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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 122 - The Royal Princess (28)

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Chapter 122: The Royal Princess (28)

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Ming Shu went straight to the palace where Princess Rong Hua lived.

“Why did you come here?” Mu Huai was puzzled.

“To beat up the princess.” Ming Shu started to climb the wall with the help of some objects next to her. She hadn’t seen Princess Rong Hua in a long time, so she didn’t get any Hatred Points in recent days. What else could she do?

“What makes you hate her so much?” That you have to beat her up before leaving.

“No, I don’t hate her.”

“What? What for, then?” Mu Huai didn’t believe her.

“For my empty stomach.”


What is the relationship between your empty stomach and Princess Rong Hua?

Seeing Ming Shu struggling hard to climb the wall, Mu Huai flew up and landed on the palace wall, reaching out to her.

Ming Shu looked up to stare at him, hesitating a little. The moonlight shone softly on the two quiet people.

“We don’t have much time. We must get to the city gates before dawn,” Mu Huai explained.

Ming Shu hesitated for a while longer before reaching out her hand to Mu Huai as well. The latter took her hand and gently pulled her up. Mu Huai landed on the other side lightly with Ming Shu in his arms.

There were many guards in Princess Rong Hua’s palace. Perhaps in order to save time, Mu Huai helped Ming Shu ambush them.

This is not bad. Ming Shu joyfully accepted the kindness and she then headed directly to Princess Rong Hua’s bedroom.

“Get out, all of you!”

Princess Rong Hua’s sharp shout echoed from the room, after which a group of maidservants and eunuchs were driven out, followed by shards of porcelain.

“Ahhhhh!!” Princess Rong Hua shouted with her hands on her head. Her hair was loose and messy, making her look like a real shrew.

Ming Shu jumped in through the window. Princess Rong Hua must have heard the noise, and she roared furiously, forgetting all the manners of a n.o.ble princess. “Didn’t I tell you to get out? What! Can’t you understand my words?”

After roaring, Princess Rong Hua felt it didn’t seem right.

The direction the noise was coming from was wrong.

She quickly turned to look at the window.

Ming Shu stood by the window, smiling lightly, and her entire body radiated a tender aura of innocence.

Right, it was like this.

The scene displayed in front of Princess Rong Hua now overlapped with the scene Ming Shu appeared in last time.

“Why are you here? Don’t come closer.” She didn’t know why, but Princess Rong Hua was frightened, and she backed up step by step. Tear stains were still shining on her face, making her look like a poor, weak prey. “Shen Ci, I hate you! I hate you! Why you are the royal princess, why? Why is it you?”


But it was not decided by Shen Ci, nor her.

Because the n.o.ble t.i.tle was imposed on this body by “them.”

Who had asked after Shen Ci’s wishes?

Who cared what she wanted?

Ming Shu’s eyes curled into two crescent moons. Then her brisk voice slowly sounded: “You hate me, that’s good.”

If you don’t hate me, it will be hard to complete the mission…

Ming Shu walked to Princess Rong Hua.

“What do you want? Stop, don’t come closer, this is my bedroom, don’t come closer.”

Ming Shu flexed her wrist. “Last time I beat you, so this time, it will be the same. You can shout whatever you want, but I don’t think anyone will come to save you.”

Ming Shu’s words reminded Princess Rong Hua of that unfortunate memory. Her face then turned as pale as paper.

Princess Rong Hua lay on her stomach in a strained position, tears and snot streaming down her face, her voice hoa.r.s.ened. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“You provoked me first, remember?” If you didn’t show up, how could the system post a message to gain Hatred Points from you? So just blame yourself.

“Uncle… Uncle, save me.” Princess Rong Hua’s eyes suddenly gleamed as if she had seen a savior.

Ming Shu glanced behind her. Mu Huai was standing by the window and staring inside; it seemed he had been there for quite a while.

“Are you done?” he asked.

“Emm… a little longer.” Ming Shu replied.

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“Uncle…” It was as if lightning struck Princess Rong Hua. She incredulously looked at Mu Huai. “You…”

It’s like a basket which can only hold one pound of fruit, but you stuff two pounds of fruit inside. That basket will end up broken.

Ordinary people suddenly acquiring powerful skills would be in a similar situation as the basket.

Ming Shu touched her chin and pondered deeply.

“Don’t think you won’t reap what you sow. Even if you are willing to live for only two years, no one wants to pa.s.s on all his life’s skills to you.” Mu Huai thought Ming Shu was pondering on this matter so he couldn’t help warning her.

Ming Shu wasn’t listening actually. After considering for a long time, she said slowly, “I’m going to set the house on fire.”


Wait, what?

Set it on fire ?

Ming Shu never went back on her words.

She burned Cheng Jinyun’s room down and left a note for her, fearing that she wouldn’t know that it was she who did it.

Isn’t it a provocation?

Isn’t she asking for trouble voluntarily?

Ming Shu constantly refreshed Mu Huai’s bottom line of cognition; he really was underestimating this troublemaker.

He wondered if it was not too late to return her to the Heavenly Temple.

Mu Huai took a few deep breaths before finally persuading himself not to drop her.

“It’s time to go, before it’s too late.” Mu Huai said these helpless words again, which had been repeated many times this evening.

“Let’s go.”

“If we can’t…” Mu Huai also prepared further convincing words, but he didn’t expect Ming Shu to agree so quickly right then.

Since Ming Shu had agreed, Mu Huai didn’t dare delay. He quickly took her to the city gates and met with Ye Cong and the others.

Mu Huai returned to the capital city with few people and few things, but because he had to bring one more person back, another carriage was added to his convoy.

In the distant sky appeared faint signs of the coming dawn. The heavy city gates were slowly opened, the sound of which seemed like a song of long history.

Mu Huai and the others exited the city immediately and headed straight in the direction of the border.

Ming Shu sat inside the rickety carriage, watching the city outline become vaguer and vaguer, gradually disappearing from sight. This imperial city, upon which the Wushang Dynasty had been established a hundred years ago, now seemed to have begun to collapse…

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