Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 157 - Zombie Note (26)

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Chapter 157: Zombie Note (26)

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“So… in other words, you caused Doomsday.”

From Xu Shuo, Ming Shu also knew why Ye Ji’an valued him so much.

“I proposed the theory, but I didn’t make zombies. How is that related to me?” Xu Shuo denied it.

“If you didn’t propose that theory, there wouldn’t have been zombies.”

Xu Shuo coughed. He stuffed half a chocolate into Ming Shu’s hand. “Do I need to apologize with my life?”

“That’s acceptable.” I couldn’t agree more. But before that, please hate me as much as you can.

Xu Shuo glared at Ming Shu.

“Why are you looking at me? It’s not my fault.”


Xu Shuo moved the dead zombies out of his laboratory and brought in a new living one. He injected some strange liquid into the moaning zombie.

Ming Shu seemed interested, “Hey, about the theory, why did you propose it?”


“You were too bored.”

“Eat your chocolate. Leave me alone.”

“Ohhh, is it possible… that the antidote needs your blood?”

“I think you’ve read too many novels.”

Ming Shu smiled again. Then she turned around, leaving many snacks behind. “I’m going.”

“What? Wait, I’ll go with you.”

Ming Shu left the laboratory without hesitating. It had been raining for a few days, which made the base even messier. They sprayed liquid medicine everywhere, fearing that other viruses might grow in the base.

s.h.i.t. I didn’t bring an umbrella.

Ming Shu pondered whether she should go back. Just then, an umbrella slowly appeared above her head, blocking the gentle rain from above.

Xu Shuo came out as well. He grunted as he put one hand in his pocket. “Well, no need to say thank you. I’m just as generous as always.”

Ming Shu didn’t reply. She walked into the rain, and of course, Xu Shuo followed.

They were around the central area of the base, and it was very quiet. Only the patrol squads would pa.s.s them occasionally.

“Xu Shuo, I’m curious. What on earth is your purpose?” Ming Shu’s voice fell to Xu Shuo’s ears along with the gentle sound of rain.

She had tried many ways to p.i.s.s him off, and he still allowed her to stay at his side!

He can’t be a m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t, right?

“Purpose?” Xu Shuo looked at Ming Shu, imitating her smile arrogantly. “What do you have that I would want? You know, a genius like me, there’s nothing I can’t have!”

“There’s me.”

“…” Xu Shuo was speechless. All right, all right, it’s you. I can’t have you, are you satisfied?

Hehe… But do you think I will admit that?


“You? What do you have? Why do you think I have a crush on you?” Who gave you this blind confidence? Those crazy zombies outside?

“My beauty.” Ming Shu was absolutely confident.


MMP… Does this woman have even a little bit of shame?

“I see… You must’ve eaten too much lately. The food made you sick!” Xu Shuo gazed warmly at Ming Shu like she was a mentally disabled baby. He patted her head lightly, then walked forward with his umbrella.


Ming Shu shook her hair. Stupid genius , she thought. Then she calmly resumed her pace and walked along in the gentle rain.

It was already past eight o’clock in the evening when the two returned home. Why so late? Because… they had a fight in the rain.

Well, a little correction might be needed here.

It was Ming Shu who gave a beating to Xu Shuo in the rain. She became really angry at the stupid genius later.

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The minute Xu Shuo got home, he locked himself in his room. He also declared that he would never see Ming Shu again.

Aunt Ning came out of the kitchen. Seeing Ming Shu was eating alone and Ning Le was still standing there, she felt a little embarra.s.sed. “Le Le, come sit here. Well, Miss Ye Miao, Mister Xu Shuo…”

She wouldn’t dare to knock on that boy’s door.

“He doesn’t eat.”

“Who said that!” Xu Shuo immediately walked out of his room. He pulled out a chair and sat opposite Ming Shu. But then after looking up at Ning Le, he frowned. “Why is she here?”

Seeing Xu Shuo a little unhappy, Aunt Ning explained quickly, “Mister Xu Shuo, Mr. Ye agreed that Le Le can stay here temporarily…”

Aunt Ning’s humble and cautious att.i.tude made Ning Le a little uncomfortable. She used this body, and naturally she met the mother of this body, and naturally she wouldn’t allow her mother to be “bullied.”

“You don’t have to talk to them like this.” Ning Le stopped Aunt Ning.

Ming Shu lifted her eyes. When Ye Ji’an was here, weren’t you very polite?

How come after Ye Ji’an left, you just dropped all courtesy?

Ming Shu didn’t stop her eating as she thought this.

“I’m sorry, Mister Xu Shuo, Le Le is young and she doesn’t know how to behave properly.” Aunt Ning apologized. “Please have your dinner. I’ll go check the soup.”

Aunt Ning pulled Ning Le into the kitchen.

“Le Le, if it weren’t for Mr. Ye, I wouldn’t be alive. Mister Xu Shuo is very important to Mr. Ye, you shouldn’t argue with them.”

“Come with me,” Ning Le said. She was powerful now, and she could protect her mother well.

“Le Le, I’m not a powerful mom. But staying here, you could be safe and wouldn’t need to kill those things like other girls. Le Le, listen to me, stay here, all right?” Aunt Ning didn’t know she had a powerful daughter now. All she wanted to do was protect her.

Ning Le tried to persuade Aunt Ning to go with her. But she wouldn’t leave no matter what Ning Le said. In the end, Ning Le had to stay with her mother, fearing that she might not be treated well.

During their stay, Ming Shu didn’t say a word to her, as if she was air in her eyes.

Ning Le had never been ignored like this, not since she came to this world.

She felt quite confused and angry deep inside.

“Ye Miao.” Ning Le stopped Ming Shu. Aunt Ning was in the kitchen at this time and couldn’t see them. Ning Le then warned Ming Shu in a low voice, “Don’t you dare order her around. I won’t tolerate it.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and smiled. “Miss Ning Le, may I ask when I ordered your mother around? Cooking is her responsibility here. What, do you want me to worship her like a G.o.d?”

After pausing for a while, Ming Shu continued, “Is she a G.o.d?”

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