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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 106 - The Royal Princess (12)

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Chapter 106: The Royal Princess (12)

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Being swept into the pond all of a sudden, without rhyme or reason, Cheng Jinyun and Princess Rong Hua were both astonished. In the water, Princess Rong Hua was yelling and struggling desperately. Several times, when Cheng Jinyun had almost climbed up to the bank, she was dragged down by the former.

They two struggled in the water for a long time before finally getting to the shallower waters with the help of the maids and eunuchs.

” Cough, cough, cough …” Princess Rong Hua coughed a with hand covering her chest. She looked up and revealed a pair of furious eyes, sounding extremely angry. “Cheng Jinyun, you want to murder me?”

But Cheng Jinyun was in the same embarra.s.sed state. Just now she was stopped from climbing up the bank by Princess Rong Hua many times, which made her choke on several mouthfuls of water. At this time, she was also angry. “If I wanted to murder you, would I need to jump into the water with you?”

The cold wind blew past Princess Rong Hua, and the chilliness made her calm a bit. With so many people present, it’s impossible for Cheng Jinyun to do that, so who?

“Your Highness…” The maid next to her pulled on her sleeves. “The royal princess is….”

Rong Hua shouted, impatiently, “What royal imperial prince…”

But suddenly she swallowed the unfinished word, because she saw the person that she hated very much in a glimpse, who was standing not far and looking at them with her annoying smile.

She seemed to be enjoying their awkward situation.

“Your Highness, Miss Cheng, is it fun in the water?” The wind carried that smiling voice to their ears.

“It was you!” Princess Rong Hua gritted her teeth and worked hard to climb out of the water. “Did you do that?”

Cheng Jinyun frowned and followed Princess Rong Hua to get on the bank. This royal princess… What did she mean?

“Well, yes,” Ming Shu admitted without any hesitation.

“Your Highness, why did you do that?” Cheng Jinyun asked before Rong Hua opened her mouth. Her continuous shouting was just annoying and useless.

“Well…” Of course, I did it for Hatred Points . “Wait a minute, let me make up a better reason.”

Cheng Jinyun: “…”

Princess Rong Hua: “…”

What do you mean by “make up a better reason”?

And wait a minute? For that reason?

You’re making that reason up right now?!

“You did it on purpose!” Princess Rong Hua glared at Ming Shu and pointed at her with a finger. Her sharp voice was roaring again. “Shen Ci, you dare to try to murder me! I’m the real and n.o.ble princess of this country. Do you know what crime you have committed by trying to murder a princess?”

At the thought of last night, Princess Rong Hua’s heart was being ignited by firecrackers, and the explosions kept torturing her. At this time, she was dying to kill Ming Shu.

Ming Shu smiled and nodded, then admitted again in a slower voice, “Right, I did it on purpose. Didn’t you realize that? Wow, was I too generous?”

Princess Rong Hua was totally furious.

She pushed me into the water and dared to say she was generous?


Cheng Jinyun stood aside silently. She was not sure if this royal princess was after her or Princess Rong Hua. If she was only implicated by the latter, she’d better keep quiet now to prevent further mistakes.

And even if she was coming for her, she was also pa.s.sive at this time. The best idea was using the brainless Princess Rong Hua to confront her, so she didn’t have to expose too much. Just watch the show.

“Shen Ci, don’t think that because you are the royal princess that I can’t do anything to you.”

“What are you going to do?” Ming Shu spread her hands and formed a beautiful smile on her lips. “Hit me?”

Princess Rong Hua clenched her hands. “Do you think I can’t?”

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Ming Shu opened her hands and invited, “Come on!”

In the royal garden…

Princess Rong Hua and Cheng Jinyun had both changed clothes, and the two were standing side by side. Cheng Jinyun lowered her head humbly while Princess Rong Hua excitedly told the story exaggeratedly to the emperor in front of her.

Ming Shu sat next to the emperor and ate while also listening to Princess Rong Hua’s description of events.

The emperor glanced at her several times, but Ming Shu always caught his eye and responded with a smile. This made the emperor feel like he was a boy that did something wrong, making him unwilling to strike at her in the end.

“Father, I’m telling the truth! She bullied me!” Princess Rong Hua shed tears. “I didn’t do anything, why did she bully me, wuwuwu—”

The emperor though knew very well about his own daughter, and her words couldn’t be the whole truth.

“Miss Cheng, what about you? What happened?”

“Father…” Princess Rong Hua stamped her feet. She was telling the truth, why bother asking Cheng Jinyun again?

Princess Rong Hua was going to protest, but was scared silent by a slightly cold look from the emperor. She had to keep quiet. But she gave Ming Shu a glare before approaching Cheng Jinyun and warning, “Cheng Jinyun, you dare to say anything insane, I will teach you a lesson sooner or later.”

“Your Majesty, I was on my way to the palace upon the summon of imperial concubine empress. When pa.s.sing the royal garden, I met Princess Rong Hua. And Her Highness stopped me. Then while we were conversing, somehow a strange wind came from nowhere, and we were both pushed into the pond by the strong force.”

Cheng Jinyun left off all of Princess Rong Hua’s exaggerated words, simply clarifying the whole thing.

“Strange wind?” The emperor grabbed onto these words. “What strange wind, speak clearly.”

Cheng Jinyun shook her head. “I don’t know.”

Cheng Jinyun knew exactly what she should say and what she should not. She was very smart. No wonder she finally becomes the ruler of the country.

As long as you are not the protagonist, no matter how powerful you are, you will eventually become a stepping stone for the protagonist.

This is how this world works.

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