Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 151 - Zombie Note (20)

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Chapter 151: Zombie Note (20)

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It had been three months since Doomsday started.

Supernatural powers and zombie crystals were familiar to everyone now. Everyone also knew how to level up their powers.

Those supernatural powers which were laughed at in the beginning began gaining recognition and gave people the upper hand when they were fighting with zombies.

In the present world, money and power were worthless. One needed to have supernatural power and guns. These were the requirements to survive.

The capital base was the largest base currently. Every day, people from all over the country would come and seek help.

Metal fencing surrounded the base, keeping out those that wanted to enter. Some people waited outside in despair.

In order to control the population in the base, everyone who wanted to enter must produce a certain number of zombie crystals.

However, people who had supernatural powers, known as X-men, had the privilege of bringing their families in if they joined the army. This was to entice more X-men to be part of the team.

This was a cla.s.sic example of riding on someone’s success.

Ming Shu drove her car and cut the queue, causing quite a lot of displeasure within the crowd.

Ming Shu ignored them and drove into the special lane.

As she was driving an army vehicle, the guard didn’t chase her away and just stopped her. “Please show your ident.i.ty.”

“Can I just use my face?” Ming Shu pointed to her face.

The guard gave her a cold look and replied, “This is not the time for joking around. Please show your ident.i.ty.”

Why would I have an ident.i.ty card?

I only have this face?

Ming Shu scratched her head and gave a gentle smile. “Is Ye Ji’an here? Can you help me contact him?”

The guard looked at Ming Shu from head to toe. He suspected that she was trying to bluff her way through. He rejected her: “The commander is very busy.”

A car was coming out of the pa.s.sage. The guard immediately chased her away. “You can’t enter if you don’t have your ident.i.ty card. Please go and queue on the other side and drive your car away. Someone else needs to drive through.”

“Seems like your face is not useful at all. “Xu Shuo sneered at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu: “…”

She was not a celebrity. Even the people closest to her father might not recognize her.

Xu Shuo suddenly pa.s.sed a card to the guard.

The guard looked confused and took it. His face changed when he saw what was written on it and he bowed. “Please wait for a moment.”

He ran toward the car that was about to come out.

“What did you give him?” Ming Shu asked.

“Something to identify who I am. The country had done a registration for geniuses like me long ago.” Xu Shuo raised his chin. Praise me. Hurry up and praise me.

Ming Shu grabbed a bag of snacks and started eating. She was too lazy to bother with him.

A man got out of the car and compared the picture on the card to Xu Shuo. “You are Mister Xu Shuo from Teng Jiang University?”

“Do I not look the same?” Xu Shuo pointed to the card and then to himself.

“Maybe you grew uglier.”

Xu Shuo glared at Ming Shu.

The man looked the two of them and pa.s.sed the card back to Xu Shuo. “I will send someone to bring you in. May I know who this is?”

The man found Ming Shu familiar, but couldn’t remember where he saw her.

“Ye Miao.”

“Ye Miao?” The man frowned. After a few seconds, he widened his eyes and said, “Old Ye’s daughter?”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrow. “You know who I am?”

“Hahaha.” The man suddenly laughed. “I am Uncle Ding, don’t you remember me? I registered you before.”

How could Ming Shu remember something that happened so long ago? The host probably didn’t remember, either.

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However, that didn’t stop her from smiling and greeting the man. Xu Shuo rolled his eyes at her.

Ming Shu’s smile got brighter. “Do you want to sacrifice for science now?”

Xu Shuo didn’t want to provoke Ming Shu, but he just couldn’t control himself.

“That will not be necessary.”

He knew what Ming Shu was capable of doing after being with her for this period of time.

Ding Qiuyi looked at the two young people and seemed confused. Their manner of interaction was very strange.

” Cough cough , Mister Xu Shuo, let my man direct you to your room.” Ding Qiuyi broke into their conversation.

Whatever their relationship was, it was safer to keep them apart first.

Ming Shu waved at Xu Shuo. Now you can finally leave.

“I want to stay with her.” Xu Shuo pointed to Ming Shu. “If not, I will leave the capital base and find other people to work for.”

Ding Qiuyi looked at Ming Shu. What did you do to him?

Ming Shu confronted Ding Qiuyi’s confused gaze. She felt helpless, too. All she wanted was to gain more Hatred Points.

Who knew that she would provoke such a fool.

Ming Shu rubbed her temples and gave a fake smile. “He is just a fool. Ignore him and find a cage to lock him up.”

“You’re the one who’ss a fool.”

“People who are fools normally don’t admit it. Seems like your illness is quite serious.”

“Are you stupid?”

Ming Shu smiled. “I am.”


What the h.e.l.l! This girl doesn’t follow my script!

Ding Qiuyi: “…” Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing here?

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