Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 139 - Zombie Note (8)

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Chapter 139: Zombie Note (8)

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The gunshots were getting denser and denser, endlessly.

Ming Shu got out of the car, leaning on the door. She waved at Zheng Ye and said, “Get in the car.”

“You, you, you… you want to go with me?” Zheng Ye was surprised, but he shook his head. “No, you wait here… wait and we’ll… we’ll come back very soon.”

“Get in the car,” Ming Shu repeated.

Somehow Zheng Ye was a little scared. He prepared to open the back door. But unexpectedly, Ming Shu pulled him back and he was stuffed into the driver’s seat. Then the car door was slammed closed with a peng sound.

“Watch my snacks in the car. If you lose any one of them, I’ll take your head.”

The car window slowly rose and was automatically closed.


The door locked.

Zheng Ye tried to open the door, but in vain.

Ming Shu walked in the direction of the gunshots. The road was safe, and she didn’t meet any zombies.

When did you become so kind? Are you going to save people?

Little Beastie rested on Ming Shu’s shoulder. It curiously poked her face with furry paws.

You were not such a nosy person.

“I’m happy and want to do some charity today, what’s the big deal? Can’t I be a good person?” As long as I’m happy, I can even save the entire world, Ming Shu happily thought.

My master must’ve forgotten to take her medicine.

Little Beastie rolled its eyes. It followed along Ming Shu’s collar and climbed into her clothes, curling up into a ball. Just let her play by herself. I am going to sleep.

Captain Fan and the others were easy to locate. Ming Shu followed the gunshots to find them.

Looking around, the campus was also uniquely built. The buildings of each school were in a back-to-front style. Although Ming Shu could hear the gunshots, she couldn’t see the sparks produced along with the shooting bullets.


A heavy object fell to the ground. An unpleasant stench came out.

Ming Shu took a close look at it with the flashlight. The zombie that fell from the building was twisting and preparing to get up.

“Don’t shoot, it’s a human,” someone shouted in a low voice from the dark.

Then another shout sounded.

“Turn off the flashlight!”

Footsteps came closer from the next corridor. Someone covered Ming Shu’s flashlight, and several shadows appeared in front of her.

Ming Shu released the flashlight. In the weak light among the darkness, she still formed a polite smile and said, “Okay, I’ll give it to you.”

The other party was obviously stunned.

“It’s you…” Ning Le turned off the flashlight and said to the rest, “She and I were a team. She’s a friend.”

“I’m not familiar with you. Don’t spread rumors.” For my snacks, I can’t be your friend, sorry.

Ming Shu took out another flashlight and turned it on to examine those people. They should all be students. There were three girls and five boys, including Ning Le, probably the survivors of Tengjiang University.

Tengjiang University was known as the cradle of geniuses, so these survivors must be some lucky dogs with both talent and good fortune.

“Don’t use the flashlight.” The person who had just covered Ming Shu’s flashlight came forward again, but Ming Shu raised her hand high this time and protected her flashlight. Failing to grab the flashlight, the man was very angry, and he shouted angrily in a low voice, “If you want to die, just die yourself, don’t get us in trouble!”

“Turn off the flashlight.”

“Yeah, turn it off.”

Ming Shu remained unmoved.

“Can you understand human words? Do not turn on the flashlight,” one of the girls couldn’t help but say seriously.

“Ning Le, tell your friend to turn off the flashlight.”

Ning Le looked at Ming Shu. “There’s a crazy killer on campus. The light source will expose our position. Could you put away the flashlight first?”

Crazy killer?

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Ming Shu looked all around using the flashlight. She didn’t see Captain Fan and the mole man, so they weren’t with them?

A genius of thought was not equal to a genius of physical strength.

“Ning Le, didn’t you say you have a way to kill him?” girl B suddenly asked Ning Le. “We left because of you, you have to be responsible.”

Ning Le looked at Ming Shu, then frowned slightly. “Let’s find a place to hide first. I’ll think of a way.”

The crazy killer was invulnerable. He probably awakened some supernatural power.

Ordinary methods were not enough to deal with him.

A boy pointed at the corridor not far away. “We’re near the laboratory. The door of the laboratory is the strongest in the school.”

“Then we’ll go there first.” Ning Le nodded.


As Ning Le just finished her words, a zombie suddenly rushed down from the nearby stairs. Ning Le was slammed to the ground. She held her hand against the zombie’s chin, preventing it from biting her.

The zombie struggled ferociously.

“Ah!” The two girls screamed at the same time.

The boys responded quickly and stepped forward to help Ning Le kill the zombie.

Ning Le was caught off guard just now. Her heart rate accelerated a lot. She looked to the stairs where the zombie emerged from.

At this time, a person was standing on the stairs. She reached out with one hand, holding the zombie back with something. The zombie’s limbs were not struggling, which made it look like it was…


Ming Shu dropped her hand. The zombie rolled down from the stairs, falling just in front of Ning Le. Brains and blood streamed onto the ground.

The rest of the students were stunned. They didn’t expect Ming Shu to be so powerful as to quietly kill a zombie.

In the distance, the laughter and running steps of the crazy killer sounded again.

He was getting closer…

Ning Le narrowed her eyes a little and climbed up from the ground. “Hurry.”

Several students swallowed simultaneously. Then they rushed in the direction of the laboratory together.

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