Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 146 - Zombie Note (15)

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Chapter 146: Zombie Note (15)

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Ji Nan walked away with Captain Fan and the rest of the group. Ning Le went last and she turned back to look at Ming Shu. Her eyes were confused as she thought of something.

Xu Shuo leaned against the door, “Come and help me.”

His face was quite youthful. Without the domineering aura and aloofness, he looked like an inexperienced high school student.

His expression looked unhappy and irritated, as well as a little cute.

If he was in high school, he would be chased by a lot of female students.

Ming Shu hugged her bag, “why should I?”

“If I didn’t help you just now, what would you be taken as?” Xu Shuo grunted, “there are many experiments conducted in this laboratory. Ji Nan looks heartless, but he’s actually very righteous. If he suspects your motives for coming here, he won’t hesitate to throw you out.”

“Well, does that mean I have to thank you?” You’re not a good person either. What right do you have to say this to others?

“That girl doesn’t look like a good person,” Xu Shuo said. “Are you girls always so silly?”

Fights between girls are always because of silly reasons. However, the process of fighting is exciting to watch.


“I was the one who started the fight. Don’t you think I’m in the wrong?”

“She was being nosy. I don’t think that you’re in the wrong. There are many people that put too much importance in themselves.” He saw everything from inside. The girl called Ning Le could have dodged the attack, but she didn’t.

Ming Shu looked at Xu Shuo curiously.

“Are you coming?” Xu Shuo felt that he had said enough and was getting impatient. “There will be rewards.”

Ming Shu wanted to reject him. However, when she heard that there would be rewards, she asked, “what rewards?”

“I can improve your supernatural power,” Xu Shuo said proudly.

Ming Shu sneered and walked away.

I’m not interested in supernatural power.

Xu Shuo didn’t expect her to react this way and instantly added on, “what do you want?”

Ming Shu turned her head, “do you have food?”

“Food?” She chose food over power, is she stupid?

“You don’t?” I’m not playing with you if you don’t have any food.

“I do.” Xu Shuo stepped into the room. “Close the door.”

This was an operating room. Besides the operating table and a few pieces of medical equipment, there were only a few boxes packed in a corner.

The room was cold and with the tied up zombie, it gave off an eerie feel.

Xu Shuo took some food out from the boxes. Most of them were biscuits. There were a few other snacks as well.

“Have you all been stuck here all this while?”

“You think not?” Xu Shuo pa.s.sed the food to Ming Shu and walked to the operating table. “Do you believe Ji Nan has the ability to go out?”

“Then why do you have so many supplies? Did you all cause Doomsday?” The laboratory had everything they needed to survive.

It was as though they were prepared.

Xu Shuo turned and flashed the desk lamp on Ming Shu. “Miss, that is a very daring accusation. Do you need me to silence you now to increase the credibility of your statement?”

“There is no need for that. If Doomsday was really created by you, I can join you,” Ming Shu grinned.

Xu Shuo choked and let go of the lamp. “This is a laboratory. When we have an experiment, we might need to stay here for a few months or even half a year. Hence, everything is prepared beforehand.”

They were lucky too. Just before Doomsday, the laboratory had replenished all their supplies.

Ming Shu believed him and said, “what do you need help with?”

Xu Shuo straightened the operating table. The zombie immediately roared at Ming Shu.

“Use your fire element and attack it.”

Ming Shu gaze shifted from the zombie, “how do you know I have this power?”

She didn’t use any of her powers at all throughout the journey. Not only her, no one used their powers. She didn’t know why Ning Le didn’t use hers, but everyone else’s powers were still too weak at this stage. There wouldn’t be any effect even if they used them.

This guy knew that she had a supernatural power, and even knew that it was a fire element power…

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There is something going on!


The zombie roared in pain. The metal chains that held the zombie melted from the heat and the zombie jumped down from the operating table.

Xu Shuo was right beside the zombie. The zombie instantly held up his hands and moved to grab Xu Shuo.

Delicious food right here.


Boom !

Xu Shuo calmly took out a gun from his pocket and shot the zombie in the forehead.

The zombie fell onto the operating table, causing the table to fall, too. All the equipment scattered on the floor.

The room was silent.

The guy slowly moved his gun and pointed it at Ming Shu, “was that on purpose?”

“Yes,” Ming Shu smiled.


“I don’t like you.”

Xu Shuo: “…”

Wasn’t she all right just a moment ago? Why did she suddenly change?

I need to continue acting. Must continue acting. Continue acting.

Xu Shuo repeated the phrase a few times before finally getting his emotions under control.

Why are girls so temperamental? How can I subdue them?

Killing her seems like the better option.

Yes, let’s do it.

Xu Shuo pointed the gun at Ming Shu’s head and with a hint of madness, he said, “I haven’t experimented on anyone with a supernatural power before.”

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