Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 147 - Zombie Note (16)

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Chapter 147: Zombie Note (16)

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Ji Nan opened the door.

His face was still the same. However, his voice betrayed his feelings. He said dangerously, “What are you doing?”

The operating room was a mess. The corpse of the zombie laid on the floor. There were scorch marks everywhere. The gun was kicked to one corner, dismantled.

Not far away from the corpse, Ming Shu held down Xu Shuo and locked his wrists together with her hand. From Ji Nan’s point of view, it looked as though Ming Shu was trying to do something to Xu Shuo. The posture was ambiguous.

Ming Shu grabbed Xu Shuo’s collar and patted his face. “Little kid, you are still too young. Do you want to fight me? Go back to your mother’s womb.”

She got off Xu Shuo and slowly tidied her clothes. Then, she opened a bag of snacks and started eating.

Xu Shuo’s expression turned worse. He lost to…

He lost to her!


This is humiliation.

“Get out!” Xu Shuo picked himself up from the floor and pointed to the door. “Get out now!”

“Yes, please be angry. You look more handsome when you’re angry.” Ming Shu grinned at Xu Shuo and gave him an “all the best” hand sign.

Then, she happily skipped out of the operating room. Ji Nan stared at her with a weird expression until she disappeared. He shifted his gaze.

“What happened between the two of you?”

“That is none of your business.” Xu Shuo kicked the operating table on the floor.

Ji Nan didn’t want to be bothered about his issues, either. He explained his intrusion: “Captain Fan was asked to fetch you under command of the army. This city had already fallen. The supplies in the laboratory will deplete one day. Please think about this carefully.”

Xu Shuo sneered. “It’s only been a while and you’re on their side?”

Ji Nan didn’t know how to answer him.

“I have said what I needed to say. When Captain Fan leaves, I’ll leave too.”

“As you please.” Xu Shuo shut Ji Nan out of the room.

When the door closed, Xu Shuo’s face turned vicious. He let out his anger in the operating room, took a deep breath, and calmed down.

I am a genius. How can I be defeated by such a minor issue?


Ming Shu returned to the laboratory. Ning Le was teaching others how to use their supernatural powers. What was unexpected was that Chen Wei’s power had awakened, too.

And it was an ice element.

She never knew that she had an ice element ability and didn’t know how to use it.

However, when Ning Le taught her the method, she got it immediately.

A genius indeed.

Now, she was able to form ice spears.

When Ming Shu walked into the laboratory, the ice spear that she just formed went out of control and struck at Ming Shu.

“Be careful…!” someone shouted.

Ming Shu raised her hand and flames erupted from it. The ice spear melted.

The next moment, a few fireb.a.l.l.s flew out of Ming Shu’s hand and attacked Chen Wei.

Chen Wei could only form more ice spears. She didn’t know what to do and could only stare fearfully at the fireb.a.l.l.s approaching.

Ning Le hesitated, but decided to help in the end. She attacked the fireb.a.l.l.s with water. The fireb.a.l.l.s got smaller but didn’t disappear. However, the water had evaporated.

She threw out another waterball and their collision ignited flames. The waterball and the fireball intertwined for a while before disappearing together.

She hadn’t known that Ming Shu had supernatural powers and, what’s more, it was the aggressive fire element.

Everyone else was surprised, too, and stared at Ming Shu, dumbfounded.

Ning Le broke the silence. “Ye Miao, Chen Wei didn’t mean to hurt you. Did you have to attack her?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose, either.” Ming Shu smiled, “It was everyone’s first time using supernatural powers. Accidents naturally happen.”

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Chen Wei was too shocked to say a word as she hid behind Ning Le.

Ning Le didn’t dare to admit that she was bullying Ming Shu. She wanted to bring up the fight they had just now, but decided against it.

This girl is not easy to deal with.

Ming Shu continued smiling at Ning Le, making her very uncomfortable. She gritted her teeth and went to check on Chen Wei.

She looked as though she was really frightened and could pa.s.s out at any moment.

Ning Le took the chance to drag Chen Wei away,

The others were deep in their own thoughts. Both parties split unhappily.

Ming Shu was left out.

… She had always been left out.

I’m used to it.


10 p.m that night…

Xu Shuo walked into the laboratory casually, followed by Ji Nan. They arrived from different directions.

Xu Shuo scanned the room and sat in front of the monitor. He swung his leg under the table and said, “There is a way to get me to leave with you.”

Captain Fan saw hope and immediately asked, “What are your criteria?”

He had already heard many stories of Xu Shuo from Ji Nan and didn’t dare to look down on this young man.

“There are ten rooms in this laboratory with zombies inside. You can choose five representatives to kill all the zombies as proof that you can protect me.” Xu Shuo pressed something and the monitor showed the rooms with the zombies.

The rooms were of different sizes. Some had more than ten, some only had a few.

They were all people that worked in the laboratory once.

Yet, the young man wanted them to kill these people whom he had worked with? His teacher might even be among them.

“Xu Shuo!” Ji Nan argued, “They came to save you. You’re going overboard.”

Xu Shuo turned the chair and replied innocently and seriously, “If they don’t even have this ability, how can they protect me?”

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