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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 108 - The Royal Princess (14)

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Chapter 108: The Royal Princess (14)

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About the last question raised by Ming Shu, the master didn’t answer with an affirmative.

He only told her that the Heavenly Temple existed for the royal family and was inseparable from it.

Ming Shu pondered this while eating lotus seeds.

The Heavenly Temple and the royal family…

This evening I should go beat Princess Rong Hua.

[…] Why could the Guest relate her thinking about the relationship between the Heavenly Temple and the royal family to beating Princess Rong Hua?

That night, Ming Shu ganged up with the little beastie as well as the Harmony System, which kept encouraging her to practice this or that evil idea on Princess Rong Hua, and went to give Princess Rong Hua a violent beating.

Upon finishing, Ming Shu climbed up the wall to get out.

The little beastie fell onto the ground first, but before it could roll to one side, Ming Shu fell from the wall and landed on it. The little beastie immediately saw stars, it was so dizzy…

Move aside! You’re so heavy!

The little beastie could only protest angrily.

“This wall didn’t seem so high when we came in, strange…” Ming Shu murmured while climbing up from ground.

The little beastie rolled aside quickly.

I’ll never walk along with her again, it hurts! What if this stops me from growing taller?!

“Auh!” A sudden exclamation rang out.

The little beastie was so startled its fur bristled all over, and it turned to the culprit angrily.

What’s the matter!

This late at night, are you going to scare a little beastie to death?!

The little beastie’s pupils narrowed to slits, alertly staring at the black shadows on the other side.

“Your Royal Highness…” This voice was a bit familiar. “What are you doing here?”

Ming Shu patted her chest and stepped back while showing a look of mock fright. “G.o.d, you scared me. Don’t you make any noise while walking? It’s too late and quiet now.”

“…” We scared you, and you are laughing? Ye Cong thought.

By the way, we were the first to stand here, okay?

The little beastie rolled into the gra.s.s to hide.

King Huai, who was almost in harmony with the darkness, glanced at it without expression, then took back his sight in just one second. He didn’t seem to be interested in what it was.

Ye Cong asked carefully, “Your Highness, what are you doing here?”

Just now, as soon as he and his lord came here, a person fell down from the wall before them. They wanted to hide but it was too late.

Ming Shu stopped patting her chest and smoothed down several curls of hair falling around her ear. “What are you doing here? As far as I know, King Huai does not live in the palace?”

In any case, she lived in the palace, even if she appeared here in the middle of the night, so she could make up any reason and cover this up. But, King Huai was not residing in the palace.

Ye Cong didn’t dare to answer of his own accord, casting his gaze on his lord.

King Huai’s eyes fell on Ming Shu, and the darkness of night masked all the emotions in his eyes.

“Whatever, forget about it, it doesn’t matter to me what you are doing here.” Ming Shu waved her hand. “We never met each other, goodbye.”

Since we were all handling affairs under the cover of darkness, let’s just be friendly to each other. I’m hurrying back for snacks.

… So the key is actually the food.

Ye Cong tried to stop her. “Your…”

King Huai reached out to stop him. The unfinished sentence was lost in the darkness.

Ming Shu glanced at him, smiling, then elegantly walking away with a hand lifting her skirt’s hemline.

“Lord?” Ye Cong was a little confused and worried; what if the royal princess told others about their meeting today?

“She won’t.” King Huai’s cold voice was full of certainty.

Ye Cong became even more confused. Why is the lord so sure?

Ye Cong looked at the dark shadow that had already moved far away, and sighed helplessly in the bottom of his heart. It was really one trouble after another.

“Let’s go.”


The night wind blew across the gra.s.s outside the palace wall. A weak figure was swaying along with the gra.s.s. The full moon hid itself behind the clouds, and the whole world plunged into darkness, without any visible light.

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A storm was coming.

But is it necessary for a concubine to steal food?


The man in black squatted in front of Ming Shu.

Ming Shu and the little beastie’s movements were almost synchronized as they held their food back to protect it, staring at the man in black with vigilance. Now he was watching the on-line food defender Ming Shu and her petty little beastie.

The man in black’s face was covered in black lines. Just now when he appeared, he didn’t see them acting so alertly?

“Don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you.” The man in black made his voice sound more amiable and tried to be friendly. “Hey, is this your pet? It’s so small… What’s the breed…”

The little beastie glared at the man in black, holding its unfinished white steamed bread and rolling to one side, hiding under the table.

“… called?” Why is everything so strange today?

Ming Shu shoved her white steamed bread into her mouth quickly, then curled her lips in a standard smile. “What do you want?”

“Aren’t you afraid of me?”

He was dressed like an (actually he was an and suddenly appeared here, shouldn’t anyone scream at this scene?

This little girl was not afraid at all. She even asked him “What do you want?” with a smile.

This reaction is not right.

“Why should I be afraid of you?” Ming Shu reached out to take another white steamed bread from overhead and continued, “Do you have three heads and six arms, or are controlled by a ghost?”

“I’m an!” You should be afraid of me!

“Oh, an” Ming Shu nodded, and the next second she excitedly asked, “Who are you going to I can show you the way.”

The man in black was dumbstruck when he heard this. What?

Show me the way?

He was an, an !

The man in black suspiciously examined Ming Shu from upside down. She was in fine clothes and exquisite fabrics, the fabrics used by the royal family…

The man in black answered quietly, “Princess Rong Hua.”

Ming Shu looked up and gave him a look. The man in black seemed to have no reaction, squatting in front of her casually. However, his muscles were tight, and if Ming Shu did anything out of the ordinary, he could kill her in an instant.

“Don’t be nervous, I won’t hurt you.” The smile on Ming Shu’s face widened. “Princess Rong Hua’s palace is not here, you took the wrong way.”

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