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Lian Shuang - 帘霜

Chapter 829 - That's the Reason Why She Was So Nice to Me?

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Chapter 829 That’s the Reason Why She Was So Nice to Me?

At this time, as long as Old Madam would not punish her, Shao Jie’er was willing to do anything. After leaving with sweat all over her forehead, she stood at the door of the courtyard, feeling angry and annoyed. She wondered why she had been frightened by Shao Wanru just now and couldn’t even say a word?

“Miss…” The servant girl said timidly.

“Let’s go!” Shao Jie’er gritted her teeth and turned to leave. When she finished copying Woman Precepts as Old Madam had told her, she decided to tell Shao Wanru about it. She did not believe that she had no chance to say it.

Not only did she have to say it, but she also had to create an opportunity where there were as many people as possible to force Shao Wanru to agree so as to please Old Madam.

Thinking of Old Madam’s promise before, Shao Jie’er was very tempted by it. This was her chance, and she would not give it up.

In the main room, Shao Caihuan stood with her head down and her heart in a panic. She knew some things and there were also things she did not know of. She had guessed that she had only done one thing right, which was to take Shao Wanru there. For this matter, she had completed it.

Different from Shao Jie’er, she didn’t want to get involved in this kind of thing at all.

But since it was not difficult, she didn’t care about it much so she agreed. But now, she regretted it very much. If she had known that it would be like this, she would never have intervened. In fact, it had nothing to do with her. Anyway, the heir of the duke would be chosen between the first and the second branch, which meant that the third branch had nothing to do with it.

However, since it was her father’s order, she thought it was not difficult. So she agreed.

“Grandma…” Seeing Old Madam’s gloomy face, Shao Caihuan uttered.

“You can leave now!” Old Madam said coldly.

Shao Caihuan still wanted to say something, but when she looked at Old Madam’s face, she didn’t dare to say anything more. She didn’t want to get involved in this matter. Since her grandma no longer asked her for anything, it was the best for her to leave.

Shao Caihuan came out of the main room with her servant girl. After standing in the yard and thinking for a while, she went out of the yard and went straight to Shao Wanru’s Piaoyun Courtyard. She had to explain to Shao Wanru because she really didn’t know that things would turn out like this.

When she arrived at the Piaoyun Courtyard and was about to step into it, she saw Nanny Yu coming over with a smile before this woman bowed to her. “Third Miss!”

“Did Fifth Sister ever come back?” Shao Caihuan asked anxiously. She was really anxious, for fear that something unexpected would happen at this time and she would be blamed again!

“She is back!” Nanny Yu answered with a smile.

“That’s good!” Shao Caihuan exhaled a sigh of relief and was about to leave. “I’ll go and see my Fifth Sister!”

“Third Miss, please wait a minute!” Nanny Yu took a step back and blocked Shao Caihuan’s way.

Shao Caihuan stood still, looked at Nanny Yu in confusion, and asked, “Is there anything else?”

“No, but my Miss was very tired when she came back just now. Now she has laid down and has been resting for only a little while. Third Miss, you’d better come back later!” Nanny Yu refused with a smile.

Shao Caihuan looked up at the sky. Now that the lunch break had pa.s.sed, and she once heard Shao Wanru would not usually rest at this time. So she found it very ridiculous that Shao Wanru would be resting at this time.

But even if she knew that it was fake, Shao Caihuan couldn’t just break in. She could only say with a smile, “Since she’s resting, I’ll come over to see her later and explain it to her!”

After saying that, she turned around helplessly. She really didn’t want to offend Shao Wanru at all. She deliberately looked for Shao Wanru to reconcile and explain.

“Farewell, Third Miss!” Nanny Yu smiled with a nice att.i.tude, looked at Shao Caihuan’s back, bowed, and then watched her leave.

Nanny Yu didn’t return to the main room until the girl left the yard and disappeared at a junction in front.

