Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 137 - Zombie Note (6)

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Chapter 137: Zombie Note (6)

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Ming Shu was eating, cozy like a sightseer. Meanwhile Zheng Ye kept walking around the room and looked outside from time to time.

“Can you stop moving around? I can’t concentrate on eating.”

“I-I-I’m worried,” Zheng Ye said. “The captain… they must be in trouble. I have to g-g-g-go find them.”

As he was speaking, Zheng Ye took his things and went toward the door.

He arrived at the door and suddenly turned back. “You are not going to stop me?”

Ming Shu looked up from the sofa, potato chips crunching in her mouth. “Remember to close the door.”

” … ”

This girl… is really a little strange.

He turned his head and was about to open the door when suddenly gunshots sounded outside. Zheng Ye quickly hid beside the window and looked outside. The gunshots were a little far away, and after waiting for quite a while, Zheng Ye saw people appear.

“It’s the c-c-captain, and the others.” Zheng Ye quickly opened the door. “C-c-captain… we’re here.”

Ming Shu got up with snacks in her arms and also moved to the window to take a look. Ning Le was not among the team. Only Captain Fan and the rest were coming toward them, followed by a lot of pursuing zombies.

They were running almost at the speed of a hundred-meter race. And those zombies were much faster than in the first two days.

Zhuque Street was occupied by many old houses, which were some small neighboring villas. Seeing Zheng Ye in the house, Captain Fan told the other two to get in first, while he fought against the zombies behind them.

Then, with the cover of Zheng Ye, Captain Fan also entered the house safely. Watching the fresh food escape under their noses, the zombies outside roared loudly and angrily for a while. But they couldn’t get in, so finally they had to give up and wandered away in search of fresh food.

Captain Fan gasped against the wall and asked with difficulty, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to wait in that spot?”

“Captain, she, she is Ye Miao.” Zheng Ye pointed at Ming Shu.

“What?” The first person to respond was not Captain Fan, but another young man with a mole on his face. “We risked our lives here to rescue the mission target. Now you tell me she is Ye Miao? You are telling me we’re idiots and fought zombies for fun?”

When Zheng Ye learned that Ming Shu was Ye Miao, he was just shocked instead of angry.

He also didn’t expect his teammate to have such a powerful reaction.

Captain Fan stopped the young and angry mole-face, then looked at the girl on the sofa and asked, “You are Ye Miao?”


Zheng Ye held the photo out to Captain Fan. The latter moved his flashlight in that direction and saw that photo. The girl in the photo was still little, but she looked exactly like the girl in front of him now.

Captain Fan revealed a complicated expression. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

Ming Shu glanced at him and said, “You didn’t ask me, and I didn’t know you were looking for me. Now you’re blaming me?”

Captain Fan didn’t ask her name from start to finish. She also didn’t know the name of the person they were looking for. How to tell them then?

“Why didn’t you tell us your name? Isn’t it common courtesy? Do you know how many risks we have taken to get here?” The young mole man got even angrier. “Do you think it is still like before? Love and peace? Don’t show your miss’s temper again, all right?”

Ming Shu got a little angry as well. “Will you tell your name to anyone you meet in the first place? What’s wrong with you?”

“Do you know…” Captain Fan stopped the young man.

“Captain, she…”

Captain Fan gave a serious look to the man, and the arrogance of the latter finally fell silent. He grunted in anger and stepped aside to sit down, but still glared at Ming Shu.

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Ming Shu gave him a smile. So what?

They waited for the whole night. Captain Fan didn’t come back until early the next morning, and apparently, he didn’t find Ning Le.

In order not to delay any further, Captain Fan decided to go find another mission target first.

They returned to the place where they parked the cars. Zheng Ye told Captain Fan about the supplies in the supermarket warehouse. Supplies were of paramount importance in Doomsday.

Captain Fan and another two people went in, but soon they came out with weird expressions.

“C-c-captain, what’s wrong?” Zheng Ye didn’t go in. But seeing Captain Fan’s face changed, he stuttered and asked.

“Are you sure there are supplies in there?” Captain Fan asked uncertainly.

Zheng Ye nodded. He and Ye Miao both saw the supplies, and Ye Miao had been eating snacks the whole time.

Captain Fan shook his head. “It’s empty inside.”

“What? Impossible!”

Zheng Ye didn’t believe it and ran into the warehouse to see for himself. Yet… it was indeed empty! Not even an instant noodle cup was left. Only some useless stuff scattered around.

“Is it possible that some survivors came and moved away the supplies?”

The city should have other survivors.

Captain Fan frowned. According to Zheng Ye, the warehouse was full, so even if it was a normal process of loading and unloading, it would take a long time to empty a large warehouse.

How could the survivors move out all the supplies in such a short time under the threat of zombies?

Everyone was a bit confused, but they couldn’t come up with an explanation right then.

In the end, Captain Fan told everyone to get in the cars, and he whispered to another man who didn’t talk much, “Be on the lookout for that girl.”

He always had a feeling that girl was not simple.

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