endured for a while, then suddenly roared, “How did you know my plan?!”

Today’s plan was flawless, how could she know?

“I didn’t know.” Ming Shu smiled. “I just fled a marriage. Who knew I would run into such a good show.”

Proof of fact: escaping marriage is very necessary.

Ning Le was completely dumbfounded. She would never have expected that.

And… she also didn’t expect Ming Shu to be able to force back the zombie army.

“Kill me or torture me, do whatever.” Ning Le gave up hoping.

The winner takes all.

But Ming Shu said lightly, “I’m a reasonable person, and I don’t kill humans.”

Ning Le glared with her round eyes, thinking that Ming Shu had other intentions. “What do you want?”

Ming Shu tilted her head to look at Captain Fan standing nearby. “Captain Fan, don’t you want revenge?”

Ning Le’s eyes were filled with hatred. This woman despised her?

[Hatred Points are at full capacity.]

Ming Shu smiled. Finally!

Go go go, let’s have some snacks.

Captain Fan didn’t refuse and went straight forward. “You don’t mind if I take revenge?”

“No, not at all.” Ming Shu gave Ning Le to Captain Fan. “Take your time. I’m going back.”

“…” She really left as soon as she finished the sentence.

Captain Fan didn’t know how to describe this girl. She didn’t seem to care about what happened before.

“I’m sorry.”

Captain Fan’s voice came from behind her.

Ming Shu waved her hand and walked briskly to the base. She didn’t look back.

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