Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 154 - Zombie Note (23)

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Chapter 154: Zombie Note (23)

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Xu Shuo left the laboratory and returned with a box. He placed it in front of Ming Shu.

He patted the box. “Are you going or not?”

Ming Shu glanced into the box. She was going to reject him but changed her mind. “Deal.”


There is nothing that a box of snacks can’t solve.

If there is, then get two boxes of snacks.

There were zombies caged inside the laboratory. These zombies were used to being subjected to experiments to allow the scientists to find an antidote.

Ming Shu followed a worker and reached the place where they kept the zombies. Every zombie had its own cage. Its limbs were tied up and there was a steel door outside to prevent them from escaping.

“This one.” Ming Shu pointed at the zombie she wanted.

The worker immediately went to get his equipment.

“No need for the trouble.” Ming Shu took out a gun and shot the zombie in the head.

The worker looked at Ming Shu with confusion. Don’t they want it alive?

How are they going to perform an experiment on it if it’s dead!

Ming Shu asked the worker to carry the zombie to the laboratory. He placed the zombie on a gurney and pushed it to the laboratory.

Ming Shu opened the door and pushed the zombie in. “Your zombie has arrived. Eat it while it’s hot.”

“…” Xu Shuo thought, What the h.e.l.l is “eat it while it’s hot”? I don’t eat zombies.

When he saw that the zombie was not moving, he struggled and asked the worker, “Have you all invented a drug that can make zombies unconscious?”

“Mister Xu… the zombie is dead,” the worker nervously replied.

“I don’t want dead zombies.” Xu Shuo gritted his teeth.

“But Miss Ye killed it.” It’s really not my fault.

“You didn’t say whether you wanted it alive or dead.” Ming Shu smiled brightly. “Of course I’ll choose the safer option.”

Xu Shuo: “…”

Don’t hold me back. I’m going to strangle her.

To h.e.l.l with the tips.

To h.e.l.l with the mission.

[Please calm down, Lord Nine. Calm down. Think about those b.i.t.c.hes that are waiting to laugh at you. Did that calm you down?]

Yes .

[Put down the knife.] Lord Nine is not calm at all.

Xu Shuo stabbed the knife into the zombie’s arm and shouted, “Throw it away!”

The worker immediately pushed the zombie out. That is such a hot-tempered guy. Spare me, spare me.

Xu Shuo ordered Ming Shu to get another zombie. This time, it had to be alive.

It was indeed alive. However, besides the head, the rest of the body was gone.

Xu Shuo endured it.

He added on to his criteria. Alive with the entire body.

Entire body.


Good, she got back a living zombie in one piece. She got him a zombie dog. The entire body. Alive.

“…” Let’s just kill her.

Ming Shu always had ways to p.i.s.s Xu Shuo off. The worse thing was, he couldn’t be angry. He had to tolerate her nonsense. This was the first of the tips.

He could tolerate Ming Shu, but the people in the laboratory couldn’t. They didn’t have many zombies to start with and now, there were even fewer because of Ming Shu.

The laboratory refused to supply any more zombies to Xu Shuo. He was not here to work. He was here to waste their supplies.

There were people who were against Xu Shuo’s arrival and were jealous of his special treatment. Hence, the entire laboratory started to protest.

“Look, there are no more zombies. You don’t have to do any experiments anymore. Go back and rest.”

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“Who says there are no more zombies? Aren’t there a lot outside?” Xu Shuo replied with a cold expression.

Ming Shu ignored everything and continued eating her snacks. The car left the base and the girl’s voice started to fade away.

“Tsk, how cold-blooded. You’re the commander’s daughter. Aren’t you supposed to show some emotion after hearing those words?”

“This is Doomsday. Doomsday has its own rules.” Ming Shu glared at Xu Shuo. “You’re cold-blooded too. You have no right to judge me.”

“We’re the same.”

“I am not the same as an animal.”

“Why are you insulting me?”

“How did I insult you?”

“You said I was an animal.”

“I did?”

“You did…”

The driver: “…” Since they left the base, these two youngsters had quarreled more than three times. This is going to be a long journey.

Most of the zombies near the base had been killed by the groups that searched for supplies.

However, this matched the requirements Xu Shuo had.

If there were too many zombies, he wouldn’t be able to handle them.

Ming Shu didn’t get out of the car and remained inside with the driver.

She tried to throw Xu Shuo to the zombies halfway through, but didn’t succeed and she eventually gave up.

Waste of energy.

Xu Shuo was really angry, but he couldn’t do anything about it. He continued catching zombies.

The group that Ye Ji’an sent was the one that helped the laboratory capture their zombies. Last time, they would always have casualties. But now when they used Xu Shuo’s methods, they didn’t even need to use much effort.

Catching zombies were so easy.

“This is enough. Let’s go back.” Xu Shuo looked at the car full of zombies. This should be enough for her to play with.

Wait, wrong. This should be enough for me to use for a while.

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