Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 145 - Zombie Note (14)

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Chapter 145: Zombie Note (14)

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“That’s Xu Shuo…” Chen Wei bathed finished and sat down with Ning Le at a corner. Her small face showed hints of fear.

“Xu Shuo?” Ning Le was confused. What about him?

Chen Wei grabbed Ning Le’s hand and shivered. “You don’t know… he’s very scary.”


Ning Le was curious. That guy didn’t look scary at all. In fact, he was a bit cute…

“He killed someone before…”

Chen Wei stammered as she talked about the life of Xu Shuo. At the age of 20, he already had a long resume.

He was Tengjiang University’s all-around genius.

He was also Tengjiang University’s maniac, whom everyone was afraid of.

Ming Shu recalled the storyline and realized that this person never appeared before. Also, Ji Nan didn’t meet the female lead in this laboratory.

It was highly likely that captain Fan never found Xu Shuo, or he was dead and didn’t meet Ji Nan. Either way, he didn’t have any scenes.

Ming Shu was the last one to go wash up. When she came out, there were only three students and Captain Zhao’s man left in the laboratory. The rest had disappeared.

( Boxno vel. co m ) Chen Wei saw Ming Shu coming out and immediately straightened.

Ming Shu felt that this girl was amazing. She was so frightened in front of the zombies, but acted like a princess when there were none.

Ming Shu couldn’t be bothered with her. She took her bag and left the laboratory.

Inside this big laboratory, there were only Ji Nan and Xu Shuo. The corridor was empty.

Ming Shu walked along the corridor and realized that there were lights ahead. A door was open. Behind the door, a man in a white lab coat was deep in thought in front of an operating table.

A zombie was lying on the operating table. Its hands and legs were tied up and it was furiously roaring.

Xu Shuo felt someone watching him and turned around. After two seconds, he said, “What are you looking at? Do you want to take a turn?”

He took a few steps forward and closed the door.

“…” Crazy.

Why are you blaming me when you forgot to close the door yourself?

Just as Ming Shu was about to leave, the door opened and Xu Shuo’s face appeared. “Are you a student of Teng Jiang University?”

“I’m a teacher of the university,” Ming Shu smiled.

Xu Shuo grunted, “I know all the teachers in the university. You’re not one of them.”

He paused and pointed at the zombie on the operating table, “Are you from outside? Are the zombies outside different from this one?”

“Why must I tell you?” I am not going to play with a maniac. I’m scared.

“Aren’t you a teacher? Shouldn’t you help me with my queries? Although it is Doomsday, you should still keep your honor as a teacher.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just reported to the university and haven’t started teaching. Hence, it can’t be helped. Also, in times like these, even humanity needs to be questioned. Let’s not talk about the honor of a teacher.” I just dug a hole for myself. Luckily I’m smart enough.

Xu Shuo didn’t reply. He stared at Ming Shu for two seconds, then closed the door.

Ming Shu was locked out of the room for the second time.

How hurtful.

“Ye Miao, what are you doing here?” Ning Le came from the other side and looked past Ming Shu.

“Why must I tell you? Is it any of your business?”

“I’m just asking. Do you have to be so impolite?” Ning Le didn’t like Ming Shu’s tone. Her thoughts of roping her into the team dampened. This girl is too powerful and hard to control. It’s too hard to make use of her.

Ming Shu smiled and grabbed Ning Le’s elbow.

In the next second:

Ning Le felt her world spinning and she slammed into the ground.

Ming Shu’s action was so sudden and fast that Ning Le didn’t have any time to react. She only regained her consciousness after falling to the ground.

Anger boiled within her as she sprung up and struck Ming Shu in the face.

Ming Shu grabbed her hand and pushed it down. She kicked her lower abdomen. Ning Le moved back. Ming Shu didn’t manage to hit her.

The two of them started fighting in the corridor.

Ming Shu grabbed something and jumped up. Ning Le instinctively wanted to dodge. However, she refrained and took the full blow of Ming Shu’s attack.

Ning Le flew backward. Someone caught and held onto her.

“What are you doing?” Captain Fan frowned and asked.

Ji Nan kept his poker face as he watched the door open.

“What is this commotion about?” Xu Shuo was really irritated. “Ji Nan, this is my area, who allowed them to come into my area?”

Ji Nan looked at Ning Le.

“Captain Fan, she suddenly attacked me…” Ning Le explained in a calm voice.

“Ye Miao, what are you doing?” Why did she pick a fight for no reason? We are still in other people’s territory. Can’t she hold herself back?

Ming Shu held onto her bag and raised her chin. She smiled gently. “I am fighting.”

