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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 117 - The Royal Princess (23)

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Chapter 117: The Royal Princess (23)

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“King Huai, why don’t we form an alliance and share the throne together?” Qi Hongwei proposed a tempting idea.

“Not interested.” Two tigers cannot live on the same mountain. Alliance? Go fool those with a low IQ. Do I look like an idiot?

“King Huai, do you have to stop me today?”

“Are you finished?” Ming Shu interrupted them again. “I think we should take a seat and chat over food.”

Blah blah blah… These two men talk too much. I’m starving over here!

King Huai nudged her back again, speechless.

But Ming Shu didn’t accept the “kindness” this time. Stopping me once, okay, I’m tolerant. Stopping me again? Nice try!

Ming Shu slapped Mu Huai on the back of his hand.


The atmosphere quieted down all of a sudden.

It was a heavy hit. Mu Huai’s hand turned red immediately. Shock and anger had his hand twisting into the shape of a claw, trembling and aimed toward Ming Shu. But he took a deep, deep breath and held back his strong temper.

Calm down!

I can’t strangle her.

Mu Huai held his left hand with his right, pulling it back to one side. “I must leave with her today.”

“Hoh, that depends. King Huai…” Qi Hongwei took out his weapon. “I’ve long heard of your skilled Kung Fu. I may have the chance to see it for myself today.”

Mu Huai actually didn’t want to fight. He was afraid that others might be jealous of his excellent martial arts and handsome actions. But it seemed he had to fight so that he could get rid of Qi Hongwei.

After contemplating for a while, Mu Huai decided to sacrifice himself.

That psychotic woman was entirely to blame! Why couldn’t she just give the painting to him! She dared to burn it. If Qi Hongwei or the emperor had seen her burning the painting in person, they would definitely have cut her into pieces. He was too generous!

But what was most annoying was she didn’t feel grateful toward him, not even a little bit!

I’m so angry.

Why?! Why do I have to fight here while she is eating next to me!

Mu Huai was tortured by all kinds of thoughts. But on the surface, he still wore a cold expression and accepted a one-on-one fight with Qi Hongwei.

The fighting style of Qi Hongwei was very violent. With every movement backed by fierce momentum, his attacks were fast and powerful. He left almost no opportunity for the opponent to fight back.

Meanwhile, Mu Huai’s movements looked a bit random, like nondescript tricks integrated with a variety of martial arts. Although it was confusing, it could be used to restrict Qi Hongwei’s fighting style.

The two were entrapped in a tangle with each other, which seemed furious and endless.

Ming Shu held her chin, bored. How long are they going to fight?!

Will I get dinner?

Well, let me think about what to eat first.

Braised joint of pork in brown sauce, steamed pork ribs…

The restaurant was full of people. Ming Shu ordered a table full of dishes and listened to the wonderful conversation from the next table as she happily enjoyed the delicious food.

“This royal princess, she suddenly ignited the painting and burned it to pieces, which shocked everyone present.”

“What’s so special about the painting that makes it worthy of so many people fighting over it?”

“That I don’t know, but I heard the painting is Mo Baisheng’s work World Peace, and that it is a famous painting.”

“Even if it’s a famous painting, why did so many people have to fight over it?” someone questioned. “Are you not fooling us?”

There were many artists as well as many famous paintings. Some other painters were also more famous than Mo Baisheng. So…

“What? Of course not! Why would I fool you…”

“So did the royal princess really burn it?”


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“Wow, that’s who she is, Her Highness the royal princess.”

“You destroyed one of the paintings, which means that no one can create the whole map now. Qi Hongwei will probably not let you be.” Qi hongwei was not a kind man at all.

“King Huai, Your Highness.” Ming Shu wiped her hands and looked up into Mu Huai’s eyes. “You’ve talked too much today. Did you take the wrong medicine?”

Mu Huai avoided Ming Shu’s gaze and continued, “Not just Qi Hongwei, but the emperor. You must be careful.”

Then he stood up, looking down to meet Ming Shu’s eyes. “If you need help, just come to me.”

Then he turned and left.

“Suddenly you are being kind to me… Uncle, are you hiding some unseemly and evil plan?” Ming Shu also stood up and caught up with Mu Huai, smiling. “Uncle, do you have a crush on me? My beauty or my talent, which one?”

“…” If anyone dared to say he was the most narcissistic, he would introduce this one to him.

“Whatever you think.” I don’t want to talk to her.

Ming Shu left the restaurant, following closely behind Mu Huai. The street was crowded with people and small stalls selling a variety of street snacks. It was a very lively scene.

Ming Shu bought every food along the street.

Mu Huai was totally speechless. She ate so much in the restaurant, and is now buying these snacks again… Is she a pig?

Even a pig cannot eat this much, right?

“Royal Princess, be mindful of your weight.” Mu Huai couldn’t help but say something unpleasant, intending to offend Ming Shu.

Ming Shu looked back and smiled. “Uncle, didn’t His Majesty ask you to find a wife within a month? Have you got one?”

Come on, who can’t say unpleasant words!

I think I’m quite good at “debating” like this.

“…” Mu Huai harrumphed. “Royal Princess, do you have anyone to recommend?”

“I’d love to, but do you really trust me, Uncle?” The girl’s voice was light and witty, which even in such a noisy market could clearly fall to his ear, piercing all the way to the surface of his heart.

Mu Huai had no doubt that it was possible for her to get a body for him.

“I…” Mu Huai looked around and… Where is she?

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