Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 11 - Gossip Queen (11)

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Chapter 11: Gossip Queen (11)

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Ming Shu finished her conversation and managed to slip away to eat.

In a while, she’d have a lot of things to do, so she had to be full.

Therefore, when Jiang Xun found his sister, Jiang Nian was eating in the corner.

He looked around and found that no one paid her any mind. He walked toward her, coughed with a hand over his mouth, and reminded her in a low voice, “Niannian, behave yourself.”

“I’m hungry,” Ming Shu answered in an unclear voice.

“You ate so much this morning, you’re still hungry now?” Jiang Xun was confused. He remembered her eating a lot before. Was her stomach a bottomless pit?

In the past, when she was still at home, he had never seen this.

As a star, wasn’t she afraid of becoming fat?

Ming Shu ate the last piece of dessert on her plate. She shook the empty plate and said, “You’re not me. I’m just hungry. What’s wrong?”

I can’t even eat in peace.


Jiang Xun glanced behind him and said, “You’re going to give a public speech. Don’t eat too much in case you get fat.”

Ming Shu continued to smile. “Anyhow, it’s not you who are going to be fat.”

“…” He was deluded to think she had changed. She just quarreled with him in another way.

The temperature around Jiang Xun dropped a little and his face became sour.

Ming Shu stepped back. Is he going to be bad?

How about I fight him first?

Ming Shu was considering the feasibility of that when Jiang Xun left. From head to toe, all of him let strangers know not to come close and acquaintances not to bother him. Where he pa.s.sed, the crowd couldn’t help but make way for him.

Ming Shu used the empty plate as a fan. What’s wrong with him?

Let him go. I’m hungry.

“Let’s welcome Miss Jiang to speak. Journalists can ask questions afterward, but please be quiet and wait for now.” The host’s voice was sweet and, as she spoke, the light focused on Ming Shu.

Ming Shu hid the plate behind her back at once. She stepped aside to put it on the table behind her. After that, she walked to the stage with a smile on her face.

Jiang Xun had told her what to say. She just needed to recite it.

After the speech, it was time for the journalists to ask questions.

Ming Shu pointed at somebody randomly.

“Miss Jiang, there was a rumor about you and Mr. Zhou. Is he your boyfriend?”

“Mr. Zhou?” Who? Do I know him? The Host had been gossiped about with so many people and some of them even had the same first name. How could she know who Mr. Zhou was. “Next question.”

“…” The journalist was astonished. “Miss Jiang, could you answer my question?”

“Is there any rule that forces me to answer your question?” I just don’t want to answer. What can you do to me? “Anyway, I have been gossiped about with many people, how can I remember who Mr. Zhou is. Can you ask a relevant question?”

“…” The journalist was silent. Are you proud of being gossiped about with so many people?

Was this question not relevant? Does she doubt my professional ability?

The next journalist took the opportunity to ask a relevant question. “Miss Jiang, what’s the grievance between you and Miss Ning?”

Ming Shu smiled and said, “It’s a long story.”

The journalists immediately became excited. They all stared single-mindedly at Ming Shu in case they missed anything.

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“In short—I don’t like her.”

These two questions appeared completely innocuous, but there was a trap within. If Ming Shu answered that Starlight Entertainment wanted to develop in s...o...b..z, she would be representing the Jiang family, not herself.

And if her answer was personal, those journalists would report that she didn’t care to look after the family’s interests as a whole.

“If you want to know the reason, you can ask Li Shaonan. I believe his answer would be better than mine. Next.”

“…” So are you too lazy to give us an explanation? the journalists thought.

“Does Miss Jiang believe that Starlight Entertainment could compete with Jinyu Entertainment under your leadership?” This journalist was indomitable and continued to press.

Ming Shu remained unflappable and answered their artful questions. The journalists asked artful questions and her answers were artful too. She even entertained herself sometimes.

Soon, the journalists were unable to bear looking at Ming Shu any longer. They felt pained by her answers.

Ming Shu jumped from the stage and walked through the crowd to the lounge. When she was answering questions just now, she saw Ning Keqing go backstage and not come out.

Jiang Xun wasn’t here either. One of her tasks was preventing Jiang Xun from falling in love with Ning Keqing. She had to go there to get Hatred Points.

Ming Shu ate the apple she picked up and tied a knot in her overlong dress, her gaze searching around.

“I’m so sorry…” The delicate voice came from around the corner. It was Ning Keqing’s voice.

Ming Shu stopped, her eyes shining— I found you.

Ning Keqing, I’m coming.

Ming Shu walked in the direction of the voice. She turned the corner and saw that Ning Keqing, in her white dress, was fumbling on Jiang Xun and Jiang Xun was trying to stop her, his face gloomy.

Crunch . Ming Shu bit into the apple, the sound surprising them. The two looked at her at the same time. Ning Keqing panicked for a second and then quickly stepped back. Jiang Xun took off his suit, threw it aside, and walked toward Ming Shu.

Ming Shu smiled and said, “Ah, Miss Ning, are you going to find another Money Boss? Your Li Shaonan would be so sad.”

“Niannian, just now…” Jiang Xun wanted to explain.

“Sister Jiang Nian, I have nothing to do with Mr. Jiang,” Ning Keqing, with an aggrieved expression, interrupted Jiang Xun and explained. “Don’t misunderstand.”

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