“We are a team now. Do you have to do this?” Captain Fan was thankful to Ming Shu because she saved him once before. However, his impression of her changed after what had happened between Ming Shu and Chen Wei.

The main reason was Ming Shu’s ident.i.ty.

“Yes, I do,” Ming Shu nodded her head.

If I don’t attack the fake protagonist, how can I make her remember me?

It’s all for business’s sake!

“I’m not sure how I’ve provoked you. All I did was ask you why you’re here and you suddenly attack me?” Ning Le spoke as though she was saying the truth.

This laboratory was not her territory. If she appeared here and suddenly attacked someone, what would the others think?

As expected of an alien.

The art of speaking.

Ji Nan looked at Ming Shu with suspicion.

“Ji Nan, if you don’t ask them to leave now, I will take action,” Xu Shuo voiced out.

“Captain Fan has something to tell you.”

“Not interested, ” Xu Shuo rejected. “Get out.”

Ji Nan: “…”

Ji Nan whispered to Captain Fan and told him that Xu Shuo was in a bad mood now. It wouldn’t be easy to speak to him about anything.

“Let’s leave first and talk about it later,” Ji Nan said.

Since this was someone else’s territory, captain Fan agreed and asked Ning Le to leave. He would settle their issue later.

“Wait a minute,” Xu Shuo called them and pointed at Ming Shu. “She stays.”

Ji Nan was displeased.

He was the one who brought them in. These people were different from the ones that came before. They didn’t drag Xu Shuo away without his consent.

Xu Shuo didn’t give him a chance to speak. “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to her.”

Ji Nan didn’t know how much he could trust Xu Shuo. Actually, he wasn’t close at all with Xu Shuo. They only got more familiar with each other after being stuck here together.

And even then, he could only say that he understood some of Xu Shuo’s habits. Xu Shuo didn’t bother with him at all… he only looked at him whenever he needed his help.

An arrogant and aloof person.

However, he has the right to be like that.

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Chapter 146: Zombie Note (15)

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I can see it.” Xu Shuo pointed to his eyes.

He can see it?

“What is Ning Le’s element?” Ming Shu asked.

“Fire and wood, but…” Xu Shuo paused. “These are the more p.r.o.nounced ones. The others are still weak but she should possess all the elements.”

Xu Shuo squinted and said dangerously, “Worth experimenting.”

Worth experimenting?

If you dare do that to the fake protagonist, I’ll give you a trophy.

“Hurry up!” Xu Shuo regained his composure and pointed at the zombie. “I am not here to answer your questions.”

Ming Shu put down her snack and walked in front of the zombie.

She formed a small fireball in her palm and threw it at the zombie.

The fireball hit the zombie and extinguished almost immediately. This attack didn’t have any effect on the zombie besides causing it to roar louder.

“Have you not eaten? Use more force.” Xu Shuo was recording something off to the side. However, it was obvious that Ming Shu’s attack didn’t meet his expectations.

“I really haven’t.” I haven’t had a meal in a long time.

Ming Shu retracted her hand and suddenly smiled widely, “why’d you choose me? I’m not the only one who has a supernatural power.”

“I don’t like the other people.”

Xu Shuo replied like this without hesitation.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Xu Shuo.]

Ming Shu eyes narrowed. Xu Shuo doesn’t have good intentions toward me?

If it really is that way, he is hiding it very well…

Xu Shuo hurried Ming Shu along, “don’t stall, my time is very precious. Hurry up!”

Ming Shu rubbed her hands together and took a few steps back. She focused her energy and flames started to appear in her palms. The flames coagulated into the shapes of spears and she struck them at the zombie.


The zombie roared in pain. The metal chains that held the zombie melted from the heat and the zombie jumped down from the operating table.

Xu Shuo was right beside the zombie. The zombie instantly held up his hands and moved to grab Xu Shuo.

Delicious food right here.


Boom !

Xu Shuo calmly took out a gun from his pocket and shot the zombie in the forehead.

The zombie fell onto the operating table, causing the table to fall, too. All the equipment scattered on the floor.

The room was silent.

The guy slowly moved his gun and pointed it at Ming Shu, “was that on purpose?”

“Yes,” Ming Shu smiled.


“I don’t like you.”

Xu Shuo: “…”

Wasn’t she all right just a moment ago? Why did she suddenly change?

I need to continue acting. Must continue acting. Continue acting.

Xu Shuo repeated the phrase a few times before finally getting his emotions under control.

Why are girls so temperamental? How can I subdue them?

Killing her seems like the better option.

Yes, let’s do it.

Xu Shuo pointed the gun at Ming Shu’s head and with a hint of madness, he said, “I haven’t experimented on anyone with a supernatural power before.”

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