Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 162 - Zombie Note (31)

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Chapter 162: Zombie Note (31)

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Most people were irritated when Ming Shu woke them up. They didn’t know what she was thinking.

“Ning Le disappeared, did anyone see her?” I’ll destroy her plans before she can execute them.

That’s how smart I am.

Everyone looked at each other and then scanned their surroundings. Ning Le couldn’t be found anywhere.

“Strange, where did Ning Le go?”

“Maybe she went to the washroom?”

Ning Le was part of Bai Xuewei’s team. When they heard that she had disappeared, Bai Xuewei immediately organized the team to look for her.

“Chen Wei is gone, too.”

“I’ll go see if they’re in the washroom.”

Bai Xuewei and He Yan went to look for them outside. The rest started discussing and had no intention of going out to search.

They wouldn’t risk their lives to look for them even though they had some interactions before.

In Doomsday, you need to take care of your own life.

Bai Xuewei and He Yan came back quickly. They had asked everyone that was patrolling outside. None of them saw Ning Le.

“I’ve looked at the stars and predicted that it’s not safe to stay here anymore. Prepare to leave.” Ming Shu gave an inscrutable smile as though she really went to look at the stars.

Everyone started talking.

It was dark outside and there were no stars in sight. How on earth did she look at the stars and made a prediction?

Ming Shu grabbed her bag and waved at the army personnel. All of them packed their bags and followed Ming Shu out.


She wasn’t kidding.

We’re really leaving.

Bai Xuewei caught up with Ming Shu. “Hey, Ning Le isn’t back yet. We should look for her first.”

“You can wait for her here.” Why would I leave if she was here!

Who knows what Ning Le is up to? What if she is scheming something?

For the safety of my snacks, we are moving.

“How can you do this?” Bai Xuewei gave a look of disbelief. “She is missing. You should send someone to look for her, not leave just like that.”

“Oh.” Ming Shu shone the flashlight on Bai Xuewei’s face. Bai Xuewei blocked the piercing light with her hands and heard a clear voice saying, “If you care so much about her, you can look for her yourself. I won’t stop you. This task is yours now. All the best.”

Bai Xuewei: “…”

“Those who want to get in the cars, please do so now. Those who don’t, it’s your choice.”

Ming Shu shouted this and turned around to leave with the soldiers. The sound of engines starting floated into the building.

The people who were hesitating hurriedly got up and ran to the cars.

Only a few of them didn’t.

This included Bai Xuewei and her team.

Ming Shu didn’t move very far. She found a place nearby.

After this entire episode, no one could sleep anymore and they gathered together to discuss.

Around two hours later, the building they were at was suddenly filled with the roars of zombies.

From the sound, there seemed to be more than just one or two of them.

Everyone squeezed in at the window to take a better look.

The lighting was really bad and there was not much to be seen. However, an X-man used his power to light the scene up.

It was packed with zombies.

A chill ran down everyone’s spines.

If they didn’t leave with her, they would have been surrounded by all those zombies.

“How… how did you know the zombies would come?” someone asked Ming Shu, who was leaning by the window and eating non-stop.

“I didn’t.”

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“Then why did you ask us to leave just now?”

Bai Xuewei seemed to be hurt and He Yan was a mess, too.

“You all…” Ning Le saw everyone when she entered and was confused.

She arrived after the zombies had attacked the building. She was not planning to enter, but unfortunately, she b.u.mped into Bai Xuewei’s group as they were running out.

Left with no choice, she could only help them kill the zombies. At that point in time, she was still wondering why there were so few people left, and Ye Miao and her men had disappeared, too. However, there were too many zombies and she didn’t have time to ask.

“Ning Le, why did you bring the zombies over?” the man who escaped with Ning Le questioned her seriously.

He regretted not leaving with Ming Shu.

Of course, there was no use regretting now.

Ning Le’s heart dropped but she denied it calmly. “I didn’t. Why would I bring zombies over?”

The man continued asking, “Why did you disappear in the middle of the night?”

Ning Le had already thought of her answer and just repeated it: “I saw something outside and went to investigate it.”

“Did you manage to catch it?”

Ning Le braced herself and shook her head.

“The zombies came after you left. How dare you say that it had nothing to do with you?”

“Explain yourself, Ning Le. What exactly happened?”

Chen Wei couldn’t keep quiet anymore and shouted at Ming Shu, “Why aren’t you all suspecting Ye Miao? Her men were patrolling yesterday and she had a conflict with us. She’s the most suspect.”

“Please, the one that I had a conflict with is Ning Le. Why would I bring the zombies over if she’s not there? Do I want to commit suicide?” Ming Shu stared helplessly at Chen Wei.

“You don’t like any one of us,” Chen Wei reasoned fallaciously, “and now you want to frame Ning Le. Why are you so evil?”

Ning Le’s plan was to let Ye Miao be attacked by the zombies. Even if she didn’t die, everyone would blame her and it would be easier for her to stand out then and do something.

Ning Le calmed down. “I don’t know what happened, but I never did anything to harm you guys.”

Her target was only Ming Shu. The rest were just unlucky.

This statement was actually true.

Ming Shu smiled. Ning Le remained composed.

Everyone was confused and couldn’t decide who to believe.

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