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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 104 - The Royal Princess (10)

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Chapter 104: The Royal Princess (10)

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When Mu Ze left, his whole person was in a confused and stupefied state. He couldn’t believe the bizarre story he had been told.

Ming Shu sent him away with a smile.

[Host, you didn’t tell Jiang Xun about all this in the last story, why are you telling Mu Ze now?] The Harmony System was curious.

Don’t say that’s it for the sake of food again… Didn’t Jiang Xun give her a lot of snacks?

Why did she choose to tell everything directly to Mu Ze?

“Who knows, perhaps I’ve eaten too much.” I just wanted to tell him, no reason.

Most people like to find a reason for whatever they do, to make their actions reasonable.

But sometimes you do things just in that moment on a whim. Perhaps it’s an impulsive intention, but there aren’t so many reasons. Then outsiders will interpret it in all kinds of bizarre ways.

She just wanted to tell Mu Ze.

She just wanted to, so what?!

[Don’t you think this is cruel to him?] Suddenly discovering that the person he liked was indeed a stranger occupying a foreign body, and that person herself was dead.

“If you don’t even know the person you like is gone from the world, isn’t it more cruel?” Ming Shu chuckled. “And you, you’re a system that has always been encouraging me to do cruel things, you have no qualification to say that!”

[Well, it seems like that.] The Harmony System was very much in agreement with Ming Shu. [Perhaps, Guest, you should stir this thing up. How about telling him that it was you who killed Shen Ci, so he will hate you?]


I have to change to another system!

Immediately! Right now!!!

Early the next morning, the emperor sent servants to escort Ming Shu to the royal study room.

Ming Shu, under the urgent gaze of the eunuch, calmly had her breakfast and packed up the snacks prepared by Zhi Qi, then she slowly took her time to follow the eunuch, marching to the royal study room as called.

There were more people besides the emperor in the royal study room. King Huai and another strange minister were present as well.

At the foot of King Huai, some pieces of porcelain were scattered on the floor. while the shivering minister knelt beside him. King Huai lowered his head, exposing only the side of his face to Ming Shu. The emperor was wearing a darkened expression, sitting high behind his desk table. The atmosphere was very depressed.

It could be inferred that a big show had already been on before Ming Shu arrived.

“Your Majesty.” Ming Shu broke the silence of the room.

The emperor acted as if he’d just noticed Ming Shu. He changed his expression and said peacefully, “The royal princess is here, come, take a seat.”

The little eunuch next to him immediately carried a sandalwood chair over to Ming Shu.

“Take him out, flogg him eighty times, then exile him to the frontiers and never allow him to return.” The emperor turned his face, recovering to same gloomy look.

Fear made the minister fall to the floor, and he even gave up the opportunity to defend himself. Then he was dragged out.

“You two, did I frighten you? Alas, these ministers always think I’m too old and don’t have the capacity to rule this country. They dare to deceive me!” The emperor pressed between his eyebrows, looking very tired.

Ming Shu smiled with closed lips and didn’t pick up the conversation.

The old fox was doing this on purpose to show his power.

King Huai still kept his head down, saying nothing as well. But the tight line of his jaw indicated he had heard the emperor.

Ming Shu and King Huai were both silent, which made the emperor a bit embarra.s.sed. Am I going to continue this one-man show for myself?

“Your Majesty, please don’t be so angry, it’s bad for your health.” The eunuch director saved his master from being “isolated.”

“Ai, right.” The emperor sighed heavily. “Royal Princess, I have two things to ask you today.”

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Ming Shu smiled again. “Please do, Your Majesty.”

It seemed the latter was more likely.

Wow, the emperor was really holding quite a lot against King Huai.

“The marriage broker has asked for leave to return home, and he hasn’t come back yet.” The emperor sighed. ” I can’t find anyone who can do this soon enough. The only person I believe in is you, Royal Princess. Although you’re still young in age, you have rich experience. I believe you can choose a virtuous wife for King Huai to be the Rani. What do you say?”

Ming Shu just wanted to say two words to this idiot: Huh, huh.

“Your Majesty, I will take care of my own marriage choice.” King Huai’s cold voice rang out in the middle of the two’s conversation.

The emperor didn’t mind his “offense” and continued very smoothly. “Oh? Brother, is there a girl you like now? Who is she, tell me and I’ll arrange it for you.”

“I do not like anyone, Your Majesty, and right now I have no plans to get married either.”

“I think the ladies of the Cheng family are good.” The emperor didn’t listen to King Huai at all, and he continued, “But the eldest sister is engaged to the prince. The younger sister is still single, and it’s also heard she is as excellent as her elder sister. What do you think of them, Royal Princess?”

“Your Majesty, King Huai said he has no plans to get married now.” Ming Shu held her chin with a smile, disagreeing with the emperor. “Just as the saying goes, forced happiness is actually bitterness.”

The second lady of the Cheng family was Cheng Jinxiu, who was the true female protagonist. If he should try to match the true female protagonist to this… King Huai of unclear characteristics, what should the male protagonist do?


The relationship between these two people is really not that simple, the emperor thought.

This Shen Ci, what was wrong with her? She became more and more licentious, daring to speak to him like that! Had the attempt increased her courage?

“I have no plans to get married, Your Majesty.” King Huai retained the same cold tone.

The emperor was considering a lot of things in his mind. Then his face changed into a slightly angry look, saying in the tone of an eldest brother, “You’re not a child! When others are as old as you, their children run all over the place. Now I’ve only got one younger brother, which is you. If I don’t take care of these things for you, who will?”

“Your Majesty.” King Huai’s att.i.tude was neither angry nor humble, and he stood there very respectfully, looking at no one else.


The heavy sound of a fist beating on the table surface erupted suddenly, and the emperor said, “I’m not asking for your opinion. Born into a royal family, marriage is not a matter of choice.”

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