Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 150 - Zombie Note (19)

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Chapter 150: Zombie Note (19)

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The zombie gorilla lay on the ground, peaceful in death.

Xu Shuo managed to shoot the gorilla in the head. Be it human zombies or animal zombies, the weak spot was always the head.

Xu Shuo wasn’t the least put off by the disgusting zombified gorilla. He even seemed a bit excited as he squatted beside the corpse, pulled out a pair of gloves, and started searching.

Honestly, he was really disgusted. He almost wanted to vomit.

I am never going to play such characters again.

Ming Shu: “…”

This guy is crazy.

“Look, this was found in its head.” While Ming Shu was staring, Xu Shuo had opened the gorilla’s head and now pointed at a golden, crystal-like object.

( .c om ) Ming Shu shone her flashlight at the object and gave a mysterious smile. “You seem to have a lot of knowledge about this.”

Before he opened the head, he already knew that there would be a crystal.

People or animals who just turned into zombies are Level 0 zombies. If a zombie had crystals in its head, it meant that they had evolved to become Level 1 zombies.

A smaller crystal with better colorization meant that the crystal was purer. This also meant the zombie was of a higher level.

Just like in computer games.

At the start, all players and monsters were at Level 0. Now, the monsters had started leveling up.

Xu Shuo paused for a while and then started giving his excuse. “I met a zombie the other day and decided to cut it open out of curiosity, and I found the crystal. That zombie’s speed was much faster than the other zombies’ and it could use earth-element power to attack people. To verify my hypothesis, I compared it with other zombies and realized the difference. That was when I suspected that the zombie had evolved.

“Zombies can level up too, just like how we can level up our supernatural powers.”

Xu Shuo looked at Ming Shu after he finished and said, “You don’t seem surprised that they have this in their heads?”

The two of them looked at each other.

What Xu Shuo said made sense. If it was him, he might really cut open a zombie in the middle of the road…

Maybe she was thinking too much.

However, Xu Shuo still gave her a weird feeling. Better to be wary of him.

“I knew it all along.” Ming Shu was too lazy to think of an excuse.

“How did you know?” Xu Shuo became even more confused.

Ming Shu smiled. “That’s what stories are always like.”

Xu Shuo: “…” Can stories be trusted?

( .c om ) Actually, everything that was fiction before really did come true.

Although the reasoning was not very precise, the meaning is there.

“This thing could be useful.” Xu Shuo stopped probing and tilted his head to look at the crystal. He considered it. “I still need to investigate more about its uses.”

Even if he knew how to use these things, he would not tell her now.

She will be suspicious.

The crystals could be absorbed by people with supernatural powers to level up their abilities. In the future, it was an important source of income, too.

However, Ming Shu was not interested in the crystal.

Although the crystal could level up one’s powers, it had a huge side effect.

Also, these low-level crystals would be useless once all the zombies started to level up.

There was no need to waste time and collect them now.

“Hey, don’t go!” Xu Shuo didn’t think that Ming Shu would leave just like that. He put the crystal into his pocket and caught up with Ming Shu. “I might make an amazing discovery if I investigate this crystal. Are you not curious at all?”

“All the best to you, then.” Ming Shu got into her car and closed the door.

Xu Shuo stood outside. He knew what Ming Shu was going to do. He reached out and hugged the car door. “My car is wrecked. You can’t just leave me here. The world will suffer a huge loss if I die.”

He managed to find a car last time, when she left him in the city.

But now, it was all wilderness around here. How was he going to find a car?

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I can’t be left here.

The car whizzed pa.s.sed a group of zombies. Xu Shuo leaned against the window, his face filled with disappointment.

“Why can’t you just listen to me?”

“Why can’t you just shut up?” Ming Shu sucked her lollipop.

She needed an opportunity to murder this crazy guy.

“Do you know how much of an honor this is? Do you know how much I charged per hour for people that wanted to talk to me? No, per minute?” Xu Shuo started showing off.

It was the truth. When he was invited for discussions back then, his fees were very high.

“Please continue if you want to get out of the car.” Ming Shu turned to look at him and gave him a smile.

Xu Shuo pouted but still shut up. He took out a book from somewhere and started reading.

Then, he fell asleep.

When he woke up, the sky was already dark. The scenery outside flew past.

It was a city.

The same song had been playing in the car for the past few days. It was China’s National Anthem.

“Can’t we change the song?” His tone was a bit m.u.f.fled as he just woke up.

“No.” Ming Shu refused him with a single word.

“I heard that your father is from the army. Don’t people from the army know how to enjoy life and wait for death? Are you trying to act like you love your country?” Xu Shuo displayed his sharp tongue.

Ming Shu’s expression and voice were gentle as she replied, “I played this song because I know you don’t like it.”

Hurry! Give me some Hatred Points!

She thought that Xu Shuo would be angry, but instead, he started changing the song himself. However, he soon realized that there was only one song in the system.

“…” How to change the song when there is only one song?

They continued the journey in silence. Sometimes, they would meet a few stray zombies and Xu Shuo would shoot at them, causing them to be chased by a whole group of zombies.

Ming Shu s.n.a.t.c.hed his gun away and warned him, “If you dare cause any trouble again, I will throw you out to feed the zombies.”

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