The Sword Dynasty

Wu Zui - 无罪

Vol 1 Chapter 61

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Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Don’t Marry

Ding Ning frowned slightly .

Zhangsun Qianxue was right . This Changling was indeed filled with favors and grudges . If one stepped in, they would be entangled . Favors and grudges were already troublesome, and if there was any romantic debt, that would be even more troublesome .

He did not know what to say . Xie Rou looked at him and said, “I have cut my hair to seal my oath . Many people here have witnessed it; this is not a joke . ”

Ding Ning looked at her porcelain-like face . His countenance turned solemn . He spoke in a voice so soft that only he and Xie Rou could hear . “I understand . To some their word is worth a thousand gold, some choose to lose their life than taint their family name . However, we have never met before . Just for a wager, that others might not even take seriously … isn’t this too perverse? I have also heard that the Xie Family is no ordinary family . Your family may not approve your actions . ”

Xie Rou looked at his serious and calm gaze . She inexplicably felt much more at peace .

Perhaps, this youth did possess some extraordinary traits . At least, he did not disappoint her?

“Being dogmatic in my actions and impulsive decisions are my wrongs and I should bear the consequences . ” She looked into Ding Ning’s eyes . “I will be responsible for getting my family’s consent,” she said, softly .

Ding Ning’s brows furrowed deeper . His head lowered slightly, and his gaze landed on the Last Flower sword . His heart shook just a bit .

Xie Rou was only a young woman with just a few years of cultivation experience . But her solemnity and gaze had inexplicably drifted his thoughts to the master of this Last Flower sword .

“The key lies in your opinion . ” Xie Rou hesitated slightly and then her gaze turned resolute again . Her next words were full of sincerity . “This is but our first meeting, even so I like you better than the geniuses around because of your calm in the face of such attention . We can slowly nurture feelings . I hope that you do not find this too abrupt, and would not consider the matter of family status . ”

Ding Ning felt that Xie Rou was even more similar to the master of the Last Flower sword . If this was a strange coincidence, he did not like this coincidence . He took a deep breath and hardened his heart . “This is not possible . I will not accept your offer . So, do not have thoughts like this,” he said, directly and decisively .

Xie Rou’s face paled once more . She bit her lip and stubbornly remained silent .

Ding Ning looked up and stared at her deeply . “I will never marry you . So, it is best we never mention this matter and have everybody slowly forget this . ”

Advertis.e.m.e.ntXie Rou’s eyes reddened slightly .

She was a young woman . No one knew how much courage it had taken her to make a decision like this . She took several deep breaths, her chest rising and falling . Then, she took a deep bow before Ding Ning .

“I was wrong in this matter … but you can not marry, but I have to marry . ”

After saying this, she turned and walked towards where the spectating students were gathered .

Ding Ning’s heart suddenly sank .

Other people might not be able to understand the words, but Ding Ning immediately understood from the momentary gaze when Xie Rou had turned around .

She was more unyielding than he had imagined .

She would not force him to marry her, but she would definitely marry him . Thus, if he did not marry, she would not marry; she wouldn’t marry another person .

This seemed very laughable .

However, at this moment Ding Ning could not smile, let alone laugh .

“In truth, she is a good match . ”

Li Daoji and the others had held their tongues . Even so he turned around and whispered his two cents into Ding Ning’s ears . “The Xie Family of Guangdong is very wealthy and will be of great help to your future cultivation . I am very satisfied with her appearance and conduct . I suggest you consider this seriously . ”

“You are creating more of a mess . Are there any other elders like you?” Ding Ning said, angrily . “How old am I? I just started cultivating, and don’t even know what this Green Vine Sword School even looks like . Abruptly, someone appears and discusses the matter of marriage with me …”

Li Daoji glanced at him and interrupted . “You can see Green Vine Sword School and the other scenery later . But if you miss out on some people, they may not return again . ”

Ding Ning was even more incensed . “Is what she doing very good? As an elder, you also see her fierceness . What you should do right now is think of ways to persuade her to give up this idea . Also, if you really like her, then marry her yourself . ”

Li Daoji had rarely see Ding Ning this furious . He smiled slightly . “I want to, but she doesn’t want me . ”

Immediately, Ding Ning felt a wave of exasperation .

“Sister, I did this thing well . You and Brother-in-law have formally met now?” Seeing Xie Rou walk about, Xie Changsheng spoke with false sincerity .

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Xie Rou’s expression was as usual . She glanced at him threw one word . “Childish . ”

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