Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 129 - The Royal Princess (35)

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Chapter 129: The Royal Princess (35)

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When the conversation becomes disagreeable, to say one word more is a waste of breath.

The master and senior brother just couldn’t agree with each other, so… they fought.

Facing the chaotic scene of battle, Ming Shu began to think about what she was doing here.

It seemed all of this had nothing to do with her!

I should focus on my own task…

Ming Shu got up and dragged Cheng Jinyun, who was still tied up, away into the distance.

Mu Huai wanted to follow her, but was blocked by a few evil spirits. And by the time he dealt with those little spirits, Ming Shu had already disappeared from sight.

“What are you doing?!” Cheng Jinyun struggled as she was dragged along the ground, leaving smears of blood. But she seemed to be unaware of it and just roared angrily, “You are not Shen Ci, who are you?! Why are you doing this to me?”

“I’m the Cheng Jinxiu who was killed by you.” Ming Shu made this up casually.

But Cheng Jinyun was suddenly shocked and retorted, “Impossible, she is still alive.”

“Well… I’m the Cheng Jinxiu who will be killed by you. The one you saw is the me of the present time.”

Persuasive! ​​I almost believed it myself.

Ming Shu threw Cheng Jinyun under a tree and bent over to look at her. After a moment, she smiled and said, “Weren’t you… reborn as well?”

Cheng Jinyun’s pupils dilated, and then her eyes shone with bone-deep hatred. “You killed me first, I was only taking back what belongs to me.”

“Okay.” Ming Shu squeezed her wrist. “But… didn’t you make the plan to let Cheng Jinxiu marry the prince? You chose the wrong side and still blame others?”

Even if she married the prince in the beginning, with her irritable temper, the prince would not accept her.

People made their own choices to follow different roads. No matter if it was rough or smooth, it had to be endured.

There was no turning back in life.

“You are not Cheng Jinxiu!” Cheng Jinyun suddenly yelled. Why would she call herself by her full name?

But how does she know I was reborn?

She is not Shen Ci, either.

Then who is she?

Who is she?


A panicked feeling arose from the bottom of Cheng Jinyun’s heart.

“Well, you’ve found me out.” Ming Shu tilted her head, showing a pure and brilliant smile. “It seems there’s only one end for you now.”

The panic slowly turned to horror that showed clearly through Cheng Jinyun’s eyes.


[Hatred Points are at full capacity.]

Ming Shu beat Cheng Jinyun for a long time before the Harmony System notified her.

As soon as the Hatred Points were maxed out, Ming Shu didn’t have any intention to beat her any longer. She shook out her hands and stood up.

[Guest, why can’t you try another way to gain Hatred Points?] There were many different ways that could be used, couldn’t she choose a more elegant one?

Ming Shu sighed as she rested her hands on her hips. “I will decide my way of gaining Hatred Points. You should mind your own business.”

This Harmony System is not harmonious at all!

It is only interested in proposing evil things.

I’m a good person!

[…] Why doesn’t the Guest like my suggestion? Is it not good enough? Well… I have to think of some better ideas.

Ming Shu had no idea that her Harmony System turned to thinking up more bizarre suggestions again.

Cold wind blew from behind her, raising a great many goose b.u.mps.

The airflow of the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to slow down into a depressed and cold atmosphere.

Ming Shu turned around.

The prince was standing not far away, looking at her.

Ming Shu lifted her hair. “What, do you want to take back Shen Ci’s body?”

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Her figure was reflected in the golden pupils of the prince, and the latter asked seriously, “Will you give it back to me?”

Wasn’t this a common plot in novels about a tyrant boss?

Okay! I have to admit that I am indeed handsome and outstanding. It’s normal for me to get the attention of a big evil spirit.

The prince—oh, no, it should be the evil spirit king now—was looking at Ming Shu as if measuring a commodity.

But soon the spirit king was gone and the prince controlled the body again.

Ming Shu was amazed at the skill behind this character switching.

Even people with schizophrenia couldn’t transform their personalities so quickly.

The male protagonist was really powerful!

“It doesn’t matter, you will return it to me.” The prince’s tone sounded much gentler than the evil spirit king’s. He didn’t reveal too much emotion on his face, but tenderness could be heard in each of his words. “Soon Little Ci will be able to come back.”

The prince must be crazy.

Ming Shu looked around to observe the environment, getting ready to retreat.

The prince slowly raised his arms. A group of evil spirits came from all directions and quickly surrounded Ming Shu.

They clasped each other by the hands, muttering incantations one after another. A faint light emerged from their fingertips and slowly expanded to form a halo.

Rays of light as fine as silver strings flew out of the halo. They rose in​​to the air, connecting to form a domed net, which enveloped Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked up at this dome over her. It seemed to be very powerful.

The evil spirits set up the net of light and then bit through their fingers, their blood quickly dying the white light red. The air was heavy with the disgusting smell of blood.

On the ground, someone seemed to be drawing lines, also in a bloodied color, which staggeringly appeared beneath Ming Shu’s feet and gradually formed a complicated array.

The prince stood in the periphery, staring at the scene with expectation and nervousness.

Ming Shu stood still and waited for the completion of their work. She didn’t show any sign of worry or fear, as the Harmony System had said that Shen Ci would never come back. And the body she was within would not break.

So what she needed to do was wait for the formation to complete, and then—

Lose the battle.

Hey, hey, hey, what is the woman doing?

Ming Shu felt tired as she had been standing for a long time, and she sat down directly, taking out the food that hadn’t been finished before and continuing her work.

The evil little spirits: “…” Although the girl inside the net was smiling, they always felt that they were being mocked

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