Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 15 - Gossip Queen (15)

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Chapter 15: Gossip Queen (15)

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“Miss Jiang.”

Ming Shu hurriedly put aside her pudding and covered it with some papers. Then she began to read doc.u.ments, pretending to be busy.

The a.s.sistant who entered was speechless. Do you think I didn’t see you

eating just now? It’s useless to hide your food. And please pay more attention when you want to hide something?

She already knew her new boss was quite different from other bosses.

“Eh… Miss Jiang, Jinyu Entertainment signed a contract with that screenwriter before we could.”

“Oh.” Ming Shu looked up and signed her name on a doc.u.ment.

Maybe because she was used to writing Ming Shu, she signed Ming Shu just now. She crumpled that paper and threw it away. Then she looked at her a.s.sistant with a smile on face. “Can you print one more for me?”

The a.s.sistant looked at the ceiling, speechless, and said, “Miss Jiang, we have discussed that show for months. The company also thinks it’s good and will become popular. But now Jinyu Entertainment signed the contract with the screenwriter before us…”

Ming Shu complained in her heart.

Why isn’t she finished?

When will she be finished?

Please finish already?

My pudding awaits me!

Ming Shu rummaged on her desk to find the phone, buried in doc.u.ments. She called, “Tian Yuan, come in.”

Tian Yuan, with a confused expression, came in. She bought pudding just now. Did Ming Shu already eat it?

When Tian Yuan entered, she found that a.s.sistant was there too. Tian Yuan was an a.s.sistant too in the past, but now…

He he.

She get the salary of an a.s.sistant, but did the job of a deliveryman.

“Sister Jiang Nian?”

“Did you finish what I told you to do?”

“En… Yes, I finished.” It is not buying food for you.

“Give it to her.” Ming Shu pointed at the other a.s.sistant.


Tian Yuan ran out and took several doc.u.ments to the a.s.sistant.

Ding . The floor’s clock sounded.

“It’s time to leave.” Ming Shu stood up, picked up her bag, and left. She still didn’t forget to take her leftover pudding.

“…” The a.s.sistant who held the doc.u.ments saw her boss leaving the office quickly.

She hadn’t finished. Come back, boss!

Why does food attract you so much? Get back to work!

Jinyu Entertainment battled with Starlight Entertainment for resources. Whatever Starlight Entertainment wanted, Jinyu would battle for it. And every time Starlight Entertainment failed.

But Starlight Entertainment didn’t get scared by that. It was supported by the Jiang family, which was extremely rich, so it still struggled against Jinyu Entertainment.

In s...o...b..z, some didn’t join in and just watched; others began to warm up to Jinyu Entertainment.

Many people also chose to leave Starlight Entertainment. But Ming Shu’s ability showed through. No matter how big the problem was, she could still solve it. The premise was that nothing could affect her eating.

She was in the terminal stage of eating cancer. She couldn’t be cured.

“I think that Starlight Entertainment is in danger. She said she had the confidence to battle with Jinyu Entertainment at her press conference. How about now? Starlight Entertainment has accomplished nothing and is greatly suppressed by Jinyu Entertainment.” A man shook his head and turned his nose up at Ming Shu.

“When Mr. Li started working, she was a baby. Ah, nowadays these young people always make confident declarations but seldom carry through. In the future, she will lose face for the Jiang family,” another man agreed.

“A girl in charge of Starlight Entertainment, the company must go bankrupt sooner or later. What does the Jiang family think? They shouldn’t allow a girl to manage a company.”

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“Can’t we do our own will with money?” a girl said suddenly. Her voice was as gentle as the breeze that blew into their hearts.

Why was it different from what they heard?

Jiang Xun glanced at Mr. Zhang and said, “Mr. Zhang is kidding, I won’t forget.”

Mr. Zhang was silent. What!

You won’t forget what?

Jiang Xun ignored Mr. Zhang’s confused and worried gaze. He looked at his sister and said, “Niannian, how about I introduce some people to you?”

“I’m busy. I don’t want to go.” Ming Shu erected her middle finger at Mr. Zhang. Then, with a smile on face, she walked past him. “Mr. Zhang, young and ignorant people can always go far. Seeing you now, I guess you’ve never been young and ignorant!”

Jiang Xun furrowed his brow. “Niannian.”

Ming Shu quickly melted into the crowd and shook off Jiang Xun.

She didn’t want to have any relation with Jiang Xun, especially since Jiang Xun would misunderstand some behaviors.

After losing Jiang Xun, Ming Shu found a place to eat.

“Sister Jiang Nian.” Ming Shu’s hand, holding a piece of chocolate, shook. She took a deep breath and put the chocolate in her mouth.

She must be full before going after Hatred Points.

She turned and looked at the person behind her, smiling. “Miss Ning, with such a dress, you look like a birdman. What are you doing? I didn’t hear about any costume party. Or is it true that Li Shannan regards you as a canary?”

What Ning Keqing was wearing was the most popular dress this year. Ning Keqing was already beautiful, but became even lovelier with this dress, dazzling many people.

But now Ming Shu said she looked like a birdman, making Ning Keqing angry.

Ning Keqing suppressed her resentment and said sweetly, “Sister Jiang Nian, can I talk to you?”

Ming Shu pointed at herself. “Me? Alone?”

Ning Keqing nodded and smiled. “Are you afraid of talking to me?”

Ming Shu’s lips curled; no one could know the true thoughts behind her smiling eyes.

“Do you think you’re a celestial being?”

You want to talk to me, so I must talk to you?

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