Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 153 - Zombie Note (22)

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Chapter 153: Zombie Note (22)

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[Guest, you could kidnap Aunt Ning and use her to threaten Ning Le, blah blah blah…] The Harmony System jumped out and gave her some “enlightening” ideas.

Stupid idea.

[You can find some people, blah blah blah…] The Harmony System continued giving suggestions.

Stupid idea x2.

[You can…] The Harmony System didn’t give up.

Stupid idea x3.

The Harmony System got more and more ridiculous toward the end. Ming Shu almost wanted to destroy it.

Why does such a system exist?

“Are you sure you’re not bugged?” Ming Shu highly suspected the Harmony System.

[Our mission is Hatred Points, Hatred Points, Hatred Points.] Important things must be said thrice. [I have told you before to treat this place like a gaming world. The people here are all NPCs and you are here to complete a mission. Please do not be stressed.]

“As long as you don’t give me any more stupid ideas, I will not be stressed. Really.” I only feel stressed when you give me ideas.

[…] The Guest is a bad person, too. What right does she have to judge my ideas? the Harmony System thought.

Ming Shu fell asleep in her room.

She woke up at night due to a commotion outside. It seemed like there were a lot of people.

Ming Shu opened the door and walked out. The study was open and there were around ten people inside.

On the sofa in the living room, Xu Shuo was holding a surgical knife and cutting into what looked like a zombie’s finger. The entire coffee table had turned into his operating table.

Why is he here!

Why is this stupid guy here!

He even made this place into an operating room!

Is no one going to stop him?

“What are you doing here?”

Xu Shuo’s hand trembled and he didn’t manage to cut the finger. The surgical knife hit the coffee table and let out a shrill sound.

Xu Shuo turned around and gave a slight smile. “Please take care of me. I’m going to live here.”

“What did you say?” I must have heard wrong.

“I’m going to live here,” Xu Shuo repeated.

Somebody drag this stupid guy out and execute him.

Ye Ji’an sent off the people in his study and confirmed the nightmare.

Xu Shuo said that he would only work for them if they let him stay here.

The scary thing was, he wanted Ming Shu to be his a.s.sistant.

For the sake of mankind and everyone’s hope, Ye Ji’an had no choice but to agree.

Ming Shu started to wonder why Xu Shuo was so important. The world was full of geniuses. Even if Xu Shuo was one of the smartest, he shouldn’t be regarded so highly.

Everyone wanted him and Ye Ji’an even “sold his daughter” in order to keep him in the base.

“Miao Miao, just put up with it for a while,” Ye Ji’an said earnestly.

I want to cry.

I just want to gain Hatred Points. Why is it so difficult?

Xu Shuo smiled. Now you know how valuable I am.

So, Xu Shuo would be staying with her. He didn’t have anything at the start, but people started to send him stuff. Most of it had been experimented on.

Xu Shuo was not going to work in the house. He needed to go to the laboratory.

As an a.s.sistant, Ming Shu needed to go, too.

Most of the people in the laboratory were old so Ming Shu and Xu Shuo seemed very out of place.

Xu Shuo got his own lab s.p.a.ce and it was actually quite big.

However, Xu Shuo was still unhappy and said, “This is all old equipment and not from the same set. I need new ones.”

The worker behind him contained his emotions and explained professionally, “Mister Xu, this was the best we could get.”

People risked their lives for these pieces of equipment. Yet, Xu Shuo still picked on them.

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It was Doomsday. He should be glad to even have any equipment in the first place.

Eat, all you know is how to eat. Are you a pig!

Why hasn’t she been stuffed to death?

“What?” Ming Shu was on her guard as she protected her snacks.

Are you trying to s.n.a.t.c.h my snacks?

Xu Shuo sneered and returned to his equipment.

[Lord Nine, you won’t be able to woo a girl like that.]

I didn’t say that I want to woo her.

[You want to kill her? But you can’t even beat her in a fight. I think it’s better if you choose an easier path.] The System tried to persuade him.

This issue was forever a pain to Xu Shuo. He gave the System the cold shoulder and ignored it.

[…] Lord Nine must be affected by this body. He’s become really arrogant.

When Xu Shuo finished preparing the equipment, Ming Shu had already finished a pile of snacks and was lying down and boredly gazing at the busy scene outside the laboratory.

The walls of the laboratory were made of one-way gla.s.s. People inside could see what was happening outside, but the people outside couldn’t see inside.

Woo her?

You might as well kill me.

“Since you’re full, get me a zombie,” Xu Shuo ordered Ming Shu.

Ming Shu refused instantly. “Nope.”

“If I don’t ask for food, there won’t be any meals for you today.” Xu Shuo gave her an evil smile. “But if you go, I will ask for more meat for you.”

“Zombie meat?”

I’m the commander’s daughter. It’s not hard for me to get some meat for myself. Do you want to order me around? Dream on.


He scratched his head. Do I really have to woo her?

Xu Shuo was unable to decide whether he should kill her or woo her. Which one would be easier?

Forget it. Let’s do it. It’s just getting a girl to love me. I am handsome, smart, and a genius. What can I not do?

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