Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 16 - Gossip Queen (16)

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Chapter 16: Gossip Queen (16)

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You want to talk to me alone, maybe there is a trap awaiting me.

I have studied those traps recently. According to tradition, if I go with her, either I’ll fall for it or she’ll deal with me. So in the end I’ll get into trouble.


Why should I go?

I won’t go!

Ning Keqing was astonished and wondered how to answer.

“Sister Jiang Nian, I just want to have a talk with you. There’s no other meaning.” Ning Keqing made her voice gentler and looked more innocent.

“I don’t want to talk to you.” Ming Shu smiled. “If you still show your face in front of me, I’ll hit you!”

Maybe because of this sentence, Ning Keqing remembered what had happened before and her expression crumpled. That matter affected her greatly and Li Shaonan had spent much time and money to bury it.

“Sister Jiang Nian, what are you afraid of?” Ning Keqing didn’t give up. Today, she would let Jiang Nian know that offending her was unforgivable.

“I’m afraid I will be more beautiful than you later.”

“…” Wasn’t her answer too deliberate?

Ning Keqing looked around and saw that n.o.body cared what was happening here. She stepped forward, hatred flashing in her eyes, and pretended to twist her ankle, pouncing on Ming Shu.

Ning Keqing had predicted it all. Ming Shu wore high-heeled shoes and there was a set of steps behind her. As long as she kept steady when she fell against Ming Shu, Ming Shu would tumble down the steps.

But reality was totally different from what she had imagined. When she fell, Ming Shu moved aside and walked forward several paces.

Now there was n.o.body in front of Ning Keqing, so she couldn’t keep her balance. Besides that, Ming Shu pushed on her back, so she directly fell down the steps.

Although there were only three steps, it was still a serious fall.

The people nearby looked at her.

Ning Keqing’s knees and elbows were sc.r.a.ped raw and b.l.o.o.d.y. But the pain was far inferior to her resentment for Ming Shu. Her resentment for Ming Shu was like a vine, twining around her heart and increasing constantly.

Because of Ming Shu, she became a laughing stock in public.

“Ah, Miss Ning, it’s a long time until the New Year. Why are you kneeling down and greeting me?” a woman in the crowd said, smiling. Maybe she was another opponent of Ning Keqing’s.

Li Shaonan was not here now, so they mocked her freely. Did she think that she was better than them with the protection of Li Shaonan?

The woman’s voice was loud and some burst into laughter, drawing in others.

Ning Keqing was on the ground and didn’t dare to raise her head. Why hadn’t Li Shaonan appeared yet?

In the past, Li Shaonan would always show up in time. Why didn’t he show up this time?

Ning Keqing clenched her fist and finally stood by herself. Her knees were bleeding. She looked up, tears falling, and asked painfully, “Sister Jiang Nian, why did you push me?”

Others were surprised and looked at the woman who was standing on the stairs, illuminated by a crystal lamp.

Ming Shu smiled. “I just pushed you. There is no reason. Push back if you can.”

“…” The answer was outside of Ning Keqing’s expectations.

The others were also silent. The domineering Jiang Nian deserved to be a boss.

Ming Shu walked down in her high heels. She leaned forward slightly, her hands behind her back, and stared at Ning Keqing. “They all know we have a bad relationship, but you still appear in front of me. You just want me to push you, is that it?

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Pushing you is a small punishment.

What’s the matter with public figures? Are public figures not allowed to have a little bit of emotion? I work hard as a boss and don’t ask you to pay attention to me. It’s you who made me a public figure and even think to control my life. Are you a celestial being?

That was right. She had quit acting and now lived privately, but those paparazzi followed her all the time.

She became a public figure because of the paparazzi. Sane people agreed with that.

Stars were ordinary people too. They also hated others and had enemies.

Now those paparazzi were everywhere, which annoyed many.

Many stars had the same feelings as Ming Shu. They gave a thumbs up to Ming Shu’s response.

Many stars decided to quit acting and a.s.sume a private life. But those paparazzi still followed them and reported news about them sometimes, which forced them into the public eye again.

Everybody wanted others only remember their best times.

But their hopes were ruined by paparazzi who revealed their changed lives to those fans who loved them in the past.

On the Internet, whoever had the more support was the right one, so Ning Keqing was scolded by many people.

Although Li Shaonan helped Ning Keqing later, she still couldn’t get rid of her schemer’s label.

“What were you doing then?” Ning Keqing asked Li Shaonan. If he had shown up earlier that day, those things wouldn’t have happened.

“I was answering a call outside.” Li Shaonan frowned. “Are you questioning me?”

When had he ever been questioned like that? Ning Keqing wasn’t allowed to question him either.

“I…” Ning Keqing immediately started crying and lowered her head as if to hide. “I’m not. I just feel sad.”

Li Shaonan was her Money Boss, she couldn’t displease him.

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