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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 124 - The Royal Princess (30)

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Chapter 124: The Royal Princess (30)

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After the red sky disappeared, the whole world was covered in dark clouds, and the sky seemed to be pressing down on the earth.

A disturbed atmosphere spread everywhere, making it easy for people to get irritated and angry.

“What a b.i.t.c.h! I told you to cook, how have you cooked nothing after such a long time? You want to starve me to death, do you?”

“Monster! I’ve served you for so many years, taking care of this family, and what about you? What else do you do except eat and drink? Now you dare to beat me, you know what, I quit!”

“Fine! Fine, b.i.t.c.h, you have the nerve now…”

In the yard of a neighboring house opposite Ming Shu, a family war was playing out. A lot of villagers were watching and discussing with each other in groups, not daring to get too close to the stage. Ming Shu was not interested and she leaned her chin on her hand, yawning again and again.


A scream rang pierced through the air.

Ming Shu was totally alert now. The onlookers were all scared and began to step back, faces turning pale. In the opposite yard, the house’s male owner buried himself against his wife’s neck, and the latter struggled, but in vain.

The sound of swallowing could clearly be heard.


“Monster! Run, run!”

The villagers recovered from the shock and began to run around, shouting. The noise seemed to startle the man, who then dropped his dead wife and jumped out with a very strange posture. He landed in the open s.p.a.ce outside.

Mu Huai and Ye Cong came out of the room. Except Mu Huai, whose cold face was as icy as a winter lake, the others were all staring at the scene in shock.

The man supported himself on the ground on all four limbs, half of his face stained with red. There seemed to be a piece of flesh between his teeth, dripping blood.

His body arched slightly, and a beast-like roar emerged from his throat.

” Aoowoo— !” The man rushed toward their yard,

targeting Ming Shu.

Ye Cong and a few people next to him flew up and stopped him.

“Let’s go.” Mu Huai came to pull Ming Shu out of the yard, while the latter was standing motionlessly on the spot.

“Uh? Where are we going, why don’t you kill him?” It’s a little goblin~

“Ye Cong will handle it.”

Mu Huai walked very fast. As they pa.s.sed by some houses, similar scenes played out successively. Former bedmates were now growing long, sharp fangs, piercing through their lovers’ throats.

Screams sounded one after another.

Ming Shu tried to withdraw her hand, but Mu Huai held it very tight. “Uncle, can you release my hand? Don’t take advantage of me.”

Mu Huai shook her hand off unhappily. “Follow closely.”

Mu Huai then kept walking for a distance, and suddenly he felt it seemed no one was behind him. He turned around, catching Ming Shu heading in the other direction.

And over there…

There seemed to be a grape trellis.

Mu Huai’s mouth twitched helplessly. Resisting the urge to kill her, he walked back and stopped her. “Can you stop thinking of food for just one moment? Don’t you know it’s dangerous now?”

However, the person he stopped revealed a weird smile, and sharp nails suddenly grew from her fingers, aimed at Mu Huai’s chest.

Mu Huai was shocked and reached out to block the claws. The owner of the claws smirked, wearing that familiar face, which made Mu Huai feel a bit disgusted.


Mu Huai began to gather his qi, but his face changed suddenly in the next second.


The qi can’t be gathered.

When did this happen?

Mu Huai couldn’t remember anything, just as he didn’t notice when Ming Shu disappeared from behind him.


These evil spirits had been suppressed for so long, how come they had such power as soon as they came out? He underestimated them.

Without qi, Mu Huai had to use his fists to fight.

The claws were as sharp as blades and easily scratched several lines of wounds in him, which bled profusely.

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And the blood made the opponent even more frenzied. Her face distorted, and her eyes revealed a gleam of excitement.

Ming Shu patted her clothes. “No.”

Mu Huai was stunned for a while. Judging from her vigorous movements, she didn’t seem to be hurt, then.

Mu Huai breathed a sigh of relief and glanced back. Ye Cong and others should be fine…

“I will take you out of the village first.”

“Find me some food first.” Hungry, hungry! My life bar has been reduced to

nearly nothing. I could eat a whole cow now.

“We’ll leave the village first. It’s not safe here.”

“Food, food, food!” Ming Shu stubbornly repeated.

I’m not leaving without food!

Probably Mu Huai really didn’t know what to do with Ming Shu. He ended the life of the evil spirit lying on the ground, then went to the nearby empty courtyard to search, hoping to find some food for Ming Shu.

He never felt that food was so important.

Ming Shu squatted next to the little evil spirit on the ground, staring at the wound made by Mu Huai. The wound was very shallow, but fatal.

“Harmony System, can ordinary people kill an evil spirit?”

[Possibly.] Although an evil spirit was stronger than ordinary people, it was also part of a living species. As long as it was alive, it would not be invincible. Ordinary people could also harm evil spirits and even kill them.

Ming Shu thought for a while and grabbed a leaf to cover the face of the little spirit. Looking at her own face lying dead on the ground was quite weird.

“It’s all here. Just eat some first to fill your stomach.” Mu Huai handed the food he found to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu took the food happily. “Okay, let’s go.”

“…” Food was really effective.

Mu Huai led the way ahead and the two quickly left the village. From the outside, the whole village was shrouded in a strange fog.

Mu Huai tried to gather qi again and succeeded. In the village he couldn’t use qi; it was probably related to the fog.

Mu Huai didn’t ask Ming Shu what happened when they separated, because he knew that even if he asked, he wouldn’t get any useful answers.

“Wait here, I will go back to have a look.” Mu Huai was a little worried about Ye Cong and the others. This fog was too odd.

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