Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 109 - The Royal Princess (15)

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Chapter 109: The Royal Princess (15)

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The man in black felt like a dumb fool. Right now he was following behind the strange woman, whose figure was swaying from one side to another. She was so weak and totally defenseless.

Why did I actually follow her?


I don’t understand…

The man in black took a bite of the white steamed bread in his hand, beginning to doubt himself. He was indeed a bit hungry, then he happened to see… He swore that he really just happened to see the legendary imperial kitchen, so he thought, he should go into the kitchen to have a look… to see what kind of delicious food was stored in that room, so that he might feed himself before finishing his task.

He didn’t expect that there was no delicious food, only white steamed bread.

“Okay, it’s here.” Ming Shu pointed to the palace, the wall of which she had just jumped.

The man in black quickly put on his mask and asked, “Why did you help me?”

“Isn’t it good to have others’ help?” What’s wrong with this world? I can’t even get a thank you for helping someone?

“I’m afraid you will sell me out.” Just like the saying goes, if someone offers you help without gaining anything return, they’re either planning something evil or concealing something bad!

Ming Shu chuckled. “Don’t be so gloomy, young man, can’t we hold a positive life att.i.tude? Besides, how much are you worth?”


Listen to the last sentence… You told me to be positive?

“If you hesitate any longer, it will be dawn,” Ming Shu kindly reminded him.

The man in black couldn’t sense any signs of danger from Ming Shu, and he didn’t even feel any hostility. Her whole personality seemed very soft, like a ball of warm cotton in tender light.

He was a little hesitant. There wouldn’t be traps waiting for him inside?

Go in, or don’t?

Fine, whatever!

He made up his mind and jumped over the palace wall.

Soon, the man in black came out with Princess Rong Hua on his shoulder. But when he found Ming Shu still standing in the same place, nibbling the white steamed bread, he was so shocked and frightened that he almost fell off the wall.

Although the white steamed bread of the imperial kitchen is more delicious than common ones, you don’t have to keep eating, okay? How hungry are you?!

“Why are you still here?” The man in black kept his voice down.

“I want to ask you, why are you kidnapping Princess Rong Hua?” This man risked his life to come into the palace and kidnap the princess. If he didn’t do it for fun, then there must be a big conspiracy behind it.

“I can’t tell you.” The man in black jumped down with Princess Rong Hua. “About what happened today, if you dare tell anyone else, I will kill you no matter where you are.”

“Come on, kid, your IQ needs to be recharged.” Ming Shu dusted off the bread crumbs on her hand and glared at the man in black. “If I tell anyone, what’s the use in killing me?”

“It seems to be…” The man in black shook his head and firmly said, “Don’t fool me.”

This woman in front of him always wore a smile on her face, revealing harmlessness to any creature, which would easily lower others’ defenses.

“Tell me, why do you want her? Rest a.s.sured, I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

“What if I don’t tell you?”

Ming Shu shrugged. “Then I can only help you kill Princess Rong Hua or offer you to the guards and get my reward. Which one do you like better?”

“…” What the h.e.l.l? Does this kind of thing even exist?

Who showed the way for me just now!

I knew this woman was not kind.

“Look at your weak woman’s body, do you think you can beat me?” He was very confident about his martial arts, or it wouldn’t be him to sneak in the palace today to steal people—ah, pah, kidnap people.

This woman walked like a weak chicken, and he could tell she didn’t know any martial arts at first glance, otherwise he would have already killed her.

“Well, indeed I can’t, but…” Ming Shu smiled. “They can.”


Ming Shu waved her hand and several dark figures appeared in the dark. These people were the ones who were sent by the master to protect her after the last time she encountered an

The man in black wanted to cry. He was here just to kidnap a person, why did he inexplicably provoke a strange woman?

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“Who are you?”

The man in black was relieved, and he quickly left this dangerous place with the fainted Princess Rong Hua. He didn’t dare let her send him off. If she sent him to another, even more dangerous place, he wouldn’t know about it!

“Your Royal Highness, we just let him go?” one protector came forward and asked.

Ming Shu touched her chin and was silent for a moment. “You go in to check if there is any evidence framing me, and send two people to follow him. Find out who he will give Rong Hua to.”

It’s really a windfall tonight.

Taking the orders, the man disappeared in a flash, and the distant people also slid into the darkness. The little beastie poked its head out from a tuft of gra.s.s.

Hey hey hey, someone is framing you.

“That makes it a little fun.”

The little beastie struggled out of the gra.s.s with its short legs, shaking its coat.

Fun for what? You are a weak chicken in this world, be careful and don’t kill yourself.

“Well, I have you.” Ming Shu bent over and picked up the little beastie. “You will protect me, right?”

Who will protect you, I’m not gonna protect you, you only know how to abuse me all day, humph.

Ming Shu just smiled and pressed on its head.

The latter huffed . Look at what you are doing! And you want me to protect you? Keep dreaming!

Ah, ah, ahhhhh, let go of me!

My head is broken.

“Catch the—”

“,, guards!”

Suddenly loud shouting came from the distance, followed by countless torches.

Ming Shu shook her head and sighed. That stupid thief, which fool sent him off?

Later, Ming Shu knew why that stupid thief was found. His Qing Kung and martial arts were good. He was found because he wasn’t familiar with the palace’s routes, but he was not caught in the end.

Because of the incident, the entire palace was closed off, and the royal guards began to search from one palace to another.

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