Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 159 - Zombie Note (28)

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Chapter 159: Zombie Note (28)

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“This is my last time saying this. This mission is very dangerous. Everyone is taking part in this mission of your own will. When we reach the mission location, you will all listen to instructions and commands. Whether you will get out of there alive or dead, it is up to fate!” Ding Qiuyi shouted at the people in the lobby with a loudspeaker.

That’s right, Ding Qiuyi was the captain this time.


“Good. If anyone wants to leave, please go now. Those who have made up their minds can get onto the cars. We will leave immediately.”

Most of the teams instantly got onto the army vehicles behind Ding Qiuyi, leaving only a few people who were still hesitating.

After confirming that they were not coming along, Ding Qiuyi ordered everyone to move out.

The cars drove out of the base one by one. There seemed to be even more survivors outside. It was packed with people.

Ning Le’s team was in the second-to-last car. Bai Xuewei sat beside the tall guy.

“He Yan, who do you think is in the gray car?” Bai Xuewei asked curiously. “I saw someone escorting them when we stopped just now.”

He Yan shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“Who else can it be? It has to be someone with a high rank. I heard that the zombie this time is a Level 3 zombie. It wouldn’t be weird if they sent someone to have a look,” Chen Wei said proudly, as though she had uncovered the truth.

“We’re going there to kill zombies, not protect them. I wonder if these people will cause trouble for us,” one of the X-men complained unhappily.

“That’s Ye Miao,” Ning Le said calmly, “the commander’s daughter.”

Someone immediately mocked, “This kind of princess only knows how to play. They don’t know about our hardships.”

“Who asked her to have a good father?”

Everyone in the car started criticizing Ye Miao. Ning Le’s statement had caused everyone to judge Ming Shu even before she appeared.

The team drove for half a day. Along the way, they met a few zombies, but the numbers were manageable and no one was hurt. Everyone arrived safely at the neighboring city.

Ding Qiuyi ordered everyone to rest on the spot and moved on the next day.

Ning Le munched on the food provided and stared at the gray car. Only she knew what she was thinking.

This time, I am going to make her die here.

The night was peaceful. No accidents happened. The next morning, Ding Qiuyi split the teams into groups to facilitate the mission.

There were two big groups. One was led by Ding Qiuyi while the other was led by Ming Shu and Xu Shuo. Coincidently, Ning Le was in Ming Shu’s team.

The two groups split up when they entered the city and started searching for the zombie. Meanwhile, they could also search for some supplies.

“The road up front is blocked. We need to change direction.” When they reached a road, a building had collapsed on it and the way was blocked.

The scout brought this piece of news to Ming Shu and waited for her decision.

The people in the car got down and crowded around Ming Shu.

They had not seen who was in the gray car even after so long.

The car door slowly opened and a young girl stepped out. The door closed. However, they did see that there was someone else in the car.

It was indeed a princess.

A princess with flawless skin and clean clothing. She looked nothing like someone from Doomsday.

Ming Shu was munching on a piece of bread as she opened the map. Her finger ran along the map before pointing to a certain road. “Move this way.”


“Wait a minute. Don’t direct us any which way when you don’t know anything.” A man’s voice suddenly cut in. “What would happen if you sent us into a whole h.o.a.rd of zombies?

“We don’t want to die with you.”


“How can a princess who knows nothing decide our path? Do you still see us as humans?”

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Ming Shu leaned against the car and turned around to look at the crowd. She threw the map over and said, “You choose.”

Ming Shu opened the door and got in the car. The sound of the door shutting woke everyone up from their shock.

The first car was already moving in the direction that Ming Shu indicated. The rest of the cars followed behind. They were being deserted.

They had nothing left. No supplies, no cars.

Only now did they feel that something was wrong.

WIth no cars and supplies, there was nothing they could do.

The man instantly blocked Ming Shu’s car and shouted at her, “What is this? Are you playing around with me?”

Ming Shu winded down the car window and smiled. “Didn’t you hear the instructions when we were at the base? Listen to commands, follow instructions. I’m the one in command now…”

“What right do you have to command me?” The man was not convinced. “You’re just a princess, have you ever even killed a zombie?”

Ming Shu continued, “I am the one in command now. If you all don’t want to listen to me, you can leave. No one is stopping you.”

The man continued shouting, “Then you should give us some cars and supplies!”

Ming Shu supported her chin with her hand and smiled. “Tou all agreed to listen to commands when you accepted the mission. That is why we’re letting you use our supplies and cars. If you all want to leave the group, why do we have to give you the supplies? Do you think I’m a charity? You’re too naive. Why don’t you go back to your zombie kindergarten?”

The man couldn’t say a word.

Everyone: “…” This princess doesn’t seem that useless.

None of them were actually familiar with Ming Shu. They just heard people talking about her on the way here and had a bad first impression.

Some people were smart enough to return to the cars. The cars and supplies were all from the base. If they left now, they would have nothing left.

The man didn’t think that he would lose this fight and was overwhelmed with shame and vexation.

Ning Le was even more p.i.s.sed. She tried to discreetly give these people a bad impression of Ming Shu, but was overturned by Ming Shu after just one round.

Normal princesses would scream and shout when faced with such a situation and ask for help from their subordinates.

She used a few words and subdued these people while letting them know that she was not an easy person to deal with.

She is indeed a challenging opponent.

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