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Chapter 79

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The Road She Walks

"…Is it morning?" (Sirius)

Because this was the first time I slept in bed in a long time, waking up was quite comfortable.

When I looked outside the window, I woke up at the usual time. I was planning to do things that I had planned, but… I couldn't move.

"…Zzz." (Reese)

The reason was that I was embraced by Reese who was sleeping next to me.

Emilia was hugging my arm while sleeping, but in the case of Reese, she was embracing my whole body. Was she holding a pillow?

I tried to peel off because I couldn't wake up, but Reese hugged me tighter and didn't try to go away.

"Reese, don't you want to get up soon?" (Sirius)

"…Cake." (Reese)

…There was no sign of waking up as she splendidly sleeping.

When I looked at her face, her mouth was opened a little bit, it wasn't closed enough to make me worry about drool spilling out.

I was healed when looking at a pretty sleeping face like a child, but… I couldn't watch it forever.

Anyway, let's wake her up in a way of not forcing her.

"Yeah, yeah, it will be a cheesecake." (Sirius)

"…I want more." (Reese)

I felt like asking her whether she had already eaten it, but… there was a reaction. Let's continue to attack.

"Well then, I will bake a cheesecake. Look… open your eyes." (Sirius)

"Yeah… I'll wake up… eh?" (Reese)

So Reese, who opened her eyes, met my eyes and became solidify.

Her face gradually became red and she moved away from me. She tried to cover her face with soft sheet, but I stopped her and kissed her forehead.

"Good morning, Reese." (Sirius)

"…Yes." (Reese)

Reese didn't say much probably because she felt that she was going to explode because of embarra.s.sment.

It seemed that the forehead was a correct decision. She stopped hiding her bright red face and showed a gentle smile.

"Is your body alright?" (Sirius)

"I feel a bit strange, but it's alright. Shall I say that it's more satisfying… anyway, I really understood Emilia's feelings." (Reese)

Last night, she came with a face saying that she already prepared in various ways, but I was relieved when looking at that delightful expression.

"I'm going to check the carriage for a bit, so Reese can sleep some more." (Sirius)

"Alright… but what's with the carriage?" (Reese)

"Didn't I say it? I'm going to bake the cake." (Sirius)

Before Reese slept last night, she asked me about letting Fia eating cakes to celebrate the reunion. I definitely didn't think it was because of Reese wanting to eat it.

I decided not to look at Reese who was dripping drool, so I got up from the bed to make a cake.

Reese was looking at me while I was making the preparation. She brought up her upper body before I left the room.

"Sirius-san. Did I… do it well?" (Reese)

"Hmm? There is no need to worry about being able to do well or not. Anyway, I will ask you as a lover from now on." (Sirius)

"…Yes!" (Reese)

Reese's was really red, but she answered with a very satisfying reaction.

"Woof!" (Hokuto)

"Good morning, Hokuto." (Sirius)

It was Hokuto who was waiting in the hallway.

Last night, when Hokuto noticed that Reese visited my room, he read the air and he slept in the room with the siblings and Fia.

I completed the morning greetings while stroking Hokuto's head. And then I headed to courtyard where I parked the carriage.

"Good morning, Aniki!" (Reus)

As I brought Hokuto outside, Reus was doing morning training in the courtyard.

He was doing push up since it was a small courtyard. He greeted me with a fresh looking smile when he noticed me.

"Aah, good morning Reus. You seem fine today." (Sirius)

"Of course. By the way, Aniki, I am going to run outside but are you going to go too?" (Reus)

"I have an arrangement today, so I will run next time." (Sirius)

"Is that so? Because it has been a while to compete with Aniki." (Reus)

"I plan to back cake to celebrate Fia…" (Sirius)

"I will be back soon!" (Reus)

Reus ran off while raising dust.

I entered the carriage while thinking that he would probably come back soon. And then, I canceled the anti-theft prevention of the carriage.

