Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 156 - Zombie Note (25)

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Chapter 156: Zombie Note (25)

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“Who are they?” Bai Xuewei asked in a low voice once Ming Shu and Xu Shuo left.

“Should be some senior management in the base.” A man next to Bai Xuewei picked up the topic.

They were followed by the base army’s guards. Other than important or powerful people in the base, who else could receive such treatment.

“Oh.” Bai Xuewei didn’t seem to care much. “Let’s find a place to settle down first. As to the loss, I’ll find a way to compensate everyone.”

“How will you compensate?” Chen Wei snorted.

Ning Le secretly sighed in relief. These people didn’t seem to realize what Ye Miao had said.

But… how did Ye Miao know she had limitless storage s.p.a.ce?

What she intended just now was to tell them about this…

Did she discover it when I used my storage?

Nowadays, s.p.a.ce-related supernatural powers were very valuable. She had met a lot of people, but except for Bai Xuewei, no one else seemed to possess this power.

She had to be careful.

“We should settle in first.” The man next to Bai Xuewei interrupted Chen Wei coldly. “The base is new to us. First we rest, then we discuss other issues.”

Some people turned to Ning Le. Ning Le nodded as she agreed with what the man said as well.

Then, finally, they stopped quarreling and began to find places to rest.

The people in the laboratory were all amazed by Xu Shuo again. He came back with so many zombies.

Living zombies. This was more difficult than killing those creatures. They didn’t expect Xu Shuo to catch so many living zombies in one afternoon.

“He’s powerful…”

“No wonder he is highly valued by the seniors. He has ability.”

“Who knew if there were others helping him or not.” Some people were jealous.

But Xu Shuo didn’t care about this talk at all. He showed his n.o.ble arrogance as always and locked all others outside the laboratory.

“Such an arrogant young man, what can he achieve?”

“Haven’t you heard of Xu Shuo? Oh, right, you came back just before Doomsday, let me tell you, this Xu Shuo…”

Some people promoted Xu Shuo’s qualifications pa.s.sionately. All the listeners became surprised and curious.

“Even if he is a genius, can he find a solution to cope with zombies?” Some people were still not convinced by Xu Shuo’s remarkable achievements.

They didn’t get any progress even working all together. Was it possible for him to achieve progress all alone?

“The senior officers are overestimating him…” Every one of these people could be counted as an expert, but none of them had been treated as well as Xu Shuo.

“Are you sure you didn’t make any secret deal with my dad?” Ming Shu couldn’t help asking Xu Shuo. She stood in front of the transparent gla.s.s and looked at the gossiping people outside. Meanwhile, the one being gossiped about was concentrating on his research.

“Geniuses must bear this jealousy,” Xu Shuo answered pridefully.

“Geniuses die young. What a pity.”

“Can’t you speak some nice words?” This woman curses me everyday! What a good wish! Humph, I will not allow that to happen.


“Eating that much, you can’t even close your mouth.” Xu Shuo glared at Ming Shu.

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Ming Shu gave him a smile.

“Do you remember when I went to secret training two years ago?” Ye Ji’an suddenly talked about the past.

Ding Qiuyi nodded. He remembered that day very clearly. Because it happened to be the day of the high school entrance examination and Ye Miao was one of the candidates.

Ye Ji’an asked for special leave to wait for Ye Miao outside the examination place. But before the examination was over, he received an order to partic.i.p.ate in training. They sent a helicopter to pick him up.

“Xu Shuo was also there.” Ye Ji’an delved into his memory. “It was a… strange seminar. The topic was about future human development and enhancement. Xu Shuo proposed the evolution theory at that time. He said it was only theory and never put into practice, but two years later… zombies appeared.”

Xu Shuo was only 18 years old then.

He’d just become a legal adult.

With a child’s face.

He didn’t know how a child could calmly propose a theory like that, even with a bit of evil interest.

And it was at that time he met a person called Xu Shuo.

Xu Shuo was the person who proposed the evolution theory. Ye Ji’an heard from others that he may have finished products in hand.

But it was all guesswork, of course.

Xu Shuo had some crazy ideas, but he never had a tendency to endanger society. In fact, he partic.i.p.ated in quite a few national programs and made great contributions.

“The zombies…” Cold sweat streamed down Ding Qiuyi’s forehead. “Did he make them?”

Ye Miao was still with him… Was she in danger?

Ye Ji’an shook his head. “The zombies first appeared in Y City, far from him. Also, the year the zombies broke out, he was engaged in a national project. For confidentiality purposes, they restricted all partic.i.p.ants’ contact with the outside world. He wouldn’t have had the time to research zombies.”

“The theory he proposed was elaborate, as if he had done experiments. Possibly others used the theory and produced zombies based on it. Since he could propose such a theory, I think he might be able to find a solution.”

It was unknown now how did Doomsday broke out. They only knew the source was in Y City. But the city had no survivors.

Zombies had appeared everywhere by the time humans realized what was happening.

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