Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 133 - Zombie Note (2)

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Chapter 133: Zombie Note (2)

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In the original story, Ye Miao appeared late. When Ning Le and her met, Ye Miao was already famous at the base.

As soon as Ning Le entered the base, she targeted Ye Miao in everything, which caused several failed missions for Ye Miao and a lot of suffering.

But Father Ye didn’t allow his daughter to be treated like this. Hence the relationship between Ning Le and Father Ye deteriorated, and finally Ning Le was driven out of the base.

After leaving the base, Ning Le became angrier and angrier at her “enemy.” Then she schemed to make the zombies attack the city, and Ye Miao’s father was thus killed.

Later Ye Miao learned that it was Ning Le who orchestrated the tragedy, and she intended to avenge Father Ye. But at this time, because of the death of her father, some subordinates in the base suddenly left, taking a lot of weapons and materials with them. The base was in crisis.

Ye Miao knew that it was also Ning Le who instigated those people to rebel, but she could do nothing about it. She hated Ning Le so much in her heart, but all she could do was take up arms against the zombies attacking the city once again.

In the devastating tide of zombies, lacking resources, Ye Miao’s base was completely annihilated.

Ye Miao was bitten by a zombie, but she didn’t transform completely. Instead, she found herself with the ability to command zombies. Then, driven by her resentment for Ning Le, Ye Miao controlled the zombies to besiege Ning Le.

It seemed that Ye Miao was the big villain, the final boss.

Yet, of course, Ning Le defeated Ye Miao in the end and established a new order. She became the final winner of Doomsday.

This plot was really a brain burner.

As an alien, Ning Le was far more heartless than those fake female protagonists who were reborn or crossed through from other times and s.p.a.ces.

The more challenging the story, the more interesting it is.




The falling board made a huge noise, which had attracted the zombies into gathering. The place where Ming Shu parked was an alleyway. One end was blocked by a crumbling iron gate, and the other was clear. But at this time, several zombies were already coming from that end.

There were also zombies battering the iron gate.

From between the cracks, the zombies with their steel-gray skin stained in disgusting blood were moving constantly.

“Aren’t you gonna run now?” Ming Shu held her chin in one hand and looked up at the students.

“Aren’t you in more danger than us?” Differently from Ming Shu, there was at least a height between them and the zombies. The zombies had difficulty in climbing, so they were temporarily safe.

Ming Shu shrugged and closed the window with a smile.

She didn’t drive away, though. All the zombies rushed at the car, flailing and roaring, but surprisingly, they soon gave up on the car and turned to roar at those students high above.

“W-what happened?”

Why were the zombies not interested in her car?

Ming Shu bent over the steering wheel, eating potato chips leisurely and looking at the people huddling in fear up there.

According to the plot, the Host should have gone to the capital city to Father Ye. And when Ming Shu woke up in this world, Ye Miao was indeed on her way out of city.

But then she went back.

The reason was simple:

Collect food.

In the early stages of Doomsday, finding food was much easier than later on. If she didn’t gather enough supplies now, she might starve in the future.

Last night, she parked the car here and was intending to visit this supermarket. But it turned out some people had hidden inside, including the fake female protagonist. Therefore, she decided to wait outside to see if anything interesting was going to happen.

“No, it won’t work. We have to go back. We can’t get down from here.” Big Chen went over to check and then returned in disappointment.

Just now they were in the supermarket opposite and couldn’t see the situation on this side. Now that they were here, they could see the road leading away was collapsed in the middle. The gap was too great to jump. If they wanted to leave the supermarket, it seemed the only way was to leap down. But since the zombies had flooded the whole place, jumping down was undoubtedly a death sentence.

Those zombies also kept hitting the support below, which made the shelves more and more unstable. It looked like they might fall down at any time.

“How can we get back!” the baseball-hat girl yelled. “Ning Le, what are you doing standing there? Go get the shelves and let us cross.”

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Ning Le looked at the scene coldly. If anyone took a close look at her, they might find the indifference deep in her eyes.

At this critical moment, a gunshot was suddenly heard.

It was followed by violent explosions.

Startled by the louder noises, some of the zombies left to find the source, but still many stayed behind.

“Shh. Be quiet.” Big Chen gestured at the girls to keep silent.

The explosions in the distance continued, and the zombies became hesitant. After the students made no noise for a while, most of the zombies eventually joined the group heading away. Then there were only a few scattered around.

From the rearview mirror, Ming Shu saw a car gradually approaching through the moving zombies.

Well well well, it’s an army.

During the early days of Doomsday, soldiers were relatively reliable, especially when Doomsday first broke out. The army sent out soldiers to search for survivors.

The several remaining zombies were quickly and cleanly handled by the army.

“Come down quickly and let’s go.” A man in a camouflage uniform waved at the students.

Perhaps encouraged by the unique heroic aura of the army, this group of students swiftly followed the command to come down. At last they sat in the cars safely, and some cried due to fear after the event.

Ning Le also got in a car, calm as could be.

“Are there any other survivors with you?” the man who commanded the students asked Ning Le, who was the last to get in the car. It was probably because she appeared quite calm. The other students were either crying at this time or looking too frightened or stunned.

Ning Le hesitated, then pointed in the direction of Ming Shu.

The man glanced at the car, frowned. Then he grabbed the weapon with him and walked toward Ming Shu’s car.

The smell of the car was very disgusting. The man observed for a while. After he confirmed that there was a living person inside, he knocked on the window.

Ming Shu opened the car window and revealed her clear, fair face. She greeted the man smilingly. “Hi.”

Faced with such an abrupt smiling face, the man was almost startled into shooting her.

Too weird.

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