"Alright… it's finished. Do you want to taste it?" (Sirius)

"Woof!" (Hokuto)

I baked the cake in the carriage while wearing an ap.r.o.n. When I let Hokuto taste the finished cake, I noticed someone approaching.

"Good morning, Sirius, Hokuto. Something smells good." (Fia)

The one who came was Fia. She drank a lot of wine last night, but she didn't look sick at all. It seemed that she was good at drinking.

I returned the greetings and handed out a freshly baked cake to Fia.

"Could this be a confection called cake? It looks delicious." (Fia)

"It is to celebrate the reunion with Fia. Will you taste it?" (Sirius)

"Sure… that's what I want to say, but I think it is best to eat with everyone, right? I'll have it later." (Fia)

"Haha, that is a correct answer. Those guys would have different look when it comes to cakes." (Sirius)

Although it was only a day, Fia seemed to have already grasped the personality of the disciples.

However, I didn't think it's enough with one cake, so should I make extra and share it together with Kachia and Cecil-san?

"I will bake another one, but what will you do, Fia? Since I'll be back for breakfast, you can return to the inn and have a rest." (Sirius)

"If it's not disturbing you, can I watch it?" (Fia)

"I don't mind, but is it fun to watch?" (Sirius)

"Hehe, your appearance with ap.r.o.n… it looks nice." (Fia)

I had no reason to refuse her, so I worked on making a cake while receiving Fia's gaze.

And then, when I stirred the ingredients and poured into a cake cutter, I could hear an adorable voice from behind.

"Heh… you're good. Actually, is Sirius aiming to be a cook?" (Fia)

"I don't think so. This is a hobby after all." (Sirius)

"For you to be good with your hobby, you're amazing. I am proud because my sweetheart can do anything." (Fia)

"I want to say that I can't do everything, but are you fine about being a mistress?" (Sirius)

I progressed with the cake making while chatting with Fia. I poured mana into a magic formation installed inside of the carriage and activated the oven.

"It is enough to be your mistress if I can stay with you. Anyway, how was the night with Reese?" (Fia)

"…I planned to respond to her courage." (Sirius)

"Well, when I look at Reese this morning, I do understand that she was satisfied. I'm also looking forward to it." (Fia)

"You're really aggressive huh. Leaving that matter aside, Reese already woke up, isn't she?" (Sirius)

"I came to the room just now. She thanked me while being shy, but she was fl.u.s.tered when she saw Emilia." (Fia)

"…What happened to Emilia?" (Sirius)

I just have to watch the cake not getting burned, but I reflexively turned around because of Fia's words.

It seemed to be an unpleasant situation from the state of Fia, but when she met my eyes, she opened her mouth while looking away.

"…It's hangover. I seemed making her drink a bit too much." (Fia)

"Haa…" (Sirius)

Whether it was fine to rejoice while confirming that degree, I wasn't sure whether it was pointless or not.

For the time being, I proceeded with baking the cake and let it cooled down. I stopped after baking the cake and removed the ap.r.o.n.

"Are you done?" (Fia)

"I haven't finished yet, but it's about Emilia. I have to prepare a medicine that effective against hangover." (Sirius)

Although I said that it was a medicine, it was like a traditional herbal medicine that promotes internal metabolism. There was no dramatic effect, but she would be healed sooner if she took it. Since there was nothing to lose, I'd prepare it.

When I compounded medicinal plants stored in the carriage while remembering the herbology that I learned from Erina, Reus came back while roughly breathing.

"I-I'm back, Aniki! Today is a cheesecake!" (Reus)

"Welcome back. Go clean your body. And wash your hands too." (Sirius)

"Got it!" (Reus)

"…Rather than a Shishou, you are like a guardian." (Fia)

After completing the preparation, I returned to the inn together with Fia who had a gentle smile.

We held the cakes which were done, and then, we headed to Emilia's room.

