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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 114 - The Royal Princess (20)

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Chapter 114: The Royal Princess (20)

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She didn’t expect that Cheng Jinyun, the fake female protagonist, would show up for this painting. This painting was really important.

Hehe. Ming Shu clicked her tongue.

Mo Baisheng was really a big shot.

Ming Shu stepped back to the end of the alleyway with the painting to make sure these people couldn’t capture her easily. Then she smiled and said, “fortunately, today you can witness a miracle with your own eyes.”

Mu Huai’s first thought was that she wanted to do something unusual.

Cheng Jinyun was a little confused. She looked at Ming Shu—or rather, the painting in her hand.

Cheng Jinyun only played a supporting role in her previous life; she didn’t know what happened to the protagonist. However, she was now the new female lead and knew that some secrets were hidden in this painting, so she took the risk and came here in person.

Who knew… she would be seen through by Ming Shu at a glance.

“Stop her.” Mu Huai gave the order to Ye Cong.

The latter, in conditioned reflex, acted immediately. But Ming Shu was already standing at the entrance of the alleyway; she only needed to turn around and run a few steps outside, and she would be exposed to an ambush.

Ye Cong didn’t stop her.

Ming Shu escaped the alleyway.

She stood outside, smiling. The emperor gave this painting to her, using the Heavenly Temple and Ming Shu herself as its shield.

Well, she was okay with him using the Heavenly Temple, but using her…

Anyone who uses me without gifting me snacks, they are robbers.

“Lord… do I need to chase after the royal princess?” Ye Cong didn’t dare to give chase. The people outside were all Qi Hongwei’s, so he had to ask Mu Huai.


Chase what?

I want to kill her.

Mu Huai held back his anger and watched Ming Shu walking toward the ferry with the painting. She looked quite pleased.

Why is she happy? What is she happy about! There’s nothing to feel happy about!

Did she know what she was doing?

Mu Huai clenched his fists and took a few deep breaths so that he didn’t combust.

What should I do now?

What can I do?

Just find a good spot, and wait to watch the show.

Ming Shu walked to the ferry. People dressed like laborers had already surrounded her in all directions. They seemed to want to examine her entire person thoroughly.

“I’ve brought you what you want.” Ming Shu shook the painting in her hand and smiled.

Ming Shu came alone, which was unexpected to these people. They studied her cautiously, suspecting ambushes and traps.

The girl widened her smile, as if having figured out what they were worrying over. “Rest a.s.sured, I am alone.”

“Let her come up.”

A voice rang in the distance. Ming Shu followed the sound: a man was standing on the ship’s board.

Ming Shu put the painting on her back. With her skirt flying, she walked toward the side of the boat. The people blocking her way didn’t scatter to let her pa.s.s until she neared them.

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Ming Shu then boarded the ship. The man awaiting her bowed his tribute and said calmly, “Please come with me.”

Qi Hongwei waved to order his people to prepare another two plates of desserts. “The royal princess really impressed me today.”

“Don’t get too excited, the most impressive is yet to come.” It’s just the beginning and you’re impressed? Won’t you be scared to death later?

“Is it? I am really looking forward to it.” Qi Hongwei became more and more confused. He didn’t know what Ming Shu was going to do.

Ming Shu spared some time to ask in the middle of eating: “Where’s Princess Rong Hua?”

Qi Hongwei folded his hands in front of him. “To my knowledge, Princess Rong Hua and the royal princess did not have a harmonious relationship. Why have you been sent to bring the painting here now?”

“Probably because I look good.” Ming Shu took the opportunity to be narcissistic.

“…” I’m afraid things won’t go well today.

“You know what? That Princess Rong Hua, bring her out and let me have a look.”

Qi Hongwei gave a superficial smile. “Royal Princess, do you think I would keep Princess Rong Hua here?”

Ming Shu smiled sincerely, though. “So then I’ll ask for two more plates, and you can take the time to bring her over here.”

“…” Is she delusional or am I? “Royal Princess, this request is beyond my ability…”


Ming Shu pinched the middle of the painting. With only a little effort, the painting would be torn in half. She continued to ask smilingly, “Well? What about now?”

Qi Hongwei was shocked into standing up from his chair and watched Ming Shu with a very odd expression.

“You care so much about this painting, but I don’t. I have no mercy for it, and when I ruin it, you won’t even get the pieces. Now, would you please bring Princess Rong Hua to me?”

Qi Hongwei stared at Ming Shu’s hand, fearing that she would accidentally destroy the painting. Then he calmed down and said, “Royal Princess, don’t forget, you are surrounded by my people now. Think carefully, do you think you will be faster than them? May I suggest you cherish your n.o.ble life?”

“Wow! You are so powerful! Do you want me to give you an Oscar with a Han Banquet as the prize?”

“…” How should I answer this?

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