Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 163 - Zombie Note (32)

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Chapter 163: Zombie Note (32)

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Now, the thing was, while Ning Le was missing, zombies attacked them.

But because Ming Shu suddenly decided to leave the building, they were all saved.

The balance eventually tilted to Ming Shu.

Sometimes, evidence was actually not necessary to decide something. As long as most people thought so, it became the truth.

Ming Shu was simply thinking that Ning Le might want to cause troubles. She needed to relocate to protect her snacks, and didn’t expect such a surprising gain.

But… she got her Hatred Points!

“Ning Le, it was really you…” Bai Xuewei sounded hurt. “Why?”

“No! It wasn’t me.” Ning Le denied it again.

She couldn’t admit it.

As long as she denied it, these people couldn’t do anything to her, as they had no evidence.

“Le Le…” Chen Wei’s trembling voice suddenly sounded.

Ning Le had a bad feeling. Her intuition sensed something was wrong.

But she had no time to stop her. Chen Wei continued, “Le Le, they know now, just tell them the truth. You woke me up last night and then led the zombies here.”

Hearing this, a man standing immediately roared, “Ning Le! What else do you have to say?”

Chen Wei was with Ning Le. Both of them disappeared last night. Now Chen Wei spoke up; she was clearly telling them Ning Le did bring the zombies here.

“What nonsense are you speaking!?” Ning Le’s face changed slightly, but she raised her voice.

Chen Wei trembled. “You said you’d make Ye Miao suffer. You also said even if you couldn’t kill her, you would make her take the fall.”

Ning Le got very anxious.

There seemed to be something wrong with Chen Wei. She just kept talking, and didn’t look at Ning Le or the others.

Ming Shu looked at Xu Shuo. He was wiping his shiny scalpel leisurely. On the mirrored scalpel his steady eyes were reflected, which seemed a little strange.

Xu Shuo sensed Ming Shu was watching him.

He lifted his eyebrows a bit, smiling like a playboy, then said soundlessly, “My pleasure.”


“Chen Wei, what are you talking about, when did I tell you that?” Ning Le didn’t expect Chen Wei to suddenly turn against her.

Chen Wei stepped back, as if something scared her. She shook her head and said, “Le Le, they know everything. Admit it. There’s no point in denying it.”

Ning Le almost vomited blood in her anger.

“Ning Le, your partner has betrayed you, you still want to argue?”

“I didn’t expect you to be so evil.”

“You wanted to feed us to the zombies? I was really blind.”

In the face of these angry people, Ning Le’s explanation was pale and powerless. Even Bai Xuewei, who was almost kind enough to be a sister to the zombies, looked at Ning Le with disappointment.

Ning Le gritted her teeth tightly. She looked at Ming Shu standing behind these people.

It must be her!

Ming Shu smiled wider. That’s right, come on, hate me! She seemed to have seen her Hatred Points soaring.

“Kick her out, kick her out!”

“Kill her! If it weren’t for Ye Miao, we might be dead now. We must kill her.”

“Kicking her out is enough. She wouldn’t survive long in Doomsday by herself.”

“We must kill her. She’s such a vicious woman, how do you know she won’t retaliate against us?”

Everyone talked about ways to dispose of Ning Le.

Ning Le was angry and hateful. She knew she couldn’t stay here. She took out the gun at her waist and fired two shots at the crowd. Then, quickly pushing the people nearby , she rushed to the window and jumped down.

Someone shot at her. But Ning Le was swift, and it didn’t cause any substantial harm to her.

Ning Le soon disappeared in the building complex.

When everyone turned back, they saw Chen Wei had fallen to the ground. Blood was streaming out from her chest.

Ning Le shot Chen Wei just now.

Chen Wei was still breathing. The stagnation in her eyes slowly faded, then became painful confusion.

She couldn’t remember why she was lying on the ground.

It hurts…

Save me…

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This stupid fool, why he doesn’t hate me?

I’ve had another two bags of snacks. This man really doesn’t know about hatred.

Xu Shuo calmed himself very soon. I’m not going to bother myself over this psychopath.

Everybody is responsible for watching out for a psychopath.

He poked Ming Shu. “Show me your colorful dog.”

He had been looking for it these few days, but didn’t even see a dog hair.

“I don’t have any colorful dog.” Colorful dog? Funny.

The “colorful dog” was now grinding its claws in Ming Shu’s pocket angrily.

He is a dog, all his family are dogs!

No matter what Xu Shuo said, Ming Shu wouldn’t take out Little Beastie.

Fees for its appearance were rather high—a complete Manchu-Han banquet!

Too expensive. Can’t afford it, can’t afford.

Five days later…

Ming Shu and Ding Qiuyi linked up with each other. Ding Qiuyi harvested more than Ming Shu. He found a zombie body that looked a bit special, and the crystal was already gone.

But it was unknown whether it was the Level 3 zombie or not.

In the end, they didn’t find the so-called Level 3 zombie.

The team suffered a great loss. But as they had taken the risk, they would work anyway.

Later, Ding Qiuyi organized people to collect supplies before they set off for the base.

Xu Shuo began to study the zombie as soon as they returned to the base. Ming Shu went home and found Aunt Ning was gone. It turned out Ye Ji’an dismissed her a few days ago. As for the reason, no one knew anything about it.

Even though she didn’t do anything, Aunt Ning still left.

So this plotline will follow the set track anyway…

And the next should be Ning Le leading zombies to attack the city?


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