Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 134 - Zombie Note (3)

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Chapter 134: Zombie Note (3)

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In this gloomy world, suddenly meeting a smiling face was just as horrifying as meeting a zombie.

The man glanced into Ming Shu’s car. It was indeed a military vehicle, but he wondered where she got it. The inside was very clean, a light fragrance even floated around, and some snacks were scattered on the pa.s.senger seat.

“Can you drive?” The man returned his gaze to her and put the gun back at his waist, continuing without any pause: “If not, get your things and get off this car and into ours. If you can, then drive in the middle of our team.”

“Yes, I can. Thank you for your kindness, Officer.”

“Good. Drive in the middle.” The man pointed at their cars and ordered to make s.p.a.ce for Ming Shu.

Ming Shu took a glance at the car in which Ning Le was sitting. Well, if I need to gain Hatred Points from the fake female protagonist, I should stay with her. Ming Shu’s thoughts were such. Therefore, she didn’t reject the man’s proposal.

Before the man left Ming Shu’s car, he seemed to see a small thing moving around in the pa.s.senger seat. But when he intended to take a closer look, the window was closed and the sight was totally blocked.

Ming Shu drove into the middle of the cars. It seemed this army came from the neighboring city. They had an order to search for survivors, but after arriving here, they didn’t dare go any further.

They took the survivors to a relatively safe building. There were not many obstacles around, so if something unexpected happened, it would be easy to escape.

Ming Shu stayed in the car. Little Beastie rolled itself into a ball, sitting on a bag of chips, and kept stuffing chips in its mouth like a hamster. Kacha kacha.

Delicious, delicious!

Little Beastie was so absorbed in the happiness of enjoying snacks that it didn’t notice a big hand coming over its head.

Ming Shu picked up Little Beastie, beating it fiercely for a while.

Why are you beating me!

Crazy woman!

Little Beastie complained with two stuffed cheeks. It was enjoying the delicious chips when she just suddenly gave it a fierce beating! I’m so angry!

Tap tap . Someone came to stand outside the window.

Little Beastie took the opportunity to slip away from Ming Shu and hide in the snack pile, disappearing immediately.

I’m going to eat all of your snacks! it harrumphed.

Ming Shu opened the window and her smile appeared again. “What’s the matter?”

“Won’t you get out of the car?” It was the man again. He swept a glance over the interior. Some chips were scattered on the pa.s.senger seat, but there was no sign of the little moving thing he had noticed earlier.

I was mistaken… he thought.

“Why should I get out?” Ming Shu smiled wider.

“We are going to rest here tonight, everyone should stay together. It’s not safe for you stay in the car,” the man quickly said. “Pack up your things and follow everyone inside, otherwise we are not responsible for your safety.”


The man frowned heavily. This young girl doesn’t seem to be twenty, but behaves like a person who has been among society for many years. It’s really weird that she smiles at anyone, and you can’t even see any signs of pretense, he pondered internally.

“Quickly.” The man turned to talk to the others after giving this brief and clear order.

Ming Shu supported herself on the steering wheel, staring at the man’s back. After listening for a while… it seemed they intended to form a small team and go back to the city.

They had to complete the task of rescuing several important figures. During the day, several mission targets had been rescued, but there were still two people waiting to be found. Because they were close to the city center now, the main force would be surrounded by zombies if all of them went to find the two. They decided to send a small team.

This team was composed of core members, led by the man called Captain Fan.

“I’ll go with you.” Ning Le came out from someplace. She quickly reported her advantages before the man stopped her. “I’m familiar with the place you’re going to. I can lead you via the fastest route.”

“Little girl, we’re not here to play.”

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“Right, we have to finish the mission. It’s dangerous for such a weak young girl like you to be involved.”

“What do you want me to do?” Ming Shu smiled and asked back.

Captain Fan wanted Ming Shu’s car. It was bulletproof and had been specially adapted to suit all kinds of harsh geographical conditions. The city was now full of waste, and it wouldn’t be easy for ordinary cars to drive through.

“If I give you my car, where will I keep my snacks? No, choose another condition.” Ming Shu decisively refused.

Everyone: “…”

“You can store them here. Rest a.s.sured, no one will take your supplies,” Captain Fan promised.

“No no no, it’s too risky. Forget it, I’ll stay.” No one can separate me and my snacks.

Captain Fan was a little speechless, but he continued his persuasion: “What about you drive and follow behind us.”

This girl gave him a strange feeling. He would try to figure out what she wanted. If she had a hidden purpose, he’d better let her expose herself.

“I can do that.” As long as my food stays with me.

Ning Le looked at Ming Shu, and the latter gave her a big smile.

Unexpectedly, Ning Le nodded a greeting at Ming Shu.


What does the fake female protagonist plan to do?

Ning Le had roped in capable people and expanded her team in the early stages. Now that Doomsday was underway, Ning Le naturally didn’t know her, the future final boss… Is she trying to pull me to her side?

This alien’s scheming is terrible.

To avoid my snacks being taken by others, I must make Ning Le hate me as soon as possible.

Ming Shu reminded herself of this determinedly.

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