Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 1129 - The Forbidden Rose Song (39)

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Chapter 1129: The Forbidden Rose Song (39)

Ming Shu checked through all the materials yet found nothing useful.

Su Mian stood on one side. “Perhaps he was lying to you.”

Ming Shu continued searching through the messy materials before her. “No.”

She drank his blood and suddenly her power increased…

Su Mian walked over and hugged Ming Shu from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder. “Do you care about me so much?”

Ming Shu grunted lightly. “He provoked me, if I can’t teach him a lesson, how will I get respected in the future?”

Su Mian: “…”

Of course she didn’t do this for him.

Ming Shu tilted her head and kissed him on the lips. “Besides, I don’t want to bother changing my food.”

Su Mian: “…” So I should be thankful that I can be eaten?

Chu Yue came in and saw the two in this position, so he coughed. Su Mian released Ming Shu and stood up calmly.

“Before, we found several places that are suspected to be their footholds, here are some materials I get from those places.”

Chu Yue put a box in front of Ming Shu.

Ming Shu took them and checked, but most were what she had already read, and those she didn’t read also had nothing to do with Su Mian.

Chu Yue said, “Many of the vampires know a lot of things, perhaps they can see through something.”

Ming Shu thought it was reasonable, so she told Tong Ye to contact some old vampires.

However, these old vampires also didn’t find anything. In their eyes, Su Mian was just a normal human.

“I really am fine.” Su Mian had become spiritless after being tortured for several days.

Ming Shu gave him a look and didn’t say anything.

Su Mian: “…” What did she mean by doing that!

What was her expression!? She dislikes me!

Do you think you can dislike me?!

“Fu Yu, I brought Jason here.” Tong Ye suddenly came in with a skinny old man.


It was a surprise to Ming Shu that Tong Ye could bring Jason. This vampire rarely left Gold Unchangeable.

Jason nodded at Ming Shu and looked at Su Mian.

Since he was here, Ming Shu asked Jason to have a look at Su Mian.

So Jason checked Su Mian in a similar process as done by other vampires.

After a long time, Jason said to Ming Shu, “Fu Yu, can I talk to you in private?”

Ming Shu took Jason out and the old man wore a serious expression. “Have you ever heard of holy cups?”

Ming Shu thought for a while. “It’s not one of the five holy relics, right?”

“No,” Jason said, “because holy cups are not holy relics.”

The origin of the holy cups was more ancient than other holy relics. They said that the holy cups were pa.s.sed down from the first generation of vampires, but they had long been lost.

Compared to holy relics that could be occasionally heard of, there were very few vampires who knew about holy cups now.

“What does it have to do with Su Mian?”

“He is a holy cup.”


Are you telling me that a human is actually a cup?!

Are you really not a quack!

Jason seemed to know what Ming Shu was thinking. “The holy cup is not an object, but bloodline; it represents the purest blood of vampire.”

“You drank his blood, right?” Jason swept a gaze all over Ming Shu with his cloudy eyes. “Did you feel that your power was enhanced? That is the power of holy cups. He is not awakened yet, but once he is awakened, his blood will have a much more powerful effect.”

“What will happen to him?”

Jason considered it for a moment. “According to the records in history, the awakening had happened three times and all failed.”

“What was the result of failure?”

“Bloodthirstiness. If no one stops him, he will kill endlessly.” Jason’s voice seemed a little distant. “I heard that the World Salvation Society was collecting holy relics, now appears a holy cup. If I didn’t guess wrong, they were trying to use the power of the holy relics to awaken him…”

“What if he doesn’t awaken? Can he keep the guise of a human?”

“When the time comes, he will naturally awaken,” Jason sighed. “The natural law rules and everything obeys its destiny.”

Ming Shu looked at the sunlight in the distance that can not shine here and slightly tightened her grip on the rail.

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Little Beastie stopped at a place with plenty of blooming roses. It jumped to squat on a tombstone which was wrapped in roses and shook its fur, then waved its hairy paws.

p.o.o.p-picker, see, this is the world I’ve earned for you.

Ming Shu directly slapped it over and Little Beastie flew off, falling into the rose bushes. It jumped up angrily.

Ming Shu cleared away the rose vines then took one iron shovel from Liu Wanyue’s hands. “Okay, let’s do this.”

Liu Wanyue: “…”

It was right in the middle of the night…

She came to dig up a tomb?

Liu Wanyue rubbed her own arm. Seeing Ming Shu had already begun to work, she put her palms together before her chest and worshiped in all directions, then went to help Ming Shu.

Soon there was a pit around them. But there was nothing in it: no coffin, and no bodies or bones.

Liu Wanyue felt a little strange. They had reached a quite the depth… Shouldn’t they see the coffin?

Perhaps the coffin was buried very deep…

But when they had dug to the height of a human, there was still nothing visible.

Liu Wanyue sweat all over due to exertion, and Ming Shu sat on the edge, resting to replenish her strength.

Liu Wanyue looked up at Ming Shu from inside the pit. She couldn’t help but ask, “Why isn’t there a coffin or bones here?”

Ming Shu answered seriously, “Perhaps the body turned into a spirit and left with his coffin.”

Liu Wanyue immediately shuddered. There seemed to be cold air rising from under her feet.

“I was lying. No one was buried here so there isn’t any coffin or bones.”

“But… isn’t this place a graveyard?”

“Who told you that a graveyard must have bodies?”

“But if no bodies are buried here, how can it be called a graveyard?”

“It’s just to scare people.”

“…” Who would be so bored as to do that?

Chu Yue, who came to look for someone, appeared beside them quietly. “What are you doing here?”


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