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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 130 - The Royal Princess (36)

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Chapter 130: The Royal Princess (36)

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Ming Shu didn’t feel nothing, though. When the formation was running, her body was a little uncontrolled. It seemed that some certain power was trying to expel her from this body.

A fierce pulling of the soul from the flesh… and that feeling was not a little uncomfortable.

The light of the array was growing brighter and brighter.

Ming Shu’s figure was almost obscured by the strong light, left with only a vague outline.

Mu Huai rushed out of the forest and just saw that Ming Shu’s figure was swallowed up by the light. He couldn’t tell what it was like for him at the time, feeling neither sad nor angry.

It was a strangely calm atmosphere.

The dome of light was compressing downwards, joining with the ground array. Mu Huai put aside the strange feeling in his heart and moved as the wind to attack the prince.

The prince was now the evil spirit king, who didn’t stop Mu Huai from approaching the formation. His golden pupils revealed a strange l.u.s.ter and he said darkly, “It’s too late.”

Looking at the functioning array in front of him, Mu Huai was a little hesitant. He could interrupt the process, but that might also hurt the person inside.

And most importantly…

Is it worth it?

His mission was to keep the Dragon Root from being destroyed—in other words, not to let these evil spirits run about.

But now the task was definitely failed.

If he wasted his energy to save others, it would be a thankless task.

Save her?

Or leave her?

He promised the master that he would protect her. Although he failed his mission, he had to keep his word.

So, just save her.

Mu Huai found himself a good excuse in his heart, then took a deep breath and began to prepare to interrupt the formation.

But just as he struck a pose and before he could gather any power, the light of the array suddenly dissipated, like clouds blown away by the wind. In an instant, the light vanished without a trace.

And those evil spirits standing in the periphery to maintain the formation earlier also disappeared. They turned to small specks of light and vanished at the same time the light did.

Mu Huai: “…”

What the h.e.l.l?

It’s over? I haven’t started!

My chance at being the hero was ruined again?

No, why am I saying “again”…

The girl at the center of the formation was sitting cross-legged, and the light surrounding her body was slowly fading.

The prince excitedly rushed to her. “Little Ci, Little Ci…”

The girl looked up. Picturesque eyebrows, beautiful curled lips. The ripples in her eyes spread out in small circles.

“Sorry, Your Highness, it’s me.”

An apology bearing no sincerity at all. The prince’s expression changed immediately.

“Why…” He was a little helpless, like a child who couldn’t find the way home, and his fragility was totally exposed in his eyes. “Little Ci? Why is it you again, where’s my Little Ci?”

He yelled to the sky, “Why is Little Ci not coming back?!”

But the next minute, the prince changed to the evil spirit king, and he said mirthlessly, “I told you it was risky.”

“He lied to you.” Ming Shu stood up from the ground. “The price of raising the dead, do you think it is so simple that you need only give up your body?”

Why is he so stupid?

“You are saying there’s indeed a way to resurrect the dead, right?” The prince didn’t care whether he was deceived or not.

He just wanted to resurrect his Little Ci.

“You’re asking me?” Ming Shu pointed at herself and smiled. “Your Highness, do you think I will tell you and then let you kill me?”

Do I look like such a selfless person?


Don’t even think about it!

The prince looked sad. “This was originally Little Ci’s body. I’m begging you, please, can’t you let Little Ci come back?”

“I can promise you anything you want…

“I just want to be alive.”

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The prince: “…”

Phew… That was close!

Fortunately, I am very smart.

“Is that so.” Ming Shu didn’t ask further, though. She moved back. “Okay, Uncle, it’s your stage.”

But stared at by Ming Shu like this, Mu Huai had no chance to finish the job. So after pretending for a while, he ordered Ming Shu to guard him from a distance so as to prevent anyone from disturbing him.

“Uncle, I’m just a weak woman with no strength!” Requesting me to face the evil spirits alone… Is that what a man does?

“I didn’t see any weak woman just now when you beat him b.l.o.o.d.y.” Mu Huai glared at Ming Shu.

No one had secrets anymore, so was it necessary to continue pretending so hypocritically?

Shen Ci was truly a weak woman.

But this was not Shen Ci.

Ming Shu touched her chin and smiled. “You are right, Uncle, but please be quick.”

“Just play your part—and don’t get distracted by food,” Mu Huai added in a worried tone.

Ming Shu waved her hand, which made her seem even more unreliable to Mu Huai.

When Ming Shu walked away, Mu Huai immediately bartered with the system for a high-priced tool meant for hunting evil spirits, and he separated the evil spirit king from the prince without much effort.

The evil spirit king looked very powerful, but it was just a bluff. If his strength was so great, why bother sharing a body with the prince?

After the evil spirit king left the prince’s body, the prince’s black hair instantly turned to silvery white, like frost and snow.

Mu Huai glanced at the prince, who was still in a coma, and sighed lightly.

The evil spirit king had lived in his body for too long, which would probably lead the prince to…

“Who are you?” the evil spirit king asked disbelievingly. He didn’t expect that he would be removed from the body.

Mu Huai stuffed the evil spirit king into a porcelain bottle and shook it with gritted teeth. “Do you know how much your running around the world cost me?”

“Let me out!” The evil spirit king tried to break through the porcelain bottle, but this seemingly ordinary porcelain bottle was as hard as stone.

“Don’t waste your time, this is not something you can escape.”

Do you think my system is feeding on vegetables?

[Lord Nine, I… don’t eat anything.] The system reminded Mu Huai of this in a weak voice.

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