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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 131 - The Royal Princess (Complete)

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Chapter 131: The Royal Princess (Complete)

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Mu Huai and Ming Shu dealt with the evil spirit king in secret.

There was no fierce fighting of three hundred rounds, and there was no blood or tears. It was settled quietly.

Not even a single little spirit was startled.

The evil spirit king was taken out. But there was still a troublesome burden:

The prince.

“Uncle, what about wiping his memories?” Ming Shu made a suggestion. It wouldn’t be a good thing for him to be trapped in the past.

He would definitely hinder me from eating!

At first, if she’d known that the prince would become so stubborn and evil that he’d cause so much trouble and even release the evil spirits, she would never have told him Shen Ci was gone.

“You do it.” Mu Huai gestured to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu then stepped forward and stared at the prince, whose hair was now totally white. In the end, however, she didn’t do anything.

“Don’t have the heart to do so?”

“No.” Ming Shu touched her stomach. “I’m too hungry and I have to go eat something to replenish my energy.”

As she was saying this, Ming Shu got up and left determinedly.

And Ming Shu also didn’t go back to destroy the memories of the prince when she finished eating. She seemed to have forgotten this matter and just sat near the battlefield, looking around casually.

Mu Huai took the captured spirit king to the battlefield and worked with the master to deal with Huo Hu, an important subordinate of the evil spirit king, as well.

Sensing that something had gone wrong, the master’s senior brother, poisoned by hatred, began to crazily attack the master and Mu Huai.

And finally, he and the master perished together.

As for Cheng Jinyun, after the death of the master’s senior brother, her body showed odd changes. First, her whole person became as thin as a skeleton; then her limbs began to twitch violently as if she was experiencing the most terrible pain in the world.

She stared tightly at Ming Shu, who was sitting in the distance alone.

Why?! Why was she put to the same miserable end as in her previous life?!


This is not right!

Now that the evil spirit king was gone and Huo Hu was also dead, the remaining evil spirits lost morale as well as direction. It became much easier for the Heavenly Temple to finish them off.

With no pa.s.sion for fighting, the evil spirits retreated to the place where they had been suppressed. The Heavenly Temple chased after them closely.

The evil spirits then were too tired to escape, and they decided to die together with the humans.

The Dragon Root collapsed. But what made the evil spirits angry and speechless was that they weren’t able to die with the humans; instead, something powerful seemed to have been opened up by them. The entire Dragon Root began to rise, and splendid palaces began to appear in the mountains and forests one after another.

When the golden palaces appeared, Mu Huai was the first to notice the world was different. In the past, there was only some weak qi in the air, but now the qi was quite rich.

It was like opening a door that had been closed and dusty for a long time.

[Lord Nine, congratulations. You’ve broken another record and upgraded this world.]

“Are you mocking me?”

Every world had a rating, ranging from one to ten stars.

These worlds would evolve over time, and some would level up while others would not. The world he was in now was originally a low-level martial world with the rating not exceeding two, but now…

Hehe. It seemed to have become a cultivation world, and the stars jumped straight to four.

[ Ai, Lord Nine!] The system continued, [Don’t worry. Anyway, it’s not your first time breaking a record. It’s not a big deal. This world’s rating has risen, and you’ll take the punishment when we return. Then everything will be settled, and you will still be a hero.]


I need to calm down.

While the Heavenly Temple and the evil spirits were in a tangle, Qi Hongwei took the chance to lead a rebellion. Without the support of the Heavenly Temple, the Wushang Dynasty didn’t persist for long before it was defeated.

The emperor withdrew to the South, but Qi Hongwei chased after him relentlessly, and finally the emperor was caught. Then on the way back to the capital city, the emperor killed himself.

In this situation, Qi Hongwei thought he could finally take the throne and master the world. Who knew that the golden palaces would keep appearing all over and everyone would be attracted by the tide of cultivation. Who doesn’t want to be the G.o.d to dominate the world?

Everyone rushed to the golden palaces. Who would care about Qi Hongwei, the new emperor that just subverted a dynasty?

Qi Hongwei: ???

He had been busy for so long, but for what?

Settled in the empty royal palace, Qi Hongwei was full of discontent and indignation, unable to vent. Then, hearing of the overcrowding situation in the golden palaces, he quickly organized people to go to the golden palaces as well.

It took Mu Huai a long time to handle the remaining evil spirits. But then, he was finally ready to look for Ming Shu.

However, just as he turned around, the prince approached him from afar with a person in his arms. It was hard to tell if the look on his face was sad or desperate. His silver hair shone like the harsh snow.

“She…” Mu Huai’s throat got a bit dry. She’d been safe and sound when he saw her last night.

“When I found her, she was like this,” the prince uttered hoa.r.s.ely.

Mu Huai was stunned.

But then he thought, perhaps she had found a way back.

So she left without saying goodbye to him, which was a bit too heartless.

The prince held the body tightly in his arms and walked away, firmly stepping towards the unknown light.

Mu Huai watched silently as the lonely figure of the prince disappeared in the light.

There weren’t any emotional fluctuations riddling his heart, nothing but extreme calm.

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“Okay, you two, don’t say it like that! We should give him some time to cry, or later he will be too miserable!” Onlooker #3 pretended to be kind.

The young man turned over and got up from the transparent capsule, adjusting his white clothes. “Sorry, guys, you won’t get your bonus this month again.”

The onlookers: “…” They were in one team. Now that his mission failed, it meant they had to pay for his mistake!

It was because of him that their team was always at the bottom of the rankings every month!

Every month!

Every month!

They would never get the bonus unless he didn’t leave for a mission!

“I will work harder so that you won’t get the bonus every month.” The young man laughed aloud.

Onlooker #1 gritted his teeth. “Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d set this rule.”

“I set it.”

The team immediately looked to the door with horror.

A man came in, wearing a suit. And what attracted the most attention was his long blond hair, tied by a red cord at random, covering the backs of his shoulders.

At this time, the dazzling man was looking at them with a blank expression.

The onlookers inhaled with difficulty. “Dir… Director, what brings you here?”

“Are you not dissatisfied with the rule I set?”

The onlookers waved their hands uniformly and complimented in fear, “No, no, we’re very satisfied. The rule is perfect.”

The blond man gestured for them to leave, then the three onlookers openly slunk out of the room, still fearful.


But the young man leaned against the transparent capsule and didn’t seem to notice the other.

The beautiful blond man closed the door and looked at the youth. He cut straight to the point: “I have a task for you.”

The youth blinked, a little surprised. “You are not here to punish me? Has the galaxy exploded?”

“Make amends for your mistake, take it or leave it.”

“If you don’t worry that I’ll fail, then I don’t care.” The young man whistled casually.

“Take your system to upgrade then come back, I’ll give you the information.” The blond man turned to leave, but he stopped at the door. “You have only two options for this mission, kill the target or make her fall in love with you.”

“What?! Are you sure you’re not joking?” the youth yelled at the blond man.

Kill the target or make her fall in love with me. Is this not a mission for the Restoration Department or the Conquest Department?

The blond man stood sideways at the door, leaving his face in profile to the youth. It seemed the corner of his mouth faintly lifted, but it could have been an illusion.

The young man stood frozen on the spot, off balance.

I am so angry!

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