Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 10 - Gossip Queen (10)

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Chapter 10: Gossip Queen (10)

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Inside a building…

“Mr. Li, something happened.” An a.s.sistant came in hurriedly.

Li Shaonan looked up, an indication for him to continue.

The a.s.sistant directly showed Li Shaonan the news.

#Superstar Jiang Nian went from the stage to backstage and took over Starlight Entertainment#

The news was released by the largest media outlets. And as soon as it was released, it became the hottest topic; other negative articles about Jiang Nian immediately became less popular.

She was in charge of Starlight Entertainment. Would she care for that role?

Li Shaonan slid down to the bottom of the article, in which there was a picture. In that picture, a woman wore a light-colored dress and smiled softly, as if she cherished the whole world. Even the light in her eyes was gentle.

But Li Shaonan knew all of that was fake. What she had done was the complete opposite of gentle.

Such a scheming woman was exactly what he hated most.

“Jiang family, Jiang Nian?” Li Shaonan put down his cell phone and snorted. “Research her for me.”

She should have some relation to the Jiang family.

The a.s.sistant complied and left the office. After only an hour, he returned.

“Mr. Li, Jiang Nian really isn’t simple.” The a.s.sistant delivered several pages of information to Li Shaonan and said, “She’s the young miss of the Jiang family.”

“The young miss of the Jiang family?” Li Shaonan looked up; a hint of dark light flashed in his eyes. “Why didn’t the Jiang family propagandize her before?”

“It is said that the Jiang family didn’t agree with her entering s...o...b..z and even shunned her. But they finally agreed, only didn’t provide any help.” The a.s.sistant shared what he knew with Li Shaonan.

So Jiang Nian had succeeded only because of her own hard work and contribution.

Of course, there might be somebody who knew Jiang Nian’s real ident.i.ty and provided her help. But they didn’t say that openly.

Li Shaonan put down his pen and read several pages of the information. “The Jiang family…”

Li Shaonan looked at the smiling woman in the online article and suddenly closed it, snorting. Do you think you have nothing to worry about with the protection of the Jiang family?


In this industry, I have the final say.

Aileen’s expression was surprised and confused at this time. How had Jiang Nian changed her ident.i.ty in one night?

And this new ident.i.ty was powerful.

Aileen knew that Jiang Nian’s background was a little powerful, but she didn’t realize exactly how powerful. So when Jiang Nian was involved in romantic rumors before, she really wasn’t very worried.

The Jiang family was as powerful as the Li family. With the exception of s...o...b..z, the Jiang family played an important role in many fields. If it wasn’t for s...o...b..z, the Jiang family would already have exceeded the Li family.

Who could ever have thought that she was the young miss of the Jiang family?

Ming Shu ate candied fruit and threw a doc.u.ment at Aileen. “Sister Aileen, look at this contract. Do you have any interest in working for Starlight Entertainment?”

“You want me to hop jobs?” Aileen stopped thinking other things and looked at Ming Shu.

With a smile, Ming Shu explained, “Sister Aileen, there is a saying: ‘A wise bird chooses the tree it will nest on, and a wise va.s.sal chooses the lord he will serve.’ This is not job-hopping but choosing a better future for yourself.”

Aileen remained silent. The Jiang family was powerful and had lots of money. Even though Jiang Nian failed this time, she wouldn’t lose out too much.

Jiang Nian could leave whenever she wanted, but Aileen couldn’t.

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But just as Jiang Nian said, Aileen didn’t have much of a chance for promotion in the company she was working at now. If she didn’t choose a better way for herself, she would continue like this.

Li Shaona sneered. “She bullies you in such a way and you still speak up for her?”

Ning Keqing opened her small, cherry-like mouth and said, “No… Actually Sister Jiang Nian never did anything. I don’t blame her.”

She knew Li Shaonan would became angrier because of her words.

He could only vent his rage on Jiang Nian.

Jiang Nian, it’s you who offended me first, so don’t blame me for doing this.

The domineering boss scoffed. “I won’t let others bully you randomly.”

“Well, I just like to bully her,” a clear, smiling voice said from off to the side.

A beautifully dressed woman detached herself from the crowd. She wore a fiery red dress which enhanced her good looks and resembled a blossoming rose.

Li Shaonan narrowed his eyes slightly and lowered his voice. “Jiang Nian, do you think that I can’t deal with you when you have the support of the Jiang family?”

“How can you deal with me? By hitting me?” Ming Shu stopped and asked with a smile.

Although she smiled gently, everyone could see her arrogance. She didn’t even need to show off her arrogance, it radiated from inside her.

Li Shaonan became extremely furious. It had been a long time since anyone dared to contradict him.

But he was not young anymore and quickly suppressed his rage. “Well, let’s wait and see.”

Ming Shu glanced at Ning Keqing and smiled gently at her. “Let’s wait and see.”

For no reason, Ning Keqing suddenly felt cold and dared not look into Ming Shu’s eyes. She glanced away, clutching her dress tightly, and moved closer to Li Shaonan.

Li Shaonan almost dragged Ning Keqing away. Ming Shu stood there, watching them disappear into the crowd. She only stopped watching them when someone came to speak with her.

Note: “A wise bird chooses the tree it will nest on, and a wise va.s.sal chooses the lord he will serve.”—Romance of the Three Kingdoms

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