Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 136 - Zombie Note (5)

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Chapter 136: Zombie Note (5)

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“We can’t take all of these supplies.” Zheng Ye looked even more regretful than Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was now sitting on a large box of biscuits, eating and listening to Zheng Ye’s grumbling. She took time to answer: “Let Ning Le help you.”

Zheng Ye gave her a confused look. “W-w-w-why?”

Ning Le was no more than a young girl. How could she help them?

Ming Shu kept shoving biscuits into her mouth. “Because she has s.p.a.ce.”

“S-s-s-s.p.a.ce?” Zheng Ye’s eyes glittered. “Like the kind of s.p.a.ce in those novels… that can store anything?”

Ming Shu tilted her head, pondering for a moment, then nodded. “That’s right.”

Being the fake female protagonist, how could Ning Le not have such a thing as limitless s.p.a.ce in Doomsday? Limitless s.p.a.ce was just a standard configuration in this sort of story.

She couldn’t be counted as the fake female protagonist if she didn’t have it!

But this was not easy for Zheng Ye to understand. Also, he seemed to be a student who loved to ask questions. “Is t-t-t-this also a kind of supernatural power?”

“Sort of.”

“Can it r-r-really store anything?”

“I don’t know.”

“The s.p.a.ce… h-h-how big is it?”

“No idea.”

In the warehouse, the bad girl sat on a box and was immersed in eating biscuits. Next to her was a man chattering and asking questions. Even if the answer he got was not useful, it didn’t lessen his enthusiasm.

An hour pa.s.sed. There wasn’t any situation outside.

Two hours…

Three hours…

Many snacks had been piled up in front of Ming Shu, but outside, it was all silence.

“I… I’m going out… to have a look.” Naturally, Zheng Ye couldn’t let Ming Shu, who was no more than a young girl, go out and check alone. He took a weapon and walked out of the warehouse.

The outside world was immensely dark and silent. Zheng Ye walked out of the supermarket carefully. It seemed no different from when they entered it.

But the others hadn’t come back yet.

Zheng Ye waited outside for a while, then re-entered the warehouse. He said to the eating Ming Shu, “I… we’ll wait one more hour. If the captain and the rest still don’t come back, w-w-we should go find them.”

“Okay,” Ming Shu answered casually.

“Right… I-I-I-I haven’t asked, what’s your name?” Zheng Ye looked at Ming Shu, showing a bit of shyness.

Ming Shu turned the flashlight on him, and Zheng Ye automatically lifted his hand to block the light. Then suddenly, his arm was pulled hard, and his entire person was pushed aside to slam against the shelf. Hualala—b oxes fell down.

Zheng Ye was unprepared and was buried under the boxes immediately. He raised his head with endless question marks, wondering why Ming Shu suddenly did this to him.

But then he saw a zombie falling to the ground through the gap in the boxes. Cold sweat appeared on his back again, even chillier than before.


The boxes pressing on his body were moved away, and the girl looked at him in a condescending manner. Then he heard asmiling voice containing no anger: “Next time you won’t be so lucky.”

Zheng Ye’s cheeks turned red. He got up in a hurry and saw the zombie in supermarket staff’s clothes on the ground. “I’m s-s-sorry. I don’t know when it followed me.”

Zheng Ye was like a child who had done something wrong. And he didn’t dare look at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu threw away the weapon—a pan—in her hand, and sat back to continue eating, smilingly of course. It seemed she hadn’t done anything else other than eating.

Zheng Ye stood frozen on the spot, looking at Ming Shu and then looking at the zombie on the ground. After a while, he dragged the zombie out of the warehouse. And this time he remembered to close the warehouse door, so that the hidden zombies couldn’t enter.

They waited for another hour in the warehouse, and still, no one came back to them.

Zheng Ye decided to go to find Captain Fan and the others.

Ming Shu got up with a bunch of snacks in her arms. “Okay. Let’s go.”

“We don’t have to… don’t have to bring so many s-s-s-snacks.” Zheng Ye couldn’t help reminding Ming Shu: “When we come back, we can come here to grab these.”

Ming Shu ignored him. She strode out of the warehouse with the snacks.

No one can separate me from my snacks.

She grunted to herself.

Zhuque Street was not unfamiliar to the Host, so it was also not unfamiliar to Ming Shu. The Host lived on this street.

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Entering Zhuque Street, the zombies were getting more numerous. Ming Shu made her way using the pan—whatever stood in the way would be hit precisely by the pan and knocked down.

“Chief Ye…” Zheng Ye reacted finally. “You, you… you’re Ye Miao?”

“Do I need to show you my ID card?” Ming Shu smiled, although she didn’t have that thing at all.

“N-n-n-no need.” Zheng Ye shook his head.

The order from Ye Ji’an was pa.s.sed from level to level. And the network was interrupted before the photos were delivered.

That was why they only got an address and a name. They didn’t know what the person they were looking for looked like.

Who’d have thought that the person they were looking for was already at their side.

This was… d.a.m.ned.

Zheng Ye calmed himself down and asked, “Y-y-you are Ye Miao, and you are here; where is the captain and the others?”

It’s quiet around here.

The house’s lock is intact, and it seems Captain Fan didn’t enter the house.

Did Ning Le kill them all in secret?

Ming Shu thought for a while.

“Go in first.” Ming Shu opened the door and let Zheng Ye inside the house.


The Host’s mother died of illness in her early years, so after Ye Ji’an went to take office in the capital, the Host had been living in the house alone.

Ye Ji’an was not an irresponsible father, but he educated his daughter freely. As long as the Host didn’t commit crimes or walk the wrong path, he wouldn’t interfere with the Host.

The furnishings in the room were exactly the same as when the Host left.

Zheng Ye saw a photo of Ming Shu and Ye Ji’an in the living room. He didn’t know Ye Miao, but Ye Ji’an—he definitely knew.

Now it was confirmed. She was really the Ye Miao they were looking for.

Ming Shu sorted out some useful things in the Host’s room, then stuffed them into the backpack she found in the supermarket. Then she changed into sportswear.

“W-w-w-what should we do now?” Zheng Ye was totally lost right now, and he looked at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu sat on the sofa cosily. “Just wait. Since they are coming to find me, they will definitely come here.”

“But…” The captain… Are they safe now?

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