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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 132 - Zombie Note (1)

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Chapter 132: Zombie Note (1)

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#Doomsday Headline: Irritable Ye Miao Starts A Fight Whenever Unhappy#

“What should we do? It’s all zombies outside! Just do something! Or we’ll die here.” A young girl wearing a baseball hat tightly clutched the arm of a boy next to her, nails sinking deep into the boy’s skin, causing blood to well.

“How the h.e.l.l would I know what to do? Take your hands off me!” The boy shook off the girl in the baseball hat angrily and shouted as he pointed at her: “Do you want to kill us all?! Don’t you know these things become excited when they smell blood?”

Probably the girl had never been shouted at like this before, and she was stunned on the spot.

There were quite a few people here, about a dozen, all in uniforms of the same school. Everyone was wearing desperate and sad expressions.

Not long ago in this world, Doomsday arrived and human beings became exactly the same as the zombies on TV. They bit each other, and the bitten people became new zombies who would bite others. Trapped in an endless cycle, the human population was getting smaller and smaller.

But some people who were bitten would not become zombies; instead, they would acquire some kind of supernatural power.

Everything happening was just the same as that in a novel or TV series.

The civilized order of the entire world began to collapse.

These girls and boys were all high school students from the same school. At first, they hid in the school cafeteria and spent a few days safely. But when Doomsday came about, it was a weekend. The food in the school cafeteria was not abundant and was quickly eaten up, so they had to find a way to leave the school.

The team had more than 20 people when they left the school. After fleeing all this way, there were only 12 left.

And in just a few days, the city seemed to have become an empty sh.e.l.l.

The shouting boy was a famous student at the school before Doomsday, and was also the leader of the team now. The girl in the baseball hat was his girlfriend.

While searching for supplies, they were trapped in this supermarket, which had been picked dry.

The upstairs was blocked, and dozens of zombies were gathering downstairs. What stopped the zombies downstairs was only an iron door that could be broken through at any time.

“I don’t want to die here.”

“Who the h.e.l.l wants to die here? This d.a.m.n apocalypse, why did it happen?”

“I want to go home…”

Everyone on the team was on the brink of collapse. In the past few days, each of their nerves had been strung high. They didn’t dare to relax in their vigilance for even a moment, which made them feel more and more desperate.

“Enough!” the boy shouted again. “What’s the use of tears? Can we get out by crying? If you don’t want to die, just shut your mouths!”

The others then gradually calmed down and everyone looked at the boy.

But after the outburst, the boy could do nothing about the situation, either. He smoked by the wall. “Save your energy.”

A girl with a backpack walked to the supermarket’s window and said coldly, “We can get out from here, do you see that?”

Everyone automatically looked in the direction the girl was pointing.

The opposite building seemed to have been under repair when Doomsday hit and was left with a row of scaffoldings, about a meter away from the place they were hiding.

“Ning Le, you say this so easily, can you even jump that far?” Some girls led by the baseball-hat girl began to verbally attack the girl with the backpack. “And A’Chen is our team leader here, what nonsense are you saying?”

Ning Le glanced at the girl coldly. “I just told you there’s a way to get out of here. As to whether you believe me or not, it’s none of my business.”


“Stop! At this time, do you still have the energy to fight? It’s quite a long distance, we boys can jump over, but you girls…” Some boys frowned. “Big Chen, what do you say?”

“Whoever can jump the distance goes first, then builds a simple bridge, and everyone should be able to use it to cross.” Big Chen said quickly: “We may survive if this succeeds, but staying here will only be a dead end.”



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In addition to the boys, there were a lot of girls in the team. Looking at the distance of nearly one meter, they shivered together and thought how impossible it was to jump over that wide gap.

“Who am I? Just an ordinary refugee. Who else could I be? Do you think I’m a savior? You’re daydreaming!” Speaking of a “savior,” the girl called Ning Le on the opposite side was like a savior.

Ning Le was the fake female protagonist of this world.

And she was neither reborn nor crossed through time and s.p.a.ce. She was not even from another novel world.

She was from an alien planet.

Can you believe it?

Ning Le was an alien in spirit and she occupied this Ning Le’s body.

She had an extremely low status on her original planet and was always bullied by others. But here, she was stronger and much more powerful than any vulnerable human being.

As an alien who had been bullied for a long time, now she suddenly became a respected master. Hence the gathering of self-confidence that also led her to stronger ambition.

She won over hearts, set up her own teams, and dominated the world step-by-step once Doomsday came.

Those who disobeyed her were either thrown out to feed the zombies or directly killed.

Because of her arrival, the whole world’s plot underwent tremendous changes. And at the very end, both the male and female protagonists either died or became miserably disabled. An alien became the biggest winner of Doomsday.

In summary, it was probably like—

An “evil” protagonist’s origin story.

The body Ming Shu occupied now belonged to a person called Ye Miao.

Ye Miao’s father was a head of some military region. Her mother died young, and she and her father couldn’t see each other often over the years. But the relationship between father and daughter was good. Before the arrival of Doomsday, Ye Miao and a group of her friends were having fun at a club. They drank too much and had to spend the night in a hotel together. Then, when they woke up, Doomsday was already underway.

Ye Miao awakened a supernatural power. It was not a rare kind, but it involved the fire element and was of strong lethality.

Later, Ye Miao found her father at his base. And relying on her father’s prestige, Ye Miao went through numerous hardships and also achieved her own grades in Doomsday.

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