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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 126 - The Royal Princess (32)

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Chapter 126: The Royal Princess (32)

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The master and Huo Hu gathered qi simultaneously to attack each other. Wind collided between their hands, making loud noises. Huo Hu took an opportunity to attack the master’s back.

The master lost his balance and fell from the air.

The disciples of the Heavenly Temple stepped forward to help the master up. Huo Hu stood in the air and sneered, “Heh, you humans are getting worse.”

” Cough, cough, cough …” The master didn’t expect Huo Hu’s strength to be greater than recorded in the ancient books.

Huo Hu was about to continue with the sarcasm, but suddenly he detected a strange scent in the air, much like the smell of food in the human world.

He squinted and quickly gathered his strength to land on an ancient tree not far away.

The tree fell down with a loud noise, revealing the figure behind it.

Everyone: “…”

We’re fighting here, and you are roasting fish next to us! Do you not feel even a little sorry?

“Little Ci…” The master’s face became even gloomier. “How are you here?”

“It’s her, it’s her, the human who said she was going to eat us!” The small evil spirits stood out to identify Ming Shu.

Ming Shu grabbed her roasted fish, which was almost “killed” by accident, and got up slowly. The corner of her mouth lifted in a perfect arc. “When did I say that?”

I don’t eat evil spirits, okay?

What rumors are you spreading!

“Earlier today, we heard it in person.” The little evil spirits were very sure. “Humans are cunning, she’s trying to deny it!”

Huh!? These evil little creatures. They framed me!

“Oh? Now she is delivering herself to our door.” Huo Hu seemed to be very curious as he looked at Ming Shu. “You’re bold, but what comes next will be your nightmare.”

Judging by that old man’s expression, this little girl with tender skin seemed to be one of them.

Huo Hu revealed sharp claws, his tongue sweeping across b.l.o.o.d.y lips…

Let’s take her as an appetizer first.

“Little Ci, go!” the master shouted and flew forward to stop Huo Hu again.

Huo Hu turned to deal another blow with gathered qi. The powerful spirit force swept over like a tornado, and the fallen leaves on the ground soared, blocking the two from sight.


Huo Hu sensed the danger instinctively.

He walked backward, stepping on dead branches, for quite a few meters.

Then, in the spot where he’d been standing appeared a man in black with a cold and strange face. But the danger of that moment just made Huo Hu not dare to look down on this man.

“King Huai…” Master landed on the ground with a hand covering his chest. “Thank you.”

Just now, if it weren’t for his sudden appearance which forced Huo Hu to give up the attack, the master might have been heavily injured.

Mu Huai gave the master a coldly n.o.ble glance. But he noticed Ming Shu next, who was selflessly eating roasted fish. Mu Huai’s mouth twitched again, and everything related to n.o.ble or arrogant poise was ruined.

I told her not to attract Huo Hu’s attention, she’s really trying to be defiant!

“Take all of them down!” Huo Hu was angered into losing his patience, and he commanded all the evil spirits to start fighting.

The battlefield became more chaotic than before.

It was at this time that Cheng Jinyun appeared. She hid herself among the people and spirits, approaching the master swiftly.

Cheng Jinyun’s sneaky actions just made it harder for Ming Shu not to notice her.

Chewing on fish bones and avoiding some attacks from several small evil spirits, Ming Shu paid close attention to Cheng Jinyun for a moment. Then she suddenly threw away the bones and grabbed the weapon of a small evil spirit next to her.

The evil spirit’s eyes opened wide, holding onto the other end of the weapon.

“Can I… borrow it for a while?” Ming Shu smiled.

The spirit got very angry. Hateful human! Daring to

rob us!

Kill her!

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The little evil spirit shouted and rushed at Ming Shu. But its face suddenly slammed into something soft and its vision was blocked, hands becoming empty in an instant.

And the prince rejected the marriage… it must have had something to do with her.

Anyone who gets in my way will be punished!

The corner of Ming Shu’s mouth upturned and she gave a beaming smile to Cheng Jinyun.

If I don’t cause trouble for you, how can I gain Hatred Points?

Now, naturally the master also saw Cheng Jinyun. He arranged for two disciples of the Heavenly Temple to accompany Ming Shu: “Protect her.” Then he went to Cheng Jinyun.

Cheng Jinyun may have thought that the master was injured, so this was a good opportunity to kill him. Therefore, when the master turned to her, she didn’t retreat but brought out a weapon to meet him.

A fight between the two then initiated. After having engaged in battle for a while, the master seemed to have realized something and suddenly asked, “Who are you?”

Cheng Jinyun snorted. “I’m the one who will take your life.”

If there were anyone to pay close attention to the styles and techniques used by Cheng Jinyun, they may have found that they were somewhat similar to those of the master. But they were also swifter and fiercer, killing intent in every move.

The master was very familiar with this kind of Kung Fu, because this was what he had been practicing, but it was apparently more advanced.

Each of Cheng Jinyun’s moves seemed capable of restraining the master perfectly. He didn’t expect that after so many years, that person had already made it.


The master also improved his practice.

The master suddenly changed his method to defending. Cheng Jinyun responded with an even more sarcastic expression; it seemed she was quite aware of the master’s sudden defense.

Her wrist turned, and internal qi formed a circle in the air. When she pushed forward, the circle suddenly bore down on the master.

As the qi swept along, rocks and dust flew up, and Cheng Jinyun suddenly disappeared in the chaos.

The wind rushed in the master’s direction fiercely, which forced him to defend with all diligence.

At this time, Cheng Jinyun suddenly appeared to the left of the master, and a cold blade directly aimed for his chest.

The master’s eyes flew wide open, the light of the blade reflecting in his pupils.

Brighter and brighter…

At this very crucial moment, Cheng Jinyun suddenly lost her balance.

The blade deviated from its path and missed the master.

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