Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 158 - Zombie Note (27)

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Chapter 158: Zombie Note (27)

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In the original storyline, the Host chased Aunt Ning away and indirectly caused her death. This caused Ning Le to target the Host.

However, Aunt Ning was still alive and well. Ning Le had no reason to target her.

So is that why she’s finding some random excuse?


Ning Le said to her with a cold expression, “If I see you ordering her around again, you will suffer the consequences.”

Ning Le felt that this kind of “second generation official” would definitely have a temper. What’s more, this girl had such a weird temperament.

She wouldn’t want to stay here anymore if it were not for her mother, who didn’t want to leave.

Ming Shu gave a quick smile and suddenly grabbed her elbow and pushed her into the room.

Ning Le’s heart stopped and she quickly resisted. “What are you trying to do?”

Ming Shu closed the door. Shadows fell on her face, making her to look a bit eerie. In a clear and gentle voice, she said, “Closing the door so that I can beat the dog.”

Ning Le: “…”

How dare she call me a dog.

Ning Le’s eyes were filled with rage as she attacked.

“Why are there loud sounds coming from Miss Ye Miao’s room?”

Aunt Ning heard the commotion and came out of the kitchen curiously.

Just as she was going to knock on the door, the door beside it opened and Xu Shuo’s face appeared. “Aunt Ning, could you help me to get these things from the laboratory? I need them urgently.”

Xu Shuo pa.s.sed a piece of paper to her.

Aunt Ning accepted the request and quickly took the piece of paper. She glanced at the room again.

Looking around, she couldn’t find Ning Le anywhere. However, Xu Shuo was staring at her and she didn’t dare to delay any longer. She took off her ap.r.o.n and left the house.

Xu Shuo stood at the door and started criticizing Ming Shu. Why does she have to choose her room as the location for a fight? Can’t she choose a place with no people around?

Ming Shu threw Ning Le out of her room and almost hit Xu Shuo. Xu Shuo got p.i.s.sed. “Can’t you look before you throw? What are your eyes for?”

The room behind Ming Shu was a mess. She leaned against the door and grinned. “What are you doing secretly outside my door?”

Xu Shuo retaliated, “I’m standing here blatantly, not secretly. Have you not graduated from primary school?”

Ning Le picked herself up from the floor and stared at Ming Shu with hatred.

Her abilities had improved so much during this period of time.

“What are you looking at? You still want to get beaten?” Ming Shu’s gaze went past Xu Shuo and landed on Ning Le.

I must have gained a lot of Hatred Points this time…

There were no bruises on Ning Le’s face. However, her face was pale and there was cold sweat on her forehead. Her body must have been hit viciously.

“Ye Miao, you will suffer the consequence of your actions.” She was bullied last time, but she would not be bullied now.

“I’m so scared,” Ming Shu replied without much sincerity.

Ning Le gritted her teeth and limped back to her room, prepared by Aunt Ning.

Xu Shuo and Ming Shu stared at each other.

“If I didn’t send Aunt Ning away, she would have found out that you were beating her daughter.” Xu Shuo sneered.

“You’re so nice? What are you plotting?”

She wasn’t the least worried about being found out.

“So ungrateful!” What does she mean, I’m plotting something? What does she mean?

Shouldn’t she be so touched that she wants to marry me?

Isn’t this what the tips said?

What the h.e.l.l is with these fake tips! Bad review!

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[…] The system silently flipped through the items that Lord Nine gave a bad review for and decided to calmly accept the impending bad review.


“Come on.” Xu Shuo continued taking out snacks.

Ming Shu looked at the snacks and started to waver.

Xu Shuo continued removing more snacks.

Ming Shu grabbed all the snacks. “Are you trying to bribe me with just these? Give me the entire box.”

“Food supplies are hard to find. Don’t be unreasonable.” Do you know how much effort it took to get these snacks?

Ming Shu stared at Xu Shuo with her clear eyes. Xu Shuo relented and said irritatedly, “Take it, take it.”

Ye Ji’an was worried when Xu Shuo and Ming Shu said they needed to go out. However, he was not the kind to be overprotective of his daughter.

He understood the present world and didn’t know how long it would last. He could protect her now, but what would happen when he was not around?

Hence, when Ming Shu said she needed to go out, Ye Ji’an just nagged at her to be extra careful and didn’t stop her.

After preparations were done, the team went to the meeting place. This time, there were other teams tagging along, too.

The team that last saw this zombie was almost completely annihilated. The ones that managed to escape reported the news to the base.

The base sent some men over, but they were either completely annihilated or heavily injured.

The base had a mission lobby where they would post missions. As long as three people formed a team, they could accept any of the missions.

The base posted this mission in the lobby. Anyone who felt that they were capable could take on the mission and there was no limitation to the number of people that could accept it.

When Ming Shu arrived, there were already many people waiting in the lobby, talking among themselves.

Ming Shu instantly saw the female protagonist, Bai Xuewei, and the fake protagonist, Ning Le.

They were on the same team. The leader of that team was the man beside Bai Xuewei.

That should be the male protagonist.

Ning Le quietly stood on one side with Chen Wei and didn’t take part in their group’s discussion.

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