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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 128 - The Royal Princess (34)

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Chapter 128: The Royal Princess (34)

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In those years, there were two talented disciples in the Heavenly Temple. The two entered the Heavenly Temple together and since they got along well, they developed a very close friendship between them.

But as time pa.s.sed by, the paths of the two gradually diverged.

The senior brother thought that it was boring and worthless to guard the country for the royal family, that the Heavenly Temple didn’t need to rely on the royal family at all. He wanted to forsake the royal family and stand on his own, or subvert the royal family and replace it.

However, the junior brother didn’t think this was right.

Therefore, the relationship between them got worse and worse. In the beginning, they talked to each other about almost everything, but little by little, there was nothing left for them to talk about. Whenever they met, they would argue fiercely like enemies.

Finally, one day, the senior brother took action. He persuaded some disciples of the Heavenly Temple to rebel with him.

Of course, in the end, the rebellion was suppressed by the junior brother and his followers. The senior brother lost the fight and ran away, while the junior brothergathered people to give chase. Then they came to a cliff during the chase. Thesenior brother was seriously injured and unable to resist, so he chose to jump from the cliff.

Ordinary people would die if they jumped from a cliff, but if the protagonist or villain jumped, they would always survive with all kinds of opportunities and adventures.

Generally, the protagonist would get a golden finger to survive, such as running into an old man, picking up a peerless sword, obtaining martial arts books, and so on.

Meanwhile, the villains could only meet something eviler in general.

The senior brother met an evil spirit at the bottom of the cliff. He was the valued disciple of the Heavenly Temple and knew that the Heavenly Temple was originally set up to root out evil spirits, so he didn’t feel it was strange to meet an evil spirit.

This evil spirit was the Lord King of evil spirits hundreds of years ago. He escaped from the suppression through luck. However, in order to make the Heavenly Temple believe he was dead, he had to spend much cultivation on hiding.

As a result, his strength had never been able to recover, and he could only hide in this deserted place.

The senior brother reached an agreement with the evil spirit for the sake of revenge. He agreed to release the evil spirits suppressed at the Dragon Root, and the spirit promised him that he would be the master of the entire world.

Because at the time the senior brother didn’t know where the Dragon Root was, he began to plan. First, he planned to introduce the weakened Lord King into the empress, who was pregnant at that time, allowing the Lord King to share the same body with the prince. In order to avoid discovery, the senior brotherthen sealed the Lord King in an all-around way.

After that, the prophet predicted the prince was the reincarnation of an evil spirit.

Originally, the Lord King wanted to occupy the body of the prince when the boy became mature. But he found it was not easy to do that, as the prince had a firm mind, leaving him no chance to take action.

The Lord King had to wait and wait for a suitable time.

Meanwhile the senior brother went to find the Dragon Root.

It was not until Ming Shu told the prince Shen Ci was dead that the Lord King grasped a chance, but things were far from as simple as he may have thought. He couldn’t completely occupy the body of the prince; consequently, he could only share it with the prince.

In order to occupy the whole body, the two fought like alley cats.

The prince wanted to save Shen Ci; the evil spirit king told the prince that there was only one way to get Shen Ci back. He could help him, but the prince must help him first.

On the other hand, after so many years, the senior brother had found the Dragon Root. It was not easy to break the seal, though, so the senior brother had to wait for an opportunity. But when the seal loosened one day, the senior brother still couldn’t break it alone. So he contacted the Lord King.

And then the prince broke off the engagement and left the imperial city. As to why he had to cancel the engagement… the prince insisted on it. After the prince left the imperial city, he joined the senior brother .

They worked together to break the seal and release all the suppressed evil spirits.

What happened then was already known to all.

The junior brother was the master, and the senior brother was the old man opposite the master now.

What shocked the master the most was the death of Shen Ci. Wasn’t she…

But thinking of Ming Shu’s strange behavior in recent times, he began to suspect again. Perhaps Shen Ci had really died. The person in Shen Ci’s body now was not Shen Ci at all.

Then who is she?

“You…” Mu Huai looked at Ming Shu, whose expression hadn’t budged at all, and he asked while narrowing his eyes: “Who are you?”

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If she is not Shen Ci, then where is Shen Ci?

“Kill all the humans, long live the Lord King!”

“Kill all the humans, long live the Lord King!”

The slogan of the evil spirits resounded deafeningly.

The master’s face darkened and he looked to the prince. “Your Highness, are you going to make a mistake again?”

The prince looked at Ming Shu with a pair of determined eyes. I must get my Little Ci back, no matter what it takes.

Ming Shu held her chin and smiled.

Losing someone at the right time would be memorable.

” Junior brother , don’t try. Now the evil spirits are everywhere. Even though the Heavenly Temple has the ability to suppress the spirits again, you can’t save this world.” The senior brother laughed. “I wanted to kill you first, but it doesn’t matter, now I can take revenge myself.”

The senior brother never forgot that back in those days, he was almost put to death.

He thought that Cheng Jinyun could get close to the Heavenly Temple because of her relationship with the prince, so she might have the chance to kill the master. But he didn’t expect Cheng Jinyun to be so stupid and never succeed.

“You hate me so much?” the master asked in a deeper voice.

“Of course I hate you! How you treated me, have you forgotten?”

“I… I intended to let you live.” At that time, he wanted to let him go, but the other didn’t give him any chance to save him, jumping from the cliff determinedly.

“Then I have to thank you, Junior brother , for not giving me a way to live, otherwise I would never have become the present me, hahahaha.”

” Senior brother , listen to me.” The master tried to persuade him: “They will not fulfill their promise, they are just using you.”

How can you believe in these evil spirits?

” Junior brother , you are blind. Look at the current situation, don’t you see? I will be the only winner, it has to be me!”

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