Reese showed up her face as soon as I knocked up the door, but when she met my eyes, her face became bright red.

"Aah… uh… Sirius-san. That… again, good morning." (Reese)

"Aah, good morning. By the way, I heard that Emilia is sleeping?" (Sirius)

"Aah… y-yes! Come in, please look at her." (Reese)

Even if she was embarra.s.sed, she still prioritized Emilia. She was somewhat directed her sight at the cake, but… maybe it was my imagination.

Emilia, who had been sleeping in bed, noticed me when I came into the room. She opened her eyes and look at me.

"Sirius-sama…" (Emilia)

"Are you alright?" (Sirius)

I sat on the chair that was at the bedside. She closed her eyes as she felt good when I stroked her head. I took the opportunity to verify her condition with [Scan]. There was no mistake, it seemed that it was a mere hangover.

"I'm really sorry… for being in such a condition." (Emilia)

"Occasionally, there will be such situation. I brought some medicine, but first, I will touch your stomach." (Sirius)

Roughly speaking of the cause of hangover, it happens because the alcohol in the body can't be completely decomposed. Because of that, she would be cured as soon as I enhanced the metabolism with regenerative activity.

However, Emilia stopped my outstretched hand.

"No, this is my own mistake, so let it healed by itself. It's not necessary for me to bother Sirius-sama's hand." (Emilia)

"…Is that so? Then, medicine is fine, right? Drink it with water." (Sirius)

I raised Emilia's upper body and let him drink the medicine and water. And then, I caressed her cheek again.

Although Emilia should feel sick with the hangover, she grabbed the hand that I used to caress and happily rubbed it on her cheek.

"Hehe… I am disqualified as a disciple, but I am happy to be nursed by Sirius-sama." (Emilia)

"Really? I don't have any particular plan, so I will stay by your side until you're healed." (Sirius)

There were still two more days until the fighting festival would be held, and there was no need to rush and tour the town.

I thought of leisurely taking care of Emilia, but she shook her head with a bitter smile.

"It's very fascinating, but please do not hesitate to go out for town sightseeing." (Fia)

"But you know…" (Sirius)

"Actually, before Sirius-sama came, I talked with Reese. Today, we're going to let both of Sirius-sama and Fia-san to go out together." (Emilia)

When I turned around, Reus, Reese and Fia were all delightedly eating cakes.

Since they might eat everything if I left them alone, I didn't forget to tell to leave some for Emilia.

"I'm glad but… does that mean Emilia accept things with Fia?" (Sirius)

"Yes. Fia-san is same as us, and I understand well when she said that she loves Sirius-sama. Besides… Fia-san has been separated for almost ten years. That's why I want her to be alone together with Sirius-sama." (Emilia)

"Thank you. I do have a good lover." (Sirius)

"I am your disciple. But… can you stroke me more?" (Emilia)

From then on until the breakfast time, I continued stroking the spoiled Emilia.

We finished the breakfast prepared by the inn and we decided to do free activities.

Emilia would stay in the bed while Reese would remain in the inn to nurse her, and Reus went out saying that he would use the training ground in the adventurer guild.

Fia and I took Hokuto along, and we were walking in the town that was celebrating the fighting festival.

"Hehe… there are many people. It's a bit hard to move, but this fun atmosphere is not bad." (Fia)

"Don't get loss. Although I said that, Hokuto and I can immediately find you." (Sirius)

"Woof!" (Hokuto)

"Oh, let's do this then." (Fia)

Fia gently hugged my arm and brought her head to my shoulder. It became a bit difficult to walk, but I didn't mind because Fia was smiling.

It's regrettable but she wore a hood in order to make racket because of her being an elf. The person herself also thought so. I thought it was a waste to hide that beautiful long hair.

We were enjoying dates as we bought sweets while window shopping various shops, choosing clothes and listening to the color for the choker.

