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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 113 - The Royal Princess (19)

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Chapter 113: The Royal Princess (19)

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The strange thing was that the emperor didn’t send people to take the painting. The two, master and emperor, suddenly abandoned the dispute. They locked themselves up in one room and conspired for a long time. Then they seemed to have given up the rescue of Princess Rong Hua, and all the people were ordered to return to the palace. They began to strengthen the safeguarding of the royal palace.

Even the Heavenly Temple increased its number of patrolling guards.

Ming Shu was a bit surprised. This painting is more important than the life of Princess Rong Hua?

If it is so important, why did the emperor give the painting to me?

I need to brainstorm.

“Get me something to eat.” To fuel the brainstorming.

Zhi Qi quickly handed over the snacks.


If Princess Rong Hua is dead, where should I get my Hatred Points?

So, now she may have to rely on me to save her?

This doesn’t seem to be a normal plot development.

MMP… Is this really happening? A Hatred-Point gatherer has to rescue her target character?

Ming Shu got up and rolled up the painting. “Zhi Qi, later, if the master comes over and asks where I am, you will tell him that I have eloped with the painting.”

“Ah? Princess… what are you going to do?” Zhi Qi was confused at first, then she got a little nervous. “You can’t leave the Heavenly Temple now, it’s dangerous outside.”

Ming Shu smiled to Zhi Qi. “Rest a.s.sured, I’m not so easy to kill.”

The snacks are still waiting for me, how can I die casually.

Zhi Qi was fascinated by that smile, and when she came back to herself, Ming Shu had walked out the door. Zhi Qi quickly chased after her. “Princess, hey, please come back. Stop the princess, stop the princess!”

Pah pah pah!

Ming Shu dusted off the gra.s.s clinging to her body. She was now standing at a very remote corner of the palace wall, and the little beastie rolled out from one side.

You promised me! Food, food, food! I want the Han Banquet!

“Don’t bother me. Move.”

The little beastie didn’t roll this time. It jumped forward, following Ming Shu.

Big liar!

“Well, it’s not the first time. Stay cool, little kid.”

“…” I don’t know what to say, really.

Every time it helped her, she wouldn’t pay!

Why do I have such a liar of a master. What’s wrong with my life!

But why can’t you stand firm a little bit each time? Just a little bit…

I am so angry!

Angry enough to perish together!

The more it thought, the angrier the little beastie became. Finally it “transformed” into a hedgehog, aimed itself at Ming Shu, and hit her body hard after running up and jumping. Ming Shu almost fell to the ground.

The little beastie rolled along Ming Shu’s clothes and climbed into her sleeve as soon as it could.

“A brave soldier, aren’t you?” Ming Shu pinched it. The little beastie huddled into a ball and complained continuously in a small voice.

Ming Shu chuckled. She willfully touched and played with the little beastie until the latter struggled to protest, helplessly murmuring. Then she smiled and walked to the market with a crowd of people.

Ming Shu asked about the location of the South Ferry, and then swaggered to the targeted place with that World Peace in her hand.

Just as she approached the South Ferry and pa.s.sed a corner, her wrist was suddenly caught by someone and she was pulled into an alleyway.

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A strange and cold breath shrouded Ming Shu. She looked up to see Mu Huai’s cold face.

Almost at the same time he finished the sentence, a figure managed to avoid the peripheral guards and entered the alleyway.

Ye Cong attacked instantly. The figure must not have expected someone to be here, and was a little stunned, but their reaction was quick. The figure avoided the attack swiftly and moved deeper into the alleyway.

“They” were covered with a veil over the face. But from the figure, it was not difficult to tell that it was a girl.

“Who are you!” Ye Cong asked.

“Just pa.s.sing by.” The girl lowered her voice, which sounded a bit hoa.r.s.e, and her head also dipped down. Apparently she was preventing others from recognizing her.

Ming Shu suddenly shouted, “Cheng Jinyun!”

The girl subconsciously glanced at Ming Shu, and the shock flashed past her eyes.

“It’s really you.” Ming Shu laughed. A woman appearing here at this time and dressed like this, how can it not be the protagonist?

“You’ve got the wrong person.”

“Really? But Miss Cheng, you dropped your things. Look, isn’t that Xiangyun jade yours?”

Xiangyun jade… The girl automatically followed Ming Shu’s gaze to the ground, but there was nothing on the ground.

“It is you, Miss Cheng, there’s no need to deny it.” The last time in the royal garden, Ming Shu saw Cheng Jinyun wearing a Xiangyun jade around her waist. So she naturally made it up.

Cheng Jinyun gritted her teeth. “You tricked me.”

“Yes, so what? Are you not Miss Cheng of the Cheng family?”

“…” Cheng Jinyun had nothing to comeback with.

Why is she here?

Ming Shu played with the painting in her hand and said casually, “Seems everyone is present today. Are you all coming for this painting?”

Such a valuable thing is now in my possession, it can probably be exchanged for a lot of delicious food.

But wait…

I’m here on business. Right, calm down, I can’t be tempted by snacks.

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