Shao Wanru was sitting under the window in the main room, looking out of the window with her deep eyes. She had seen Shao Caihuan coming over just now clearly. But that girl didn’t notice her. If the gauze curtain fell on the ground, people inside could see the outside, but people outside couldn’t see the inside clearly.

“Miss, the Third Miss has gone back!” Yujie said.

Shao Wanru nodded, picked up the teacup on the table, took a sip, and then slowly put it down. She leaned back in the chair, and her eyes became increasingly cold.

At that moment, she did want to refuse directly, but inexplicably, she suddenly thought of another thing. She immediately agreed, and then left decisively, without even giving Shao Jie’er a chance to speak.

It had been so long since the last incident, and no one had taken any further suspicious action. She had neglected it and thought that they were no longer interested in Qu Huan Courtyard. Unexpectedly, they mentioned it at this critical moment, and she almost fell into their trap.

These people were truly unscrupulous.

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“Miss, what should we do now?” Yujie, who was with Shao Wanru just now, also felt the tense atmosphere. At this time, she couldn’t help looking at Shao Wanru’s beautiful and cold side face and asked.

Initially, before entering the palace, although the Third Miss and her Miss were close, they were not so good like this. During this period of time, Nanny Yu had seen it and felt that the Third Miss put her Miss first in everything. That girl would definitely agree to anything Shao Wanru said and was willing to help her Miss without any complaint. It could be said that she had no selfish motives at all.

She couldn’t figure out what Third Miss meant.

“Nanny Yu, do you remember when Third Miss started treating me well?” Shao Wanru smiled slightly and reminded herself of it when reminding Nanny Yu.

Had she done something to make Shao Caihuan think that she could benefit from Shao Wanru? But Shao Wanru didn’t think that she had done anything to make Shao Caihuan feel that way.

It had been a few days since she was engaged, but Shao Caihuan didn’t come to please her, so it was not about the marriage.

“Miss… I know something… I don’t know if it is true!” Being asked by Shao Wanru, Nanny Yu suddenly remembered something and hesitated. In fact, she really didn’t know whether it was true or not and didn’t dare to say it.

“Nanny Yu, tell me!” Shao Wanru said gently. There were no outsiders in the room. Even if Nanny Yu said something insane, no one would know it.

“Uh…” Nanny Yu was still a little hesitant, but after thinking about it, she felt that she had to tell the Miss about it. Initially, she thought it must be fake, but after listening to the Miss’s words, she felt that it might be true. “I heard that when Prince Chen personally sent betrothal gifts that day, Third Miss and Fourth Miss went to see him!”

“And then?” Shao Wanru didn’t understand for a moment. She turned her head and asked with her eyebrows raised.

“I heard that Fourth Miss went back early, but Third Miss didn’t come back until His Highness went back!” Nanny Yu said meaningfully.

Shao Wanru didn’t understand the meaning of her words at first. She blinked her clear eyes blankly and looked at Nanny Yu’s strange expression for a long time. She pursed her cherry lips and asked at a loss, “Could it be… that Third Sister has been hiding there and watching all the time?”

“I think so. I didn’t pay much attention to it at that time and thought it was impossible. But now seeing that the Third Miss is so humble to you and wants to please you, I think it’s… possible!” Nanny Yu’s words sounded more and more ambiguous.

Shao Wanru was unable to accept such a piece of news for a while. She had imagined all kinds of other reasons, but she had never thought of such a reason.

It was said that Shao Jie’er was going to give out her marriage. And what was her marriage? Shao Jie’er was going to marry Commandery Prince Qing? It was impossible for her to be the legal wife, so she could only be a consort.

Chu Qing, who was also the son of the former prince had no advantage in other aspects, except that he was in better health, compared with Chu Liuchen. Moreover, when Chu Liuchen sent the betrothal gifts to her that day, it also broke the rumor that he might die at any time.

If these aspects combined, Chu Liuchen was completely superior to Chu Qing!

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