In the mean time, whether Hokuto didn't care or not, he took a distance away from us. When I confirmed him with [Search], he was hiding behind a building. It seemed that he secretly watching me and Fia. My partner was particular about details.

Although Hokuto might be reported for being alone, there were many adventurers who casually walked with their accompanied beast, so there should be no problem for a while. Even if Hokuto was targeted by fools because of its rareness, he could easily escape.

The day turned noon while we were walking around with two of us. We found a restaurant with an opened terrace and had lunch. Every shop was full, but there was a vacant seat which hardly be seen at the shop.

We were led to the outside seats and we order suitable dishes. I enjoyed talking with Fia while eating.

"The foods here are delicious, but the cakes that I ate in the morning were many times more delicious." (Fia)

"Because that's a confectionery, I think that is something different from these dishes." (Sirius)

"That is true. By the way, I heard that Reus will partic.i.p.ate in the fighting festival, but I wonder why you are not partic.i.p.ating." (Fia)

Since Fia muttered that while looking at the street outside, I was also attracted and directed my sight outside.

Most of the people who were walking in the town were adventurers because of the fighting festival. There were young adventurers who seemed to be in a group were talking in front of weapon shop and a sight where veterans were drinking in daytime. The tribes were diverse, so it seemed that this town had little discrimination among races.

While absentmindedly looking at such townscape, I answered Fia's question.

"I had no reason to compete and stand out. Rather than me, please support Reus." (Sirius)

"I will cheer him, but… it's wasteful. If it's you, the championship is surely be yours." (Fia)

"Oi oi, for you to lift me up even though we just met yesterday…" (Sirius)

"It's just that you were abnormal to that extent since you were a child. You are not weak, that's for sure. The arm that I embraced earlier… was very strong." (Fia)

Fia's pa.s.sionate eyes entered my sight. I thought it would be pleasant if it was with Emilia or Reese, but it became seductive when Fia said it, huh?

"My arms reached that degree because I've been training all the time to protect. Besides, it is still far away from ideal, so I can't stop working from now on." (Sirius)

"When you say ideal… I wonder until what degree?" (Fia)

Although I became way stronger than me in the previous life, I didn't think it had reach my target, which was my Shishou.

In order to protect the disciples, I would keep training until I could win against Shishou based on memories.

"By the way, I thought of this after asking Reus. I wonder if I also have to train if I follow you?" (Fia)

"Those three are my disciples. It is not necessary for Fia to do it since you are our companion. So, I leave the decision to you." (Sirius)

"Yeah… I will think about it after seeing it." (Fia)

We had conversations including the future, and finished eating. After that, we walked around the town again.

As I was walking down the street where stalls stood, Fia suddenly stopped and pulled my arm.

"Aah, Sirius, look. It's selling something nifty." (Fia)

"…Wait a sec." (Sirius)

If it's listening only to the words, it seemed close to be lovers, but what Fia picked while laughing… was a collar.

This stall seemed to mainly deal with slave-related items. In addition to the collar, there were various training tools lined up. Even if it was a mistake, it wasn't a stall to be visited with lovers.

What Fia held was a slave collar for slaves, but it couldn't feel any mana reaction from the collar. It was a fake since it was made of soft leather, and not made of metal.

"… Mr customer, that is a fake. It is a product for enjoyment after all." (Shopkeeper)

"Heh… can I get this then?" (Fia)

"Are you going to buy it!?" (Sirius)

The shopkeeper was probably got used to it. He received the payment from Fia without saying anything and handed over the item.

And Fia made me grasped the counterfeit collar in my hand as if it was natural.

"…I want to ask you various things, but what are you planning?" (Sirius)

"Of course, I want it to be attached on me. Although I had said it yesterday, I won't feel uncomfortable if we can be together even if I am a slave." (Fia)

It had a function to inform the master about the location of the slave who wore the slave collar. In spite of that, it had the function to remotely kill them, so those who wore collars were unlikely to be kidnapped.

