Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 141 - Zombie Note (10)

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Chapter 141: Zombie Note (10)

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The sudden explosion drew some of the zombies and they left the building.

Captain Fan discussed with the other four men; they wanted to make use of this opportunity to escape. If they waited for the zombies to come back, it would be almost impossible to get out.

Escaping would be easy for them if they were alone. However, they had a bunch of smart but physically weak geniuses with them now. This increased the difficulty of escaping tremendously.

Ming Shu leaned against the walls of the rooftop, letting the wind blow into her as she listened to them discuss their plan.

“Ye Miao, you must not leave the main group later. I do not have the time to protect you.” Captain Fan walked over quickly and spoke to her.

Ming Shu gave a slight grin and didn’t reply.

Captain Fan took it as silent consent.

Everything was prepared and they were ready to go. The students were well-protected in the middle. Three of the men were in charge of scouting and Captain Fan and one other man took the back.

Ming Shu walked in front of Captain Fan.

As they had to look out for zombies, they proceeded down the stairs at a slow pace. However, there weren’t many zombies around. The explosion must have really caught their attention.

Without the zombies, the group was faced with another challenge. The design of the stairs was very weird. Not all the stairs were linked to each other. In order to reach the next section, they had to walk past a ten-meter corridor.

This distance was not a problem before Doomsday. But now, it was lethal.

“Let’s go…” The man in front kept his eyes on the zombies closeby while letting the students go ahead first.

Everyone covered their mouths and cautiously moved forward. They just needed to walk down three more flights of stairs and they would reach the bottom. Yet, none of them dared to relax for even a second.


The sound frightened all of them and their hair stood on end. Everyone broke out in cold sweat. ( Boxno vel. co m )

The student who made the sound couldn’t even stand up straight.

The noise alerted the zombies in the corridor and they all rushed over. The zombies in the cla.s.srooms were also alerted and started pouring out. In a split second, the empty corridor was filled with zombies.


The students ran down the stairs, only to return again and cry, “There are more zombies downstairs!”

Captain Fan and the other captain looked at each other. They needed to kill off the zombies in front of them first.

“Ahh!” One zombie struck from behind a half-closed door and grabbed a student standing in front of it. It bit the student’s neck.

“Help, he…”

A sad scream echoed through the corridor.

Captain Fan kicked away a zombie and gathered the students together. One of the girls was so afraid that she couldn’t move her legs.

Captain Fan had no choice but to help her over. Just as he was walking back with the girl, a sudden breeze lifted his hair and the girl fell to the ground.

Captain Fan watched as Ming Shu retrieved her javelin. His eyes were filled with anger. “What are you doing?”

“Captain Fan, you do not have to thank me.” Ming Shu smiled.

Thank you?

Thank you for killing someone?

“She… she was bitten,” stammered one of the girls that survived, pointing at the dead girl. The dead girl’s face had already changed color.

Captain Fan turned his head to take a look. A chill ran down his spine. He swallowed hard. However, he had no time to be scared. The zombies were already upon him.


“Here, Captain Fan.”

Ning Le stood at one end of the corridor and waved to Captain Fan. She quickly killed the zombies at her side.

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Captain Fan didn’t have the time to think about Ning Le’s appearance. He hurriedly brought the survivors over to her side.

Ning Le nodded her head.

The two of them left instantly and Captain Fan went to find a safer area with the rest of the survivors. They finally decided on a cla.s.sroom. There were no windows in this room, hence, it would be harder for zombies to find them. There were also two doors, giving them two routes of escape.

Knowing that they were safe, everyone fell to the ground in exhaustion.

“What kind of person is this? You have the ability but you chose not to contribute,” one of the female survivors complained.

“Shut up,” a male student reminded her.

“Why can’t I say anything? Just now when we were coming down, she didn’t do anything. If she had helped…” The female student suddenly cried, “If she had helped, Qi Qi might not have died!”

Ming Shu sat on a chair with one of her legs up. She placed her hands on her knee and started tapping it.

Hearing the accusations of the student, she couldn’t help but smile. “Why is this your problem? Am I consuming your food? Am I taking your supplies? Am I your bodyguard?”

Firstly, she was not part of their team. Secondly, she didn’t promise anyone that she would take care of them. Why must she help?

“What are you saying!” The female student got angrier. “You are so heartless. You had the ability to help, but you just watched on as we were chased by so many zombies.”

“Do I have to be liable to you just because I have the ability?” Ming Shu sneered. “Even when our country was intact, I never met someone so overbearing.”

Just because you are weak, I have to cater to you? Who says that the strong always have to protect the weak?

What logic is this!

“But you were under the protection of other people too, right?” The female student contained her emotions as she argued on, her face red with anger. “You still ask for protection when you are already so strong. Do you know how shameless that is?”

Ming Shu raised her eyes and looked around her. “May I ask which one of you protected me just now?”

No one replied.

Not even Captain Fan.

From the start till the end, no one had thought of protecting this little girl.

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