Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 138 - Zombie Note (7)

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Chapter 138: Zombie Note (7)

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The team set off again and headed to the next destination: Tengjiang University, which was separated from Zhuque Street by the “Galaxy.”

Tengjiang University was one of the best universities in the country. It cultivated a large number of talents in various industries, and it almost won all the awards existing across the whole nation.

There was a saying on the Internet—a student from Tengjiang University will be either a talent or a super talent.

The high school that the Host was studying at was an affiliate of Tengjiang University.

Ming Shu drove behind Captain Fan’s car. No living beings could be seen in the streets. It was only a messy scene after the chaos, and the ground was covered with blood and residual limbs.

The gla.s.s windows of the shops on both sides were broken, expensive jewelry and bags scattered around, yet no one was interested in them now.

It was hard to imagine that this was a peaceful place not long ago.

Ming Shu returned her gaze to the forefront. It was too quiet in the car. She reached out and turned on the music.

Stand up! Stand up! Stand up!

We are all in one heart

Brave the enemy’s gunfire and move on!

Brave the enemy’s gunfire and move on!

Move on! Move on and on!

Ming Shu was almost startled into driving the car onto the sidewalk. She quickly turned the volume down.

What the h.e.l.l? I’m totally deaf now!

What are you doing!

Little Beastie showed its head from a pile of snacks and looked at Ming Shu confusedly. The sudden noise woke it up from sweet dreams.

The pa.s.sionate sound was still ringing in the car. Ming Shu smiled composedly. “Well, just cultivate the sentiment.”

Sentiment? Do you have that? Don’t you only know how to eat?

Little Beastie couldn’t help dissing Ming Shu.


Before Little Beastie could comment further, the car suddenly crashed into something and stopped.

Can you drive? Can you drive safely?!

Pa.s.sively rolling about in the snack pile, Little Beastie protested fiercely to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu ignored Little Beastie, staring at the front. It was not her car that hit something, but the leading car that hit something.


A zombie missing an arm suddenly appeared from behind the neighboring car, then the second one, then the third…

Zombies emerged from all over the place, flooding towards their cars and forming a large circle.

Ming Shu made a prompt decision and swiftly retreated. There were not many zombies behind her. The car slammed most of them awat and successfully returned to the broad main road.

After Ming Shu retreated, Captain Fan immediately followed her. Captain Fan, the mole man, and Zheng Ye were in one car, while in the foremost was the silent man driving a car alone.

There was a considerable distance between the silent man and Captain Fan. After Captain Fan’s car also successfully returned to the main road with Ming Shu, the silent man’s car was totally blocked and surrounded by the mad influx of zombies.

Captain Fan shot the zombies from behind, which drew some zombies away. But most of them were still circling around the silent man’s car.

“Captain, more and more zombies are coming, what should we do?” The young mole man was very anxious. “We must save him.”

The silent man’s car was almost drowned by zombies. But there were also many other zombies coming over. It would be difficult for them to break in and save the man.

The mole man and Captain Fan were pinned on the spot at this time. They couldn’t think of any way to save their teammate.

“Ye Miao, do you have any ideas?” Captain Fan drove the car opposite of Ming Shu and asked this. One more person would give them more power. Maybe she had some good ideas.

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Then the first noise Captain Fan heard was the song coming out of the car.

He knew that Ming Shu was telling the truth. If they didn’t leave at that time, they could only put themselves in danger. But he couldn’t understand how such a young girl could have such a cold heart.

Captain Fan left with the mole man. Zheng Ye sat in the car for a while, then he carefully opened the car door and walked to Ming Shu’s car, reaching out to knock on the window.

Ming Shu opened the window. “What, still want to educate me about socialist core values?”

The night covered her face so Zheng Ye couldn’t see her expression, but he could tell she was smiling from her brisk voice.

“No no no…” Zheng Ye shook his head. “At that time, even the captain couldn’t do anything, let alone you.”

They took a long way to get here and had witnessed too many teammates dying in front of them. The captain was probably angry at himself that he could only watch them die. And Ming Shu just happened to say something that made people very uncomfortable…

“This… this is for you.” Zheng Ye stuffed a bag of food into the car. “You’re tired today, so just take a rest. I’ll g-g-g-guard here.”

Zheng Ye ran back to the car immediately after finishing the sentence.

Ming Shu held the food bag which was still a little warm, slightly stunned for a while, then pulled it open.

Pengpeng— Gunshots sounded from the darkness, shattering the silence.

Zheng Ye got out of the car swiftly, looking for the source of the gunshots. But in the endless darkness, he couldn’t see anything at all.


The series of gunshots sounded, and lasted on and on.

The captain must be in trouble. They only had two people on their team, so he must go to support them.

Zheng Ye quickly went back into the car to pick up his weapon.

“Where are you going?” Ming Shu leaned out the car window and asked Zheng Ye lazily.

“I, I… I have to go… to help the captain.” Zheng Ye loaded his gun.

“Can you handle that?” Ming Shu chuckled. But she didn’t mean to laugh at him.

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