However, they would be seen as degraded in various aspect because they would be treated as a slave. There was no doubt that it was an effective means to protect the rare elf, Fia.

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Although there was no mistake…

Sieg was surprised with my words, but the two escorts, who were said going to be defeated, hurled intimidation air.

When I calmly accept and retaliate the intimidating air, the two escorts were smiling while feeling amused, and then they whispered to Sieg.

"…That's fine. I will accept it. But if you run away, I will keep chasing you until the end of the world!" (Sieg)

"It's decided then. We will go to the reception, but if you can't trust me, you are welcome to come along." (Sirius)

Turning our heels without waiting his reply, Fia and I started walking towards the arena. When I looked back while walking, Sieg and his escorts were giving sharp look and following us.

Although he was troublesome, this would help for him not be a fool and instigated the escorts to forcibly taking her away.

"Sorry for the trouble. There are too many stops on this long awaited date." (Sirius)

"What are you saying? It was originally my fault, so I am glad that Sirius will do it for me. Hey, can I go to your room this evening? Anyhow, let's go!" (Fia)

I was progressing towards the arena while calming the excited Fia. And then, I was officially accepted for the fighting festival.

I joined the fighting festival in order to make Sieg understand and to inform him that I was really the guy who would protect Fia.

According to Sieg, I had to show that I was powerful enough to win the fighting festival, and I thought Fia would be less targeted if that man knew who was protecting her.

This was said when I walked together with Fia, a rare elf.

There wasn't only an elf around me but also unusual silver wolfkin and a saintess who could see water spirits. And there was no such thing as adding another person now.

I was already an adult adventurer, and I didn't need to be afraid to stand out.

Besides… if the disciples were the only ones who stood out, it would be inexcusable for me as their Shishou.

I would not repeat the failure I had done in the school.

"Aah, Hokuto. Thank you for letting us to be alone." (Fia)

"Woof!" (Hokuto)

"Wha!? Please get back, Shimifia-san?" (Sieg)

In the meantime… Hokuto, who understand that this was no langer a date, revealed himself, and Sieg again made noises.

It was evening by the time we finished registering and we returned to the inn.

Emilia was recovering at that time, but as soon as I came back, I was suddenly hugged. No… it was closer to sniffing my scent than hugging.

"… I feel Fia's scent, but… it seems you haven't arrived to that stage yet." (Emilia)

"I want to retort in various ways, but if you can understand that, I want you to release me." (Sirius)

"…" (Emilia)

"Won't you leave me!?" (Sirius)

Since I wasn't able to separate her even if I tried, I had to explain to the disciples as it was about the details of me partic.i.p.ating in the fighting festival.

"I agree. Sirius-sama will surely win the championship, and if you do so, Fia-san will be able to openly walk with Sirius-sama and us." (Emilia)

"You are very excited, but it's harsh when you don't considering Fia-san's feelings." (Reese)

"I also don't want Fia-ane wearing a hood. Besides, I also will work hard. Even if it is difficult to do it, I am motivated!" (Reus)

"Thanks… you guys." (Fia)

Fia had a smile on her whole face because of the disciples' kindness. She was telling the words of grat.i.tude and hugged them one by one.

"With this, we will have the first and the second places in the fighting festival! Of course, the winner is Aniki!" (Reus)

"It's not a good idea to decide that, but try to win the first place. Reus, don't ever retract your hands even if you hit me in the match, alright." (Sirius)

"That's for sure, Aniki. I will do it with full power!" (Reus)

"Aah, come at me with all your strength." (Sirius)

On these two days, I walked around the town while dating and sightseeing with Fia, but I couldn't see any stronger escort than the escorts brought by Seig.

If there were existence that would become our walls, it would be those two. So, I firmly told Reus not to be careless.

"He is the son of the Sword Saint who fought against Lior-Jiichan, huh? I'm not sure who will I fight, but my arms are tingling!" (Reus)

…Although there was something that I worried a bit about Rues, should I tell about it on the day of the fighting festival?

After that… we had a welcome party for Fia again.

Two days later… the fighting festival began.


"That's for sure, Aniki. I will do it with full power!" (Reus)

"Aah, come at me with all your strength." (Sirius)

Reus was also motivated after all.

"Reus, let me tell you this. I will not forgive you if you hurt Sirius-sama." (Emilia)

"Eh!? What shall I do then?" (Reus)

"Stop it just before or fight Sirius-sama without hurting him." (Emilia)

"Nee-chan!" (Reus)

…And the motivation was also dampened by the irrational order.

Presenting Hokuto

That day… Hokuto-kun met a female elf who the Master rescued when he was a child.

Hokuto-kun was surprised when she suddenly hugged the Master, but he understood that she liked his Master, and since there were many people who understand the Master, he accepted it with satisfaction.

And… the next person who liked Master, Reese-chan, came to the Master's room.

Hokuto-kun was a child who could read the air.

Hokuto-kun, who understood her intention, quietly left the room and decided to sleep in the juniors' room.

"Ehehe… Hokuto is fluffy, isn't it…" (Fia)

"Sirius-shama…" (Emilia)

The room reeked of alcohol, but the night pa.s.sed while being stroked by Fia-san.

Next day, Hokuto-kun waited in front of the Master's room in the morning.

As expected, the master immediately went out and he seemed going to make a cake in the carriage.

And when the cake was baked, the master let Hokuto-kun sampling it.

By the way, Hokuto-kun lived with the mana from the atmosphere, so he didn't need to eat meals.

But… what was important for Hokuto-kun was to eat things given by the Master.

Things like Frisbee and brushing… Hokuto-kun couldn't be satisfied unless the Master did it. It was priceless.

On that day, Fia-san and master were happily going out for a date.

Since Hokuto-kun wasn't specifically informed, he followed the Master, but… he saw those two were very close and holding arms together.

Again, Hokuto-kun was a child who can read the air.

Hokuto-kun thought of leaving them alone, so he erased his presence and hid his appearance. He decided to watch over his Master and Fia-san while hiding behind a building.

The Master's happiness was Hokuto-kun's happiness.

Hokuto-kun was very happy when looking at those two walking together.

In the meantime, they found a man who wanted to be Fia-san's lover, so Hokuto-kun crept from behind to deal with them. If he could specifically tell, he wanted to sandwich him between the ground and his paw.

Of course, the Master would have noticed, but in order not to worry Fia-san, he purposely not to notice Hokuto-kun's tenacity.

Although Hokuto-kun was worshiped by beastkins several times while he was hiding in shadows, he kept watching over the Master while giving appropriate treatments.

After a while, the Master was involved with strange men.

He thought about interrupting them immediately, but the Master started talking seriously, so he decided to wait and see.

The discussion with the men was over, and the master started walking. It seemed the destination was the arena.

Apparently, the date was no longer a date, so Hokuto-kun didn't hesitate to appear before those two.

That evening… Hokuto-kun was delighted for getting brushed from the Master.

The Master and Reus slept, and when Hokuto-kun also thought about getting a sleep… he felt a sign from the hallway.

When he went out to the hallway as not to wake up the Master, there was Fia-san wearing a s.e.xy negligee there.

"Oh, what's wrong, Hokuto?" (Fia)

No matter how many times this was said, Hokuto-kun was a child who could read the air.

Hokuto-kun, who presumed, returned to the room, held Reus-kun in his mouth and went to the hallway. Although Reus-kun was somewhat dull, he remained asleep due to the exceptional power adjustment by Hokuto-kun.

"Hehe… thanks." (Fia)

And then, Hokuto-kun put Reus-kun in the room where Emilia-chan was sleeping, and he also slept in that room.

The Master's happiness was… Hokuto-kun's